When blood is nipped and ways be foul

snow-060209Winter still has us by the vitals here on the East coast, with heavy falls of snow yesterday being followed by hard frost last night. As a result, the place is like a skating rink this morning and I very nearly ended up on my hole when I was out a short while ago.

I know there’s not much snow in the West at the minute but the arctic temperatures being experienced all over the country aren’t due to let up anytime soon (I’m starting to sound like John Eagleton here, I know) and this is sure to mean the widespread cancellation of sporting fixtures over the weekend. That showdown between our lads and Cavan for the Tim Kelly Engineering Floodlit Cup, which is due to take place at Flanagan Park in Ballinrobe under lights tomorrow evening, may therefore have to wait. It’s certainly worth checking in advance what the story is on it before setting off to the game.

Meanwhile, I see that, despite the countrywide freeze-up, temperatures are still rising down in Cork and it’s being reported this morning that the footballers could be set to join the picket line. Apparently, they don’t intend to strike during the league but are muttering about doing so for the championship. I can’t say I blame them – seeing as their championship experience in recent years has been all about these groundhog day meetings with Kerry, which always end up in the same way with them getting their posteriors kicked by their neighbours up in the metropolis while the whole country is watching them. Going on strike might be viewed as an extreme way to avoid this annual ritual but an understandable one nonetheless.

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