What’s your favourite Mayo score of all time?

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and thankfully we’ve been treated to plenty of magical moments over the years as Mayo supporters. So it is with no apologies at all that I’ve written a piece to get the nostalgic juices flowing – with a particular emphasis on some of the iconic scores which have stuck in the mind!

Excuse the (relative) recency bias – at the tender age of 34 I have seen only so much action. Remember these are just my two pennies’ worth as well. There are obviously PLENTY more to choose from and everyone will have their own personal favourites so feel free to throw them in on the blog comments below.

I’ve focused on three scores from three men playing for three Mayo teams at different stages of their development – with the obligatory Ciaran McDonald selection throw in, obviously.


Ciaran McDonald v Dublin – 2006 All-Ireland Semi-Final

Photo: Balls.ie

The man, the myth and the maverick … in microcosm.

It’s easy to forget there was still plenty of time left that day (more than six minutes including injury time) for Dublin to find parity. Somehow though, with that wonderful wag of the finger you just knew it would be the final score on a crazy day in Croke Park.

The move began with McDonald deep in his own half looking for possession and, after collecting the ball from Andy Moran, he gave it straight off to Ger Brady. There followed a passage of play which saw Brady, Keith Higgins and Kevin O’Neill work the ball high up the pitch – McDonald all the while ghosting forward to everyone’s left before eventually collecting from Kevin O’Neill. The angle was as outrageous as the hairstyle at this point but McDonald cared little as he broke an untold number of hearts on the Hill with one swing of the left peg.

Since the news has emerged of John Morrison’s death this past week it has been striking to note exactly how many players from that 2006 team have been so vocal on Twitter in their praise of the man and his working methods – with positivity and innovation among the key phrases used. It may be no coincidence that McDonald was arguably at his swaggering best for the county team that year – with this particularly unforgettable moment possibly capturing that idea perfectly!

Kevin McLoughlin v Cork – 2011 All-Ireland Quarter-Final

If you were there for the (at times distressing) start of James Horan’s first era as senior manager in Ruislip back in May 2011, the idea of that team making it to Croke Park for an All-Ireland quarter-final will have seemed a little far-fetched. Indeed, even on the day Mayo’s general odds (around the 4/1 mark from memory) as they took on the reigning champions Cork were a fair indication of what the bookmakers thought would unfold.

You couldn’t call it the match-winner that day but there was something about Kevin McLoughlin’s swashbuckling run and emphatic finish that signalled a different vibe about the team. It smacked of a general self-confidence which lit the fuse for the following years under Horan’s leadership. The game was barely twenty minutes old when – with Cork leading 1-4 to 0-03 – Aidan O’Shea popped a hand-pass into a sprightly Kevin McLoughlin.

The Knockmore man still had a huge amount to do but he had only one thing on his mind as he engaged tunnel vision and drove through the heart of the Cork defence before finishing convincingly with the left boot. Mayo went on to take control of a match that had looked like getting away from them in the early stages and a new team had been born. It’s hard not to look back now at McLoughlin’s goal as the catalyst for something special.

via ytCropper

Cillian O’Connor v Dublin – 2016 All-Ireland Final (first game)

Photo: RTÉ

The clock struck a barely believable 76:48 when Cillian O’Connor hit the equaliser in the 2016 All-Ireland Final – the last meaningful act on a surreal and dramatic day even by our own lofty standards. One own goal would have been unfortunate but two was downright careless and went a long way to undoing all the good work in that first 35 minutes where Mayo did so much to halt the vaunted Dublin forwards.  

A short Tom Parsons burst through the middle didn’t appear too threatening for a Dublin team which were now largely camped in their own half. Parsons, O’Connor and Aidan O’Shea weaved a pattern of play which eventually gave the Mayo captain half a chance to work something. The Ballintubber native still had much to do but a jaw-dropping jink – shifting from left to right so quickly that Darren Daly literally didn’t know where to look – bought him the time he needed to send a sumptuous equaliser over the bar.

Defiance – particularly in the face of Dublin pressure and desperately bad luck – had become the core characteristic of the team at this point. Nothing summed that up better than O’Connor’s late heroics in the capital that day.

As I said at the top, there are other scores that merit inclusion in a shortlist of this kind. Restricting the choice to this threesome, however, which one would you pick as your own favourite? Let’s vote on it!

What's your favourite Mayo score?

  • Ciaran McDonald v Dublin 2006 (72%, 452 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor v Dublin 2016 (19%, 123 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin v Cork 2011 (9%, 57 Votes)

Total Voters: 632

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116 thoughts on “What’s your favourite Mayo score of all time?

  1. None of the above for me actually. I think the one that gave most pure elation was 2012 semi-final, Seamus O’Shea put us 3 up and secured a victory. It was the insurance score. If you look that up on youtube, the roar is absolutely spine tingling.

    That, and Alan Dillon’s goal in 2004. On the Hill, I have never seen pandemonium like it! What happened after wasn’t so much fun, but the moment itself was incredible.

  2. McD’s point the clear winner of those three. But I think Horan’s 40 yard goal against Kerry in 1996 will always be my favourite score. Every camera in the ground missed it (as it came straight from a kickout after a Maurice Sheridan free), so you need to have been there that day to have seen it in full. But it was the moment that, after some very dark years, confirmed we were back in the big time and probably remains my favourite Mayo Croke Park moment.

  3. Also Keegan’s goal in the AI final replay 2016 – surely one of the best goals ever seen in Croke Park before he was unfairly black carded but that’s for another day!

  4. I voted for Ciaran Mc Dangers point Horans goal in 96 was class too I stood up in the new Cusack stand at the time and declared we are going to win Sam and very nearly did the next day against Meath.

  5. Agree with MayoMark the madness on the hill after that goal went in. I voted for McDonald’s point in this poll however.

  6. Jesus lads, I have work to do and can’t get anything done now watching all these scores on youtube!
    All great memories, but McD for me – still the best atmosphere I ever witnessed.
    Dillon’s goal for those few moments might have beaten it, but I can’t forget the outcome that day 🙁

  7. I went for Cillians point but for me the best score was Finnerty’s goal into the hill. They say you have a life-review before you pass away , that goal will be in there , i’ll never forget it.

  8. I voted for Ciaran but I think my real favourite is Noel Durkins goal in 85. First time in Croke Park. I remember saying it was 34 years since 1951 now its almost double that.

  9. Feck sake I’m here at work watching classic Mayo scores now getting nothing done xD

    God I love Mayo!!

  10. Conor Loftus’ goal against Derry is up there. Even though it was only a qualifier, I’ve never seen MacHale Park erupt like that after a score.

    Conor Mortimer’s last minute free to beat Galway is another one I remember.

    Or either of Keegan’s goals in the All Ireland finals.

  11. All bang on there Wide Ball. Jesus MacHale Park after Conor’s goal was genuinely incredible. We were staring death in the face. It was a huge moment.

  12. I voted for McDonald as that day in Croke Park was spine-tingling all round. One other point worth mentioning was the last minute cracker from Peadar Gardiner in Salthill in 2009 after the Galway comeback.

  13. Voted for McDonald’s point but I think the Jimmy Burke goal in Hyde Park in 1989 when there was a mini scrum in the box is my greatest memory of the green and red.

  14. Wow how I have enjoyed those videos. What memories. Voted for the Maestro Ciaran Mac…his point and then his clinched fist up to the Mayo fans as he left the field ..amazing day. Lee’s goal 2017 is my all time favourite. The elation in that moment. And the raw grief of Leeroy and us all at final whistle.

  15. All of those scores which are mentioned above are giving me goose bumps, and I think another one to be added to the mix is Andy’s goal against Kerry in the 2017 semi-final replay. The skill of Loftus’ ball in to Andy, the speed of his change of direction after catching it and the inch perfect exchange of passes between COC and himself, all at speed. Apart from the skill level, I think the goal reflected the confidence in the team at that stage, that Kerry were there for the beating and they knew when to put the nail in the coffin.

  16. Has to be McDondald’s for me, it was virtually impossible to score from that angle yet somehow he swirved it over,and under enormous pressure, the sidline he scored from in the first half was a thing of beauty,

  17. Somebody mentioned the Jimmy Burke goal / stumble / fall over the ball and into the net, it was one of the craziest goals I witnessed in Gaelic football.
    To deliver a decisive / match saving score is the ultimate for a player in a final, Cillian’s injury time strike v the Dubs in the drawn final was amazing.
    Only this week I looked at McDonald’s winner v the Dubs in 2006 in great detail, everybody take a good look to the lead up to that point and note the position of McDonald on the pitch, way back in his own half, look at that mighty long lung busting sprint to take the pass / take the responsibility from Kevin O Neill and shoot from a very hard angle from his left foot.

  18. We’ve had some great days with these fellas over the years. Madness at times.
    Cillians equaliser for me, talk about backing yourself.
    I feel with JH and Horanball back on the scene we may see a cillian playing better.

  19. How on earth have I not mentioned Andy’s equaliser in the 2015 first game?!

    There’s a clip of me and a couple of friends in slow motion going absolutely ape. It was pure pride and elation.

    Ah here, it’s class being a Mayo fan. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  20. U21 semi final 2016 in Tullamore. Mayo dominated a fancied Dublin side and were ahead most of the game. Dublin levelled near the end with a goal. On full time Diarmuid was pulled down about 45m out as he attempted 1 last attack. Conor Loftus splits the posts from 45m out. Mayo go on to win the All Ireland.

  21. U21 semi final 1974 in Croke Park. Mayo dominated a fancied Dublin containing Brian Mullins and John McCarthy who had just won senior AIF. Dublin levelled near the end. On full time our reliable free taker John P Keane sent a 35 yard free wide. Chance gone we said. John P catches the kick out in midfield, and fired it over from 50 yards. Mayo go on to win the All Ireland. Great days

  22. I would have to put the late Ted Webbs goal In the 1974 U-21 All Ireland Football Final For Mayo against Antrim as my Favourite Mayo score of all time. Even Michael O Muircheartaigh stated it was the finest goal ever scored in Croke Park

  23. James Nallens goal v Kerry 1996. Anytime we beat Kerry in championship is memorable, sadly we haven’t done it enough.

    Isn’t it a pity we have never managed a smash and grab to win the dammed thing. Why we never got a never to be forgotten goal or point is a real shame. I know people will say we have never been good enough but luck always plays a part.

    Ps WJ, I have amended my username as I’m aware there is another mayomagic contributor

  24. Don’t remember Ted Webb’s Goal in 1974, remember the rest no problem.. What about Padraig Brogan in 1985?…. I was there, I seen it, or did I in real time?… I seen just about as much as Dublin”s much vaunted Goalkeeper, John O Leary, such was the pace on this shot, blink or half blink and you definitely missed it!

  25. Ciarian McDonald’s second Goal V Galway in 1998, was very special as well, great team move as well down the McHale road side of the McHale Park playing into the Factory Goal, just before half-time.. A brilliant finish off his left… Definitely one of Mayo’s best scores even though a Galway victory on the day took the shine off it!

  26. Kevin McLoughlins equaliser in London in 2011. James Horan would have been sacked that evening if he had not scored it.
    We would be in division 2 now as well if he had not scored that point in Donegal last year.

  27. I don’t what year but James Nallen scored a wonderful goal in Croke Park. It was worked up all the way from the back line and planted in the net.

  28. @Vaaldam,
    It was v Kerry in the 1996 semi final, my very first and only time to run onto that pitch, shook hands with Noel Connelly right after the final whistle on a great win.

  29. My favourite was padraig brogans goal in 85 replay against the dubs. There’s a 16 sec clip on YouTube of it. Even looking at it now, the power of the shot is awesome, o leary hadn t a chance! And t j kilgallens equaliser the same year lifted corker out of the ground

  30. Have to agree with Mayo Mark. The last 10 mins of the drawn 2015 semi was unreal – from dead and buried to almost winning it. Thought I was going to suffer a heart attack!

  31. Lee Keegan’s goal in 2016 All Ireland Final Replay was the best goal ever scored in any final IMO, an incredible score.

  32. Didn’t Tom Byrne get a great goal against Dublin in a semi-final years ago and what about 4 goal McGee in1967 under 21 final against Kerry

  33. Terrific post Kevin, from a fellow Reading Mayo man! This should spark some interesting bar room debate all 3 selections memorable in their own right. For me, Lee Keegan’s goal in the 2017 final stands out, for the feeling it gave me as we hit the front with 10 minutes left and for the first time in a final omg we might actually do this… Residing along the Galway border means wins against the neighbors are special particularly my club mate Conor Mortimer’s last gasp winner in Castlebar in 2006 or Peader Gardiner’s late late show in Salthill proved the icing on the cake for my stag weekend in Galway in 2009 when Micheal Jackson added to the occasion.

  34. Bejabers lads this thread is getting the pulse racing!

    Bit of an obscure one from me, but does anyone remember Michael Moyles goal against Galway in the Connacht semi-final of 2002, in the MacHale Mecca?

    Mayo broke straight from the throw-in, Moyles spotted the opportunity and blasted it off the outside of his right foot past Alan Keane into the Galway net from a full 35 metres out, pleasingly rapping the post on its way.

    Having had a great start we let Galway back into it and they pipped us with a couple of late scores. Still the best Mayo goal I’ve ever seen though.

  35. Culmore, that was a great day to be in Croke Park. Mayo Minors come from behind to beat the dubs and Kerry proceed to bury what was left of the dubs seniors. Great days work, what do you think?

  36. Horans goal in 96 was very special. The minute it hit the back of the net we raced from the upper Cussack. Landed pitch side just as the final whistle blew, was completely knackered by that stage but nothing was stopping us mobbing our hero’s. Not sure I’d have the energy to do the same should our big day arrive soon but by God I’d give it a go.

  37. All great scores and I voted for Ciaran 06. Another favorite of mine is by the same player in the semi final v Offaly in 97. Not so much the point but the chip up off the ground with the ball running away from him on a very wet day.Pure class. I’ve never seen such skill before or since. I remember saying to my friends that most players couldn’t pick it up like that with the ball coming towards them. A really special talent. Pity some of our supporters didn’t respect him as I did.

  38. For me the Kevin McLoghlin goal v Cork in 2011 has to be tops as it kickstarted the Mayo which has given us so much enjoyment since. I did not make the game due to a family occasion but i don’t think I have missed a Mayo championship match since and rarely a league game either. McDonal’s point will probably come out on top and I have no argument with that as I recall walking out of Croke Park that day without touching the ground. Then Padraig Brogan’s goal in 1985 had the same effect not to mention Jimmy Burke v the Rossie’s in 1989. And there were so many others. aand please God we will see lots more.

  39. Jeez thanks for some of those links lads, a few beuts in there I hadn’t see before. Had heard about Webbs goal, but hadn’t seen it, so delighted to see it there.
    Macs point is what I voted for, but Cillians from, 2016 wasn’t far away either.

  40. @willie Joe,
    Never did see that u21 goal until now, a bit sad listening to the commentary in the lead up to the goal, Richie Bell RIP laid on the pass, was a good neighbour, an all round gentleman and a great coach to us young fellas.

  41. Was sitting in the lower hogan at the hill end for mcd’s score. Even now it stands alone, the memory of memories. Everything about it that has been mentioned already, the lung busting run, the demanding of the ball from chuck, a step ahead, knowing exactly what he wanted to do, despite the near impossible angle. And then the stroke, good god, that glorious sweep! A foot wrapped size 5, bound for north Dublin. Never mind it being the best Mayo score, it’s right up there with the greatest things I’ve witnessed in sport, full stop. I’ll be showing the grandkids that one till the day I die!

  42. P Bogans against the Dubs in 1985. Unbelievable. Lucky enough to have been at every college match he played for St Jarlaths and I still reckon he must have been the best college player of all time.

    Saw Ray Dempsy score another cracker years ago in Castlebar against either Down or Derry in a league match. Think it was Derry and they were the current all Ireland Champions at the time. I’m guessing 1994 league. Any road it was a thunderbolt just under the crossbar from I’m going to say 30 yards. Brilliant goal.

  43. Just remembering a couple of beauties PJ Loftus netted as well.
    A great goal against Galway in Tuam stadium.
    The other was his goal in the 96 replay against Meath.

  44. Don’t have the history of all you long timers but i’ll never forget Leeroy’s goal in the AI 2017 final right in front of me in The Hill. The emotion was unreal.

  45. Do I recall a Leeroy goal v the Rossies when our backs were to the wall in the 2017 QF and it looked like the Rossie’s were going to put one over on us? For me, coming from border country, that would have been intolerable but Leeroy’s goal pulled that game back from the fire. The replay was a glorious finale and had a few glorious goals but Leeroy’s was the crucial one.

  46. Culmore/Bohola – Big Tom Byrne from Kiltimagh in the 1978 All Ireland minor final come from behind against the Dubs. Down 5 points with only minutes left Kieran O’Malley started the come back with a fantastic goal. Then the go ahead goal from super sub Tom followed by a second goal after a through pass by O’Malley and a fumbled ball by the Dublin goalkeeper dropped to Tom who rocked the net from distance. Story goes Tom’s family and neighbors were watching the game in their kitchen in Kiltimagh and went hysterical and had only calmed down when he scored again. Went to St. Colman’s with a lot of those players winning the All-Ireland College’s Hogan cup that same year. Great memories.


  47. Some brilliant memories there. Mortimer’s point to beat Galway in 06 and Gardner doing likewise in 09 were great moments within the province when we weren’t doing too well in Croker Then after that some extraordinary scores including Lee Keegan’s goals in 2 All Ireland’s and Cillians incredible equaliser but overall I would have to say our best ever was McDonalds winner at the end of that brilliant game v dubs in 2006

  48. Just watched the highlights of mayo v Meath on u tube Hard to beat langan and gilvarry goals. They were the ones that counted but my favorite score was macdonalds in 2006

  49. That run by McDonald tho..He was like the bionic man.I have watched that point more times than I care to mention.One of my stand out scores in recent years for sheer composure was Paddy Durcans equaliser against Kerry ..Just watched it back with comnentary from midwest ..Unreal..

  50. Ciaran Mc’s point was poetry in motion and the shot to finish it off was like he has visually slowed a very fast moment in time down in his head to make the space and composure. Already knew instinctively which way to move as the ball came back and the accuracy was unreal. Sublime, ridiculous.

  51. Sparks off a few memories I hope it’s OK to post ridiculous scores by non Mayo players. Brendan Reilly’s in 96 replay, Maurice Fitzgerald’s sideline in 97 (repeated in 98 final by Ja Fallon) and most outrageous was Maurice Fitz got on the 97 All Stars vs New York trapped way out on the endline did soccer style spin around nutmeg, chipped it up on the run and over from an acute angle. Also not involving Mayo Fallon hit an outside of the boot from wrong side of the posts against Kildare in 98 which was also outrageous.
    I still think though for pure poetry in motion it’s hard for all comers to beat Mc’s point.

  52. Kevin………K-Macs point is my all time favourite…….Pure sentimental nostalgic memory too……..like a Rocky movie we clawed back I think an 8 point lead from the Dubs in that second half. Leaders all over the field. Starting with the audacious take over of Hill 16 end for our warm up then Brady coming on for the injured McGarrity and squaring up big time to Ciaran Whelan. My father beside me high up in the canal and……..head cupped in two hands…..knees trembling…..drew level late on…..then Mac’s super winner…….Dad in tears…..hugging Mayo girl and her fella beside him when the whistle blew…….Sadly due to his illness our last Mayo game in Croker together…….but what a game and what a memory……..Super Macs sublime point – a
    beauty !

  53. Has to be Ciaran McDonald’s point v Dublin for several reasons. It was against the Dubs, it crowned a terrific comeback and it really summed up the incredible skill of this wonderful player. Brogan’s goal was also sensational. I also have a vague recollection of Willie McGee scoring a rocket against Kerry in Croke Park in a League Final around 1972. Is my memory playing tricks on me?

  54. The data usage has officially gone off the scale.. . . ….shudda gone for the unlimited plan…..

  55. Best thread ever??
    Out if the above I voted for Ciaran Mac.
    I was living in Korea at the time,our local managed to get a feed live for the match. An unbelievable memory,didnt make it to work the next day and had the flight home booked within a few hours.

  56. Can’t agree with Mayo88 there. It’s an event best forgotten, sport is meant to be sporting and we don’t want kids thinking that kind of shite is acceptable on a GAA field. There hasn’t been a high profile intercounty game descending into that level of chaos since and long may it last.

  57. An amazing reaction to this piece – thanks to all who’ve contributed their own favourite scores, particularly all the ones which had genuinely personal memories attached. I put it together hoping to spark a debate as well as some memories for people so job done thanks to everyone on here! FYI Ciaran Mac in 06 would get my vote ultimately – the sense of joy/pride which pulsated through me that day was genuinely overwhelming!

  58. AMorans goal against the Dubs in 2006 Setup by Mcdonald/ O’neill was the best moment for me.That was the score that really brought us back into it, place erupted.

  59. All great memories above but 1985 stands out for me Sean Lowrys goal in the Hyde against the Rossies top corner and TJ Kilgallons equalising point against the Dubs Where Mullins was so disgusted beside a jubilant WJ Padden..Brogans Goal tops it off against Dubs in replay along with Billy Fitspatricks point at 40 years old

  60. Best thread ever WJ!!
    One other special one for me was Liam Irwins goal in 2016 final at the end. Special day because to see it go in and know we were going to be champions was somehow surreal.
    Have to say Conors one before that was memorable too

  61. So many incredible memories. I voted for mc Donalds goal. He was simply a genius. But so many other great scores. Keegans goal in reply 2016.. Lee is mayo greatest ever player in my opinion. Another score not mentioned yet I think was WJ padden point in 1989 AL . According to Mick O Dwyer the greatest point ever scored in an AL. My favourite Mayo game was 2014 2nd have comeback v Kerry in drawn game.
    I probably strayed a few new debates now claiming Leeroy best player ever and 2nd half v Kerry 2014 being Mayo greatest performance…!

  62. Guys I know of topic but how are our minor team doing in challenge matches? Will it be a strong team.

  63. Well it looks like a clear winner for C Mc.

    Just to mention this score was the 2nd outrageous point Ciaran scored that day. He had earlier in that same game floated over a sideline ball with the left wand off the left sideline. Another brilliant score.

    While I’m at it, I attended a championship game in Knockmore many years ago. Knockmore v Crossmolina. Mc was been tightly marked out towards the sideline and about a meter and a half from the endline with nowhere to go.
    He jinked to get out field (the only thing that made sense), but instead moved right in to the end line. So he is now standing out near the sideline and right on the endline. He unleashed the left foot and I felt he was crazy for even going for a shot.
    I watched the ball curling out the field and then it started to curl back.
    I was in line with the endline so wasn’t going to be able to tell how close the attempt was so dropped the eyes down to the umpires. I knew it was close by the way the umpires were hawking the curling shot. The next thing the umpire was bending to pick up the white flag.
    That score will live with me for as long as I live and I don’t think I will ever see as good a point again. I would give it a 10++ out of 10.
    The greatest score I have ever seen.

  64. I would also recall our own Liam Mchale been interviewed one evening and referring to a point from that game as maybe the best point he had ever seen.

    The point was scored by (wait for it), a maybe not known to many, Ciaran McDonald.

    I might need some help on the year. Mayo v Offaly.

    A wet day.

    Macdonld was sprinting after a ball that was rolling away from him with his marker in hot pursuit.
    Without slowing down he chipped the rolling away ball up off the pitch back into his hands, no need for stooping, perfect chip. He then applied the brakes.
    I felt sorry for the Offaly lad as he slid about 6 yards passed McDonald who was instinctively leaning in to that all familiar shooting pose. Putting the ball over the bar was the easy part after what he had just done, eventhough it was still a tight angle. A magic score.
    Hats off to C Mac. To me he is the most skillfull player to have ever pulled on a jersey.

  65. And just to point out that the above point Mc scored against knockmore was out on the left sideline / endline and was scored with the left boot.

    10 out of 10 for audacity.
    12 out of 10 for difficulty
    Another 12 out of 10 for execution.

  66. The point against Offaly was the 97 AI semi final. An outrageous score and it was lashing that day. Heavy pitch and all. The pickup was class

  67. Thanks MayoMark, wasn’t certain of the year and Centerfield for the link. I’ll be watching again many times today.

  68. Great piece Kevin Walsh… bloody brilliant buzz… dying for the action again this year. So proud of our Mayo talent. We’re so lucky to be from Mayo. I love the link to KMc scores. Thanks centrefield… beautiful footballer. Let’s hope we Mayo supporters get our fill of such delights again this year and always believe… we’re one year closer to the pinnacle. Mighty magical Mayo

  69. Thanks WJ for putting up the link to the late Ted Webbs RIP goal. I went to school with him to St Patricks College in Ballyhaunis with him. and. he was a good friend so it was nice to see it again

  70. Ciaran Mc’s 2 points vs Kerry in 2004 were outrageous.
    In recent times Boyler’s goal in Kerry drawn match an Higgins goal in Ros Replay were pretty special
    This montage of Boyler is great and the goal is 1:30 in. . https://youtu.be/LZDuiKMoauw
    Keith’s goal is here… https://youtu.be/sAQW5B8x570

    Another 2 great ones are Donie’s https://youtu.be/gxl5vJXc0eM in against Donegal in the 2013 rout and Aido’s vs Donegal in 2015 QF https://youtu.be/cT1M1KqK_ls and his waltz in against Cork https://youtu.be/cT1M1KqK_ls .

  71. I voted for Ciaran Mac’s score but my favourite score was Michael Fitzmaurice’s score against Tyrone in the 89 semi that iced the game!! McHale soaring in the sky to pick another Tyrone kickout then let’s fly into the full forward line , fitzmaurice gathers steps inside and fire’s it over!!
    Myself , my brother and my Dad were going crazy on the hill!!

  72. Sorry James Fleming for non-acknowledgement – great clips of 1974 U21- Ted Webb’s was a smashing goal.

  73. For me it has to be Keegan 2016 replay. Was right behind it in the Davin end. Goosebumps now thinking of it rattling the net. Its very very rare we actually lead in an All Ireland final. A Galway man beside me who i didnt know, absolutely lost his shit when it went in…maybe it was tuamstar or big mike 🙂 . Cilliam “16 is a close second for me. Mcdonald leading the poll fair enough. We’ve had plenty a special semi final scores, but imo big scores on the biggest day are harder execute.

  74. Tom Byrne’s with Mayo 4th goal in the 1978 minor AIF.I remember Jimmy Maughan as a super forward that year.

  75. And not forgetting the original Willie Joe. His point in AIF1989 after a magnificent catch must be up there.

  76. Somewhere in the recess of my mind I remember a guy being tackled by half a team and somehow kicking it backwards into the net… Kieran o Malley? Is this a dream or is it just fantasy… I loved it. Think it was a minor match in the 80’s. But fair play to you all. It’s good for my heart looking at these amazing scores. Thanks

  77. Great to see the vote for Ciaran Mac. Remember the time he quit the Mayo panel because of the way the criticism/abuse he was getting was affecting his family? That criticism/abuse was delivered during games, being before the era of social media.

  78. Padhraig Brogans goal will always do it for me..
    It wasn’t me Mayo Dunphy but i tell you i watched that game in Enniscrone and the roar from my mobile home could have been heard in Dublin when Lee scored..

  79. Never seen a winning score for an Ireland victory so it doesn’t really matter , doubt I’ll ever see one now at this stage either .

  80. Haha fair enough Tuamstar ??. On an unrelated matter, Brady really made a tit of himself on twitter, theirs no defending him on this one.

  81. Have to say he really went to far , what the hell is he trying to prove by picking on Gweedore. He has got slated all over the country today and called out fod basically been an idiot..

  82. You didn’t see Corofin or Crokes posting videos of piss ups for 2 weeks after county or provential titles. I’m sure they celebrated them but will wait till 17th March to have right celebration. All Brady asked was would they regret all the celebrations in time, maybe not focusing more on winning All Ireland.

  83. Why oh why did Brady put a tweet out like that. Is it clickbait…is it for notice??? So insensitive after what Gweedore went through last few weeks. And then to put the boot in a few hours after losing. Fair duce to them for enjoying their county and ulster wins. We were all raging over Flynn’s dig at Aido not so long ago.

  84. While there might have been some VERY small amount right in what Brady had to say it was a stupid thing to come out with that soon after the game. It was a stupid thing to say particularly after this was the First time in how many years that a Donegal team had won a senior provincial club title, and after events in recent weeks when they had lost some young men from their community.
    I used to think he was an OK commentator when he started out but that was probably more in hope that he might offer something different. Thats clearly not the case, and it’s sad. Sad when the only way people will see what to what he has to say is when It is deliberately provocative and controversial.

    No doubt he’ll get a few media gigs out of it in the next few weeks anyway.

  85. Maybe its click bate,i have to say brady let himself, his town and his county down with his tweet.
    We go on about joe brolly but i think he wouldnt stoop that low.

  86. David Brady tweeted something stupid. Now, whilst that is actually quite a common occurrence and this one was particularly insensitive and logically stupid. Let’s avoid the blog becoming a debate centre for it. Plenty commentary on it, everyone had the same view on the insensitivity and downright logically daft nature of it.

  87. Kevin McLoughlin’s point against Kerry in the 2017 SF Replay is one I could watch over an over again. Not of any great significance in terms of the final score but the fluidity and conviction of every play leading up to it just affirmed our dominance over Kerry that day and polished off one of our best all round performances in Croke Park. Pure class.
    Watch from 1:25:40 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy7O88nGNwk
    Special mention for Andy Moran’s equalizer vs Dublin 2015..I nearly went out over the barriers in the Cusack Upper when it went over! The mid west commentary is excellent – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0b_GbbICnk

  88. Since when has it become an offence to speak an inconveniant truth? Why should the tragedy in Donegal affect the truth of what was said? David Brady hit the nail on the head and since it primarily hit at Kevin Cassidy, in whose premises most of the carousing took place, he could not accept it. But in the end he will benefit quite a bit. Teach ÚI Cassaide will be a sought after venue for most GAA people visiting Donegal as Teach Úi Sé is in Kerry.

  89. AndyD – Correct. The tragedy had nothing to do with what he said. No doubt Cassidy will make a few euro from the celebrations. He must have got a few euro for his story too in 2012. He missed out on winning All Ireland in 2012 as a result. He may benefit this week as well but in years to come hopefully he will have no regrets about having no All Ireland Medals. There will be better crack had in Corofin or Killarney on St Patricks days than in Teach Ui Cassaide.

  90. Thank you Kevin Walsh for that contribution to the WJ blog. It filled in a quiet week quite nicely – aand we can refer back to it if quiet weeks come along again. Once more, Thank You.

  91. In thanking Kevin Walsh I should also thank all those contributors who added video of other scores of recent years. Is there a job there for somebody – or bodies – to compile a comprehensive video of Mayo’s highlights of the past 20 odd years – some of those years having been very odd indeed. If so I hope copyright issues do not rear their head. It’s not something I have the skills for, being of the older generation.

  92. Loving this so so much.
    From the ones not present at, to the joy at the ones witnessed, how lucky are we to be a part of a county that sends us soaring to the skies.
    How many counties do not get to experience any thing like this.
    We are so proud proud proud of our incredible
    players over the years.
    Thank you one and all for days like this!!!

  93. Interesting reading “I would have to put the late Ted Webbs goal In the 1974 U-21 All Ireland Football Final For Mayo against Antrim as my Favourite Mayo score of all time. Even Michael O Muircheartaigh stated it was the finest goal ever scored in Croke Park”. From an Antrim point of view I wonder what Michael O Muircheartaigh thought of the infamous ” point that never was” to give Mayo their famous draw then victory. Why is it not shown on Youtube as well as the Antrim scores? Some GAA people in Antrim think this was the greatest Mayo score of all time.

  94. Fair play to the Mayo players of 1974,they were a great team. It was billed as the Tommy MarKham cup winners -v -Hogan cup winners. Its a shame that it was settled by an umpire error.Spilt milk under the bridge and all that!
    Hope you have a great reunion.
    If anyone in Mayo has a picture of the 1974 Antrim U21 team that contested the final or replay against Mayo please contact me through this blog or directly (email:drjjmckiernan@gmail.com).

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