When Monaghan knocked us out

As everyone surely knows by now, our Round 1 qualifier clash with Monaghan this day week will be the first ever meeting between our two counties in the Championship. We only met them competitively for the first time as recently as 1981 and they’re a team we’ve played just twenty times in competitive fixtures, the bulk of those in recent years.

Nineteen of those meetings were in the National League but the other clash was a knockout one. And it was one in which Monaghan knocked us out.

That meeting came in 1984 in the short-lived Centenary Cup. Held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the GAA, this was a 32-county open draw knockout tournament that was run off in the weeks between the conclusion of the League and the start of the Championship.

Chatter about Championship structures were, as I recall, all the rage back then as well. In those days, however, while the dominant clarion call was for the provincial competitions to be done away with (no change there), the demand then was that they should be replaced by a straightforward open draw knockout tournament.

The Centenary Cup was a way for the GAA to lance that particular boil. The 1984 competition never really fired the public’s imagination, however, in the way its proponents had hoped and, after it was run off again the following year (now called the Ford Open Draw), it was quietly shelved.

Our Round 1 pairing with Connacht neighbours Sligo didn’t exactly set the pulses racing. When we stumbled past them by three points, though, getting drawn against Monaghan in Round 2 had far more of an air of novelty about it. Back then, we’d only ever had that single League meeting three years previously to point to.

The match against Monaghan was a home game for us, played at James Stephens Park in Ballina. In the lead-up to the game, the local papers were full of the news that Mayo native Dr Mick Loftus had just been elected as GAA President. There wasn’t much of a build-up to the game itself but there was an expectation that this would be an opportunity for Liam O’Neill’s charges to continue their preparations in a positive way for the upcoming Championship.

From Mayo’s perspective, though, the match proved a disaster. Thoroughly outplayed throughout by the Farneymen, our lads collapsed to a 1-11 to 0-6 defeat. All of our scores – at least according to the Connaught Telegraph (which I’ve gone with too in the results archive here on the blog) – came from the boot of Aghamore’s Padraig Duffy, all bar one of them from placed balls.

The late Ivan Neill in the Western People – never a man to hold back when the mood took him – described the performance as “one of the saddest days for Mayo football for a long, long time.” The Mayo News report noted that the booing that rang out around the ground at the end of the game “was aimed more at the management than the team”. It was a management, the report tartly added, that “sought and got full autonomy but has failed to instil a sense of direction or determination into the side.”

Maybe we shouldn’t have been too down on ourselves after that loss to Monaghan. They proceeded to go on a great run in the competition, making it all the way to the final, beating Offaly – then a major scalp – in the quarters and getting the better of Derry in a high-scoring semi-final. They eventually lost to Meath by just two points in the decider.

We had a short and unhappy enough Championship run that summer. A routine victory over Leitrim in the Connacht semi-final was followed by an enormously frustrating loss to Galway in the final at Pearse Stadium. It wasn’t much better for Monaghan either, though, as they crashed out to Armagh in the Ulster semi-final, having first got past Antrim.

Twelve months on, however, and both Mayo and Monaghan went on to light up the Championship. We won Connacht, they won Ulster, we played out a draw with Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final and they did likewise against All-Ireland champions Kerry. For a few brief weeks, we were both the talk of the town.

We both lost our respective replays, of course, but our exploits that summer in holding the Big Two at the first time of asking altered the prevailing view of both of us and our standing in the game’s pecking order.

This coming Saturday we meet again, playing a game of knockout football against each other for only the second time ever and for the first time in close to forty years. Will this meeting prove a springboard for either of us? Time will tell on that one.

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  1. WJ, as per usual a lovely piece, a nostalgic trip down memory lane (turas cumhach siar ar bhóithrín na smaointe). I had forgotten about this competition completely maybe it was because we were not at the races back then!
    Anyway Saturday game is coming up fast and all Mayo supporters should be singing of the same sheet/united and made McHale Park a cauldron for the opposition! There has been a lot of negativity on the blog recently and mainly arising from our All Ireland defeat and lack of communication re players injuries which is understandable!
    But it now past time to put this behind us and get behind our squad of 35 amateur players who give their time free of charge! A nice interview with our captaen Stephen Coen in this week’s Farmers Journal entitled ‘Juggling farming, football and a PhD in Co Mayo’.
    Go neiri leath a captaen Stephen agus foireann Mhuigeo De Sathurn i bpairc McHale! Bigi linn
    Mhuigeo Abu!

  2. Makes this one all that more difficult Sean. He has a terrible record with Mayo in Castlebar and an Ulster Ref as well!

  3. Shocking appointment, really fear for us now. I was hoping it might be Gough, he handles the “lets fake injury every time Mayo score to stop momentum” stuff better than most. Clearly remember Gough telling a Donegal physio to get off the pitch in the 2019 game. Its going to be a very frustrating game for us now.

  4. History won’t play a part Saturday. McHale Park may or may not play a part as the voices needing to dominate the stands are the positive supportive ones. We have 100% back door record there. Injury and match fitness status plays the largest part in it. Ryan is almost certainly out so the question is whether 6 extra weeks has gotten Cillian and Jason 100% back to their championship pace. Also having Paddy Durcan on the pitch would be a huge boost to our chances. Same with Oisin Mullen, he would be a big boost. The other thing I’d like to see is some fringe players making the leap to being undroppable. Enda Hession looked a future star a year ago. Eoghan Mac getting chances and breaks lines with his pace but game intelligence to avoid blind alleys and scoring still needs to improve. Up front Darren McHale could add some scoring power. Orme may be worth starting because of his game intelligence and work rate even if he’s not scoring enough at this level. I was unconvinced Jack Carney could make the immediate jump from one of the best Junior club players in the Country to senior inter county pace but so far I think he’s been doing well so maybe he’s the one to bolt on. Every county needs bolters and we’re no different .

  5. It’ll be interesting to watch if there’s any after effects from Barry Cassidy’s penalty botch up with Rian O’Neill in the Armagh Monaghan league game. It’d be only human to be conscious of the potential for things to look heavily in favour of Monaghan from that game so some chance of him avoiding giving as many 50/50 calls in their favour as might otherwise be the case. Not keen to see biased calls on either side, fair calls are fair, but wouldn’t be too worried on any type of pro-Ulster or anti-Mayo bias.

    Crazy to think ref’s making such big high profile mistakes, repeatedly, are still getting such high profile games. Shows we really do have a shortage of options there. Fingers crossed we see a few more new names like Brendan Cawley push into the fold. He seems to be doing a smashing job in the handful of games I’ve seen him take charge of.

  6. Fascinating piece. Monaghan seemed to be pretty strong in the 1980s, winning an NFL in 85 and two Ulster championships.

    Limerick knocked us out of the Centenary Cup the following year, cripes.

    We need to stop carping about referees, though, especially before a ball has even been thrown in.

  7. Three prime scorers up front and the main role of the rest of the team is to keep the defence tight and get those three the ball in space facing goal. Not chasing ball away from goal to the wings.

  8. Some sharp insights there Shuffly Deck. Hession is one that should have made more impact this year. On a bigger pitch his abilities will shine through. We should have him in the scoring zone too, as he has a forward’s ability.

  9. Seems to be more Rossies in Salthill than Tribesmen.. Call it,?. The Primrose and Blue to prevail by 3!

  10. Hard to break down the Galway backs They are as defensive now as they were under K Walsh. Have very good forwards who can do business at other end . Larry Junior playing well

  11. @Anyup..the Rossies have left a few scores behind them in the first half….I think it’s an excellent game so far.. Galway slightly flattered by the 5 point cushion!

  12. People might not like this question but does anyone know . IF galway to win today which looks likely atm and we make it through our 2 qualifiers. Can we draw galway in a quarter final?

  13. Galway have that energy, buzz and togetherness we had 7 or 8 years ago.

  14. Roscommon very poor and like usual got ahead of themselves after one or two results.

    Galway motoring nicely be interesting to see how their defensive system works against division 1 team in Croke Park.

  15. I’m getting a bit worried about Galway now given the side of the draw they are on………if they get a kind quarter final draw ….

  16. They’re way ahead of us right now. Simply a better team. Great balance between defence and attack. Definite contenders for Sam.

  17. I wouldn’t be one bit worried about them. They set up with the blanket and conceded 2-16. They have some fine forwards but Roscommons defence was abysmal. The Galway keeper is a massive weak link.
    They will get wiped out by a big team in croker. The shawl will break down there

  18. I hope that puts to bed those who were of the opinion that ros have the same calibre of forward as Galway , Walsh and co aren’t a million miles away from Clifford and co near mind some smith fella from Boyle and some cox fella from listowel or loughglynn .

    Galway will really fancy themselves to make a final now I reckon .

  19. I don’t think anyone can really say where we are at with the amount of injuries and disruption to our preparation so far this year. The one thing we can say for sure is that with what was on display this weekend Kerry or Dublin would wipe the floor with anything coming out of Connaught at the minute!

  20. That’s just waffle , Connacht champion ie Galway won’t have to worry about Dublin or Kerry till all Ireland final day and that’s why it makes it the best chance in donkeys Galway have of making the final . I’m genuinely worried now the more I think of it and more because of the path they have . Ulster champion will be no great shakes imo this year .

  21. We are improving and will have a fair chance now of making the final. Dublin or Kerry heavy favourites to win the All Ireland. Can see us taking a stranglehold in Connaught now which is long overdue. Up Galway.

  22. Can we ease off with the pointed references at players from this club, players from that club. Those players never made any claims about themselves. We are the GAA.

  23. Congratulations to Galway.. very good high scoring game…The Rossies will rue their first half many misses, and denied a cast iron penalty with about 20 minutes remaining.. Very poor decision by the Umpires it seemed to be… With the shaking of their head’s it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be given… Similar to the game in Castlebar in April… Galway player’s spent an inordinate amount of time on the ground getting medical treatment, … sometimes it’s better to get the treatment in anticancer of needing it sometime in the future and you won’t need it then!

  24. Well done Galway, Walsh was brilliant, Comer was very good, Finnerty was a class act, so cool & got 5 points effortlessly.
    Roscommon played very laboured football today, no cutting incisive attacks, when they took on Galway they only lost by 3 points.
    Mayo is going to struggle against Monaghan next week, the Mayo team is not settled to say the least. For me it’s a Monaghan win by 4 or 5 points.

  25. @Oilean Acla. Thanks for sharing that lovely Irish Phrase.
    @ Seanie CH. Pearse Stadium is same length and 2m wider than Croke Park.
    Croke Prk in turn is 6m wider than McHale.
    Therin lies our problem. Trying to play slow build up resulting in congestion and shot taking under pressure.
    Just a small point, we live in the province of Connacht. The old anglisised spelling is Connaught. Its always Green above Red.

  26. Congrats to Galway they deserved to win they always have excellent forwards they head straight for the posts no lateral passing. Roscommon could have won that game if they attacked Galway and marked Walsh. I think Mayo needs a new plan and fresh ideas irrespective of the Monaghan result.

  27. Agreed Ontheditch, it’s Connacht.
    Good luck to Mayo, Galway and Roscommon in the remaining fixtures. Sadly none will win the all-Ireland.

  28. If we can get over Monaghan, I wouldn’t fear any of the provincial losers, provided we have no more injury’s.

  29. Galway’s side of the draw is the one to get on for sure now
    We need luck in every shape and form from next week on

  30. Marty Morrissey doesn’t seem to be enjoying the Ulster Possession Final at all!

  31. An enjoyable day , and great to get the win. Some many young lads tasting their first success at senior level in Connacht.
    Disagree to say that Roscommon could have won if and buts.
    They were poor on the day, Galway got 2 19 and definitely left at least 2 goals behind them, Shane Walsh and Niall Daly with great chances.
    A small disappointed with the 1 1 conceded with the last kicks but that will be something again for the management to work on. The big pitch really suited us today..

  32. I’ve never fallen asleep watching a game of Gaelic football until this match. Jesus! And another 20 mins coming. Sweet dreams everyone.

  33. Apart from Kerry and Dublin there is very little else out there on todays evidence. It is conceivable that Galway could make a final as could we. Assuming the draw keeps us away from the Dublin/Kerry side. I said I’d rate Derry on today’s performance – they are average if not poor. So Monaghan cannot be that great in all fairness. Listened to Horan’s interview sounds like lads are very close maybe with the exception of ROD so I’m looking at the glass half full and a few wks could make a lot of difference

  34. Well done to Galway defensively solid well organised that kept the usual over rated Roscommon forwards that don’t perform when needed most , at the other end Roscommon full back line totally rattled Finnerty always seems to play well against Roscommon but is average against a top defence Walsh is a proper baller has it all would have him up there as the top 3/4 players in the country with ticking most boxes , but people losing the run of them selves stating Galway are real contenders even though their run to a final is realistic no doubt keep Walsh comer quite and they might be in bother

  35. If anyone was in any doubt about the importance of our match v Galway… They could potentially have a path of Kildare/Meath/ cork and Derry to an all ireland final…

  36. If we can get over Monaghan we will 100% beat any of the prov losers
    Then who knows …….would need luck on the draw for sure

  37. Has there ever been anyone to kick 45s like Shane Walsh.. left and right for good measure

    Good forwards always give you a chance…

    I reckon they’ll make a final and that could be against a Kerry team talked up to the 9s like against tyrone last year…

  38. A few things to note.
    Galway conceded 2-16 today, could be a worry for them in the next game or two.
    The Monaghan game for Mayo will be a tougher test than any of the provincial losers in the next game.

  39. Roscommon will always be Roscommon, they get high after a few league wins, then capitulate when genuine pressure comes on them. Never laid a hand on Galway forwards, the space Finnerty and Walsh had was laughable, made them look like world beaters. Spare a thought for McStay and his beloved Roscommon tonight, as said above, that puts to bed his ridiculous theory about if we had Roscommon forwards we’d a got over the line etc… embarrassing comment really. Smiths anonymous, Cox irratic as usual, Galway were celebrating when he scored the goal.

    Galways only chance of making the semi is a kind quarter final draw. Croke Park does not suit their system. If us Monaghan, Tyrone, Armagh or Donegal played them in Croker we’d beat them. I’d put my house on it. But their getting the rub of the green this year so it will be a handy D2 team for them.

  40. Yes Tuamstar we are in a great position and its a super win for the younger lads. Roscommon were never going to win that match. We used the pitch well and this can only bring us on for the QF. If we can make it through I would fancy us out against Derry or a qualifier in a semi final.

  41. When galway won the all ireland In 98 they beat Derry in the semi final. Could be the same pairing again. Hard to know how good galway are after that game. imo Dublin forwards would bamboozle them with the off the ball running. Ros like mayo had too much lateral passing and only when the game was gone Ros ran at them and got some scores

  42. 1998

    Galway beat Roscommon in Connacht final after beating Mayo in Castlebar first
    Derry beat Donegal in the Ulster final
    Both teams met in the semi-final in 98
    Both teams also due to meet in the semi-final this year if they win their quarter-final

  43. after watching the Ulster final today, even Mayo should have no problems beating an Ulster team.

  44. Nice to see a new team come through in Derry, good luck to them.

    I was very disappointed with Roscommon. They made the score respectable in the end but they were walloped. So much space for the Galway inside forwards, made Finnerty look much better than he is. Ultan Harney was excellent for Roscommon in fairness – would like to have him in Mayo!

    Someone here said the 3 best Rossie forwards were equal to the Galway counterparts. Whatever about the other 2, Shane Walsh is miles ahead of any other forward in Connacht. Especially when you give him the space he got today.

  45. @ciaran. I forgot they also beat Derry in 01 jeez it’s written in the stars for them. If Andy avoids cavan in the draw tomorrow they could make it to the semi finals and even the final. The tailteann Cup seems to be rushed a bit and not getting much publicity at the moment.

  46. @GBXI – Thought Harney was very good today but not sure id have him over Mattie or Jordan. Taking off Cathal Heneghan was a strange call unless he was injured.

    Shane Walsh on his day is the best forward in Ireland. John Daly and Cillian McDaid both were impressive at times. They have a good squad at the moment and Joyce has them playing a brand of football that will make them competitive.

    As for our own guys, we cant look past Monaghan next weekend. Hopefully a few of the injured lads are able to make it back.

  47. Walsh is excellent when given space, but let’s not go crazy saying he’s miles ahead of everyone in connacht. He got 1 point from play against us. Cillian has got several hat tricks in the past during high scoring shootouts.

    Thankfully that claim about us needing a few of the Roscommon forwards has been put to bed!

  48. Lineball Donegal will beat nobody
    They were appalling today
    Murphy is looking his age

    Speaking of age Shane Walsh will be 29 next weekend
    Just a year younger than Cillian
    His 10th championship year
    Kicking 45s this year and suddenly his talent is being fulfilled ………I’ll take the 10 years Cillian has given us
    Many of our much maligned forwards have delivered far more than he has in the big games in Croker
    But we don’t talk about that ……….

  49. Shane Walsh is top class, his body of work is of that level. GAA doesn’t often allow some counties play a lot of big Croke Park games.

  50. A bad weekend for Gaelic football. Two one sided finals yesterday and a borefest in Ulster today.
    Not sure what say – if any – Rochford has in the Donegal gameplan – but telling six forwards when the opposition gain possession to turn run away from the ball back behind your own 45 and then turn and engage – this was never part of his football style with Corofin or Mayo.
    If we see more football like we saw in the ulster final today- not alone will there be no spectators at games but there will be no player interested in training five times a week to play that rubbish.
    Football is a sport that is meant to entertain both spectators and players.

  51. @ km 79 we cannot draw Galway in the quarter – final but if we get paired with Derry in quarter – final we will then meet Galway in the semi – final provided we keep winning matches, and Galway win their quarter final match.

  52. Nice to see new teams winning, but that ulster final result is not good for the game. Defensive football was slowly dying out over the last couple of years, but everyone will now copy the Rory Gallagher template to try and achieve success!

  53. I don’t think there’s an issue with us playing Galway in the quarter finals. I remember a few years ago Kerry played Clare again after beating them in a Munster semi final.

  54. @lineball

    Not sure what you mean by handy. Galway got the worst possible draw in Connacht did they not? On our side of the draw, away from home, and then meeting the other (semi) good team in the final. There’s plenty to throw at them but luck isn’t one imo. They were 6 up on us with 5 mins to play, and 8 on Ros with 10 to play. You’d call them two hammerings in normal circumstances. They’ve a soft draw now but it’s been earned and they might make a fecking final and then we’ve plenty to worry about. Even though Kerry/dub should be untouchable

  55. Galway have every reason now to be genuinely confident. They have belief now and if they get to the final they won’t capitulate under pressure. Really impressed by their seamless transition from defence to attack. They snuff out an attack on their ‘D’ and mere seconds later they have the ball over the bar. It’s not rocket science, we were doing it 8-10 years ago, Dublin and Kerry are doing it, and now so are Galway. They’ve mastered it. Look at our woeful build-up in comparison! There’s no shame in that. We had such a long run. Still, it saddens me to see the decline in comparison the top 3. We’re flat and stale.

  56. “Still it saddens me to see the decline in comparison the top 3 “

    Haha now you might be right but I’m not buying into that just yet . Stall the digger for a few weeks yet .

  57. – Galway way better team while Derry just about deserved their win and great to see a new team come through.
    – However the actual game in Clones was dire some good individual scores but the amount of hand passing was crazy.
    – Time now for Larry McCarthy to show leadership and ensure that serious rule changes are trialled at least in the 2023 league. Maybe start with enforcing the actual hand pass rule…..
    – Larry has already overseen a monumental error in shortening the intercounty season which will ensure minimum GAA coverage from August through to January. He has lived out of the country since 1985 and with all due respects he is completely out of touch with the sporting interests and habits of modern day Ireland.
    – Mayo v Monaghan likely will be very tight game, expect plenty of cards but we should have enough to win.

  58. Went to the game in Pearse stadium with some rossies today and few things I noticed…
    -It seemed like Galway had at least 2 extra players the whole game, they were like swarming bees
    -Every Galway player seems to know their job and carries it out ad nauseum
    -Roscommon like Mayo could not break down the Galway shawl and went back and forth for the vast majority of the whole game
    -Roscommon didn’t play one diagonal ball into the full forward line all game
    – Finally it scares me that Galway may make the final

  59. On the Walsh thing, yeah defo over the last 10 years I’d have preferred the monotonous quality COC gave us. We could barely score a free before he came and then yet we had a machine from frees and somehwat from play. Walsh has been a maverick most of his career, a talent but only delivering moments and not results.

    However we’re deluding ourselves if they’re anywhere close now, or any other Mayo forward for that matter. He’s gone from being a crap free taker to a top class one, is terrorising defenses and is kicking top class goals and points off both feet. He’s the best in Connacht by a mile at the moment, foolish to argue that

  60. @Olive Kerrigan: The vast majority of players I’ve seen comment on it, from inter-county to (at best) Junior-B club, seems a fan of the new split season. Still some tweaking to be done to improve it further but they’re loving the certainty of dates it has allowed relative to other years. If the players are happy I’d consider it a huge success, regardless of what pundits feel about it, though the even the players will need to actually how the rest of the year pans out before making any final calls on how they think it went.

    Declaring any “monumental errors” at this stage is nonsense.

    Personally I’m excited for the September Club Championship start. Be great to see some of the talented lads just short of intercounty playing on dry(er) sod for a change. An abundance of amazing GAA all year these days, just not all of it is intercounty.

  61. Shane Walsh is class no doubt about it but I’m kind of arguing against myself here and ina dinosaur way agreeing with the context of colm o rourkes argument albeit his choice of player for the following argument was flawed as Murphy has won an all Ireland . But Shane Walsh will have to produce the goods in the elite clashes that might come Galway’s way this year to get into the one of the greatest categories.

    P Joyce , m donnelan etc did it on the big stage and that’s why they are talked about the way they are .

  62. Re Walsh, I’m just talking about this year. Ya, he’s been patchy over the years but also playing on average Galway teams. This year for me he was by for the best forward in Connacht and probably in the country. Clifford hasn’t played anything yet in the championship. God the provincials are terrible!

  63. Stephenite – if Walsh is the best in connacht by a mile, why did he only get 1 point from play against us and the same vs Leitrim? Ryan O’Donoghue got 3 from play and a mark in the quarter final for example, despite our forwards being kept out of the game in general.

    Walsh is a very talented player and was excellent today, but there’s no need for all this hyperbole.

  64. Does anyone know if the quarter final draws are determined by the 2nd qualifying round? Say for example if we got Limerick in the next qualifying round, would that rule us out of drawing Kerry in the quarters?

    This is all providing we get past Monaghan on Saturday of course

  65. Wide ball I tell you the 2 frees and esp the 2 45s against ye in Castlebar that day were invaluable. As shown in that game the absolute importance of a free taker. And to see him kicking frees and 45s of both feet. Imagine asking Dean Rock, Cillian or even Clifford to try that..
    Walsh is worth the admission fee, a terrific talent, that has been playing in relatively poor Galway teams . Hopefully this year another win or two and at least he may get an All star..

  66. No doubting his talent Tuamstar. I’d just take issue saying he’s the best in Connacht by a mile!

  67. For me Shane Walsh is definitely the best player in Connacht right now. Regardless of how you measure it, between pace to burn, two footed, possibly the best free taker in the country, it’s a no-brainer. Easily in the top 5 player’s in Ireland in 2022.. and possibly the most talented. True Paddy Durcan got the upper hand on him in 2019, but Paddy Durcan got the better of Generational player’s like a former Player of the year, Jack Mc Cafferky, and Ryan McHugh,..had Paddy Durcan been playing on a team that won the All Ireland in he would probably have deservedly won the Player of the year award himself in 2019…I don’t buy the Colm O Rourke argument that to be the best player in Ireland you have to be producing performances in All Ireland semifinals and finals.. Some of the best player’s of All Time never played on a county team good enough to complete at that level….If Jim McGuiness didn’t come along to manage Donegal in 2011 would Michael Murphy be a household name today?..Declan Brown of Tipperary in the late 90s and Early Naughties, doubt that there was a better more complete forward in the country!…

  68. @Stephenite, not sure you read the post correctly, I never said anything about ye having a handy Connacht draw. I stated ye’ll probably get a handy quarter final draw. The winners of Clare/Meath and Cork/Louth could potentially face Limerick in the 2nd round. If that happens, a provincial winner will have one of the easiest quarter finals none to man. Sure Galway are the kings of winning handy All Irelamds after all……

  69. If Galway reach or win an All Ireland thru whatever route then good luck to them. We’ve had tonnes of chances the last decade and blown them all.

    Monaghan is a really tricky tie for Mayo. Im.my eyes it’s 50/50. We have little form and have had far too many injuries to key players. Momentum is key in championship, particularly a condensed one. We have none,yet.

  70. True mayonaze but at the same time , be a fair momentum to rattle Monaghan and say the rossie going into a qf against let’s say Derry and boom we are in a semi v galaway. Getting carried away I know but at the same time write our bucks off at your peril .

  71. South Mayo Exile.
    I agree with you. It was terrible stuff to watch today in Ulster. Donegal had the ball at the end of normal time and the end of the first half of extra time. Would they go for a winner? . Not likely. Pass back from the 21 to the 45. I remember saying to my son on the way home from a league game v Tyrone years ago. If this is what we’re travelling 5 hours for, I won’t be going. Of course I’m still going, but it pains me to see Mayo doing it now. Back and over the 45. Maybe I’m just too old, but watching Gaa Gold from 87 didn’t change my view of the Ulster final.

  72. P Joyce stood on a dressing room bench at half time in a tight All Ireland final and told his teammates to kick the next few balls into him. He then proceeded to go to town on Darren Fay and Mark O’Reilly and ensure Sam came West.

    Shane Walsh is a good player but needs to deliver on a big day for Galway before anyone includes him in the bracket of PJ and Co

  73. @lineball less of the ye’r craic. I’ve been here a lot longer than you.

    This is a mayo forum and we can talk honestly about things rather than pretending this or that. They haven’t had an easy draw thus far, no more than ourselves who’ve been a bit screwed in all honesty. Hopefully we’ll fall on that side of the draw opposite Dublin / Kerry also later on. There’s a reason we kept meeting Dublin in finals btw, because we kept avoiding them in semis and quarters despite being in a few years of qualifiers. It’s easy for irrational minds to forget stuff like that

  74. Let’s wait to judge Shane Walsh until he proves his worth in Croke Park in an All Ireland Final against a top defence.
    Young Finnerty, also

  75. @MayoForever By your logic Tony Kelly of Clare is unproven and the lad who got the goals v Cork in 2013 is a top forward.

  76. @Sean Burke says:

    Shane Walsh and co was given a lot more room and space as the Roscommon forwards got in that Connacht final yesterday and the team that defends best in a final always wins it.

    Mayos starting six forwards against Galway scored 0-13 from which 0-6 came from play. Roscommon 6 starting forwards scored 0-11 from which 0-7 came from play.

    Conclusion Galway’s current set up isn’t easy to score against, doesn’t matter if you are Smith,Cox or ODonoghue,Cillan OConnor.

    One last note Galway always fancy themselves to make a final when they beat Mayo but they haven’t done it since 2001

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