What have a pregnant cow and Monaghan got in common?

Why, of course, they’re both close to cavan (geddit?). And while we’re speaking of that part of the country, I understand (as RTE’s Tommy Gorman was always wont to say as he prepared to launch himself into yet another monologue on the latest twist and turn in the peace process) that we played the Cavan Bucks in a challenge match in Athlone on Tuesday evening. They beat us too, the hoors, by 2-11 to 1-10. No other details are to hand about what team we put out, though I hear it was a reasonably strong one. My thanks to Mayofans.com and that font of veracity, commonly known as the Hogan Stand message board, for the above information.

Does this result mean anything in the scheme of things? Will it sit with the Big Wind Final of 1948 in the pantheon of all-time great clashes between the counties? Of course not but it’ll still be interesting to see what the lineup in Athlone was, as it could give us a hint about possible changes to the team for the first round of the qualifiers.

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