Who do you want to be the next Mayo manager?

The shortlist of candidates for the position of Mayo manager has been known for a few weeks now and, with the interviews set to be held over the next few days, the name of the new bainisteoir should be announced soon. That much was confirmed by Mayo GAA Secretary Dermot Butler, who’s quoted in this week’s Mayo News as saying that there should be word on the appointment “early next week.”

It was only earlier on today, however, that the core backroom teams of all four candidates for the post were finally confirmed. I had intended to stick up a poll here on the blog some time ago on this issue but was persuaded, correctly I believe, to hold off doing so until such time as it was clear what the composition of each candidate’s management team would be.

That information is now available. Just to confirm, here’s who are on the respective tickets of the four candidates for the Mayo manager’s job:

  • Ray Dempsey: Oisín McConville, Declan O’Keeffe, Enda Gilvarry, Keith Higgins, James Burke
  • Kevin McStay: Donie Buckley, Stephen Rochford, Liam McHale, Damien Mulligan
  • Declan Shaw: Paddy Christie, Richie Feeney, Dessie Sloyan, Cormac Rowland
  • Mike Solan: Aidan O’Rourke, Eamonn O’Hara, Alan Murphy, Mark Ronaldson

Obviously, that wouldn’t be all the names involved for any of the teams but these are the names of the core individuals within the proposed set-ups of each of the four candidates.

And so, armed with this information and, in light of the fact that the decision on who gets the gig is set to be made soon, it’s finally time for a vote on the issue. Right, then, which of the four would you like to see get it?

Who do you want to be the next Mayo manager?

  • Kevin McStay (41%, 1,776 Votes)
  • Ray Dempsey (38%, 1,677 Votes)
  • Mike Solan (18%, 779 Votes)
  • Declan Shaw (3%, 146 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,378

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330 thoughts on “Who do you want to be the next Mayo manager?

  1. Kevin O’Neill, Terry Kennedy and Daniel Kilgannon are a huge additions to the Ray Dempsey ticket. Would have thought that their names should be added to the Dempsey. They really bring the xfactor and what might just bring us the Holy Grail.

  2. The west is best – that wouldn’t have made sense, in light of how their names were reported today. The other tickets will no doubt have additional names too. That was why I deliberately kept it to the names of the core backroom teams announced.

  3. We will all be divided as the republicans and democrats by the end of this process…

    All joking aside we are in a great position with the calibre of managers / coaches being put forward, each ticket has something to offer.

    Best of luck to all 4 candidates with their interviews.

  4. This poll is as dodgy as it gets lol. You wouldn’t want to be reading anything into it. Every cousin and granny must be voting on multiple devices. It’s funny though.

  5. Agree west is best ferocious jump by one candidate in 5 minute window ?
    Good craic all same. Like Eurovision.

  6. McStay for me. Think as posters we should not denigrate any candidate or any member of their backroom teams just because we want someone else to get the job. It is easy to piont fingers and say he has never won this or that etc. All deserve credit for going forward and all are trying to deliver what we all desperately want to win. Whoever gets the job has a tough task so lets support the winner and get behind our county team again.

  7. As I hit the hay for the evening, like Wolf Blitzer I call this poll for Solan. His ability to hoover up votes on the blog polls is remarkable. There must be a huge silent majority out there for the man.

  8. Willie Joe and the rest of the lads on the podcast, could you please highlight to the County Board to stagger the times of the championship games on the 2 and 3rd of September.We have been starved of football since the Kerry game so it would be great if the time of games were spread out for supporters so they could get around 2 or even 3 games on both the Saturday and Sunday.Games could be played at 3pm ,5.30pm and 7.30 on Saturday and 1pm,3pm and 5pm on the Sunday. 2 Big Senior Championship games could be played on the Friday evening, would have the potential to attract a huge crowd.

  9. Wow massive change in momentum for the Solan ticket overnight. It went from c.70 votes behind Dempsey to c.50 votes ahead.

  10. No problem with either the McStay or Dempsey groups for me. They both have a lot to like about them and appear to tick more boxes than the other two. I will fully support whichever one wins and I’ll be really looking forward to the first panel named by the new manager.

  11. I’m kinda leaning towards the Dempsey ticket mostly on the fresh voices side though mcstay ticket very tempting also. Isn’t it great seeing so many high profile people interested in the mayo job and huge huge respect to all for putting their names forward and stepping up to the plate. Hopefully it won’t be dragged out much longer and I’ll be happy if one of the above get the job.

  12. The poll is not at all in keeping with the thoughts of many people I have spoke to.
    No disrespect to solan but there will be outrage if McStay or Dempsey don’t get this job given the strength of their tickets

  13. Can people please stop making geopolitical references in relation to the odd numbers in the poll? In light of what’s going on in the world, these are distasteful in the extreme and not as funny as those posting such comments would appear to believe.

  14. Okay, I’ve had a think about the numbers in the poll and all that.

    First off, there’s quite clearly an unduly high number of votes being cast in this poll. While I get that this one is of major interest, already over 1,500 votes have been cast in it, in under twelve hours (most of those hours being overnight ones). It’s noteworthy that the total number of votes cast in this poll already exceeds the 1,356 recorded in the recent Player of the Year poll.

    Second, this is a poll conducted on a website. Internet voting on all kinds of topics is open to being skewed if enough people organise themselves sufficiently to make this happen, as they do all the time in relation to all kinds of polls.

    Third, the voting pattern in this one is definitely irregular. A very large number of votes cast in one direction overnight isn’t normal for polls conducted here on the blog. In fact, I’ve only ever seen irregular voting of this kind in a poll on the blog once before. That, too, was a manager poll and it occurred way back in 2010.

    In light of the clear attempt being made by backers of the candidate in question to skew the vote in his favour, my question is – what’s the point? If it’s an attempt to show there’s support out there for him then it quite clearly doesn’t do this as everyone can see that this voting “support” is manufactured. Rather than demonstrating strength, this misguided action shows only weakness.

    I have to admit that I had some reluctance putting up a poll on this issue at all – it should be recalled that some were agitating for one several weeks ago at a time when all manner of names were being touted as possible candidates – and part of me now wishes I hadn’t.

    There’s a febrile air about the place right now – the arrival on the blog of new voices, with well sharpened opinions and ready for an argument, is always a clear sign of trouble. That’s happened in relation to the appointment process, to add to the ongoing toxic swirl elsewhere. What’s happened with the poll is just another angle of attack for some. It’s all rather sad, in my opinion.

    So, then, what to do with the poll? As I see it, there are three options: let it run as it is, pull this one and restart the voting (in the hope that those behind the manufactured voting will now cop on and not make fools of themselves a second time) or close the poll now and move on. I’ve an open mind on which it should be (I’d lean towards the first or second option in that order) but would welcome feedback from others on what’s the best way forward in the circumstances.

  15. Let it run.

    Don’t let the invaders sway you to take a different direction.

    By the way. Best of luck to all candidates in their interviews and I would safely say that any one of them would know much more about the game than any of us supporters.

    I feel any one of them would do a fantastic job eventhough I have voted my choice.

    It wasn’t maybe as clear cut a choice as I thought it might have been a week or so ago.

  16. I’d scrap it Willie Joe, wouldn’t bother putting work on yourself, and you do enough for us by providing this platform as it is.
    If reran you’d end up with same scenario most likely.

  17. It’s not a scientific measure regadless Willie Joe.

    Take out the early surge and the trend is quite obvious. That’s all you get from an online poll – an idea of a trend. Seems two candidates favoured with one slightly ahead. Reflects what many of us here too I expect

  18. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would hope the voting pattern is not an attempt by some of the powers that be to align the “supporters” with their decision. That said, supporters shouldn’t have any say in it anyways, so I can’t imagine why they would stoop to that.

    Sorry Willie Joe if that is out of bounds..but it wouldn’t surprise me. For what it’s worth, I voted for Dempsey

  19. I have not yet voted nor I don’t intend to for the following reasons.

    1, There was a report than one of the four candidates was the favourite to get the managers job as far back as the first week in July.

    2, This Poll result may sway the opinion of the Co Board and the interviewing Committee.

    We are lucky to have four strong teams in contention for the job, I will await the outcome when it is announced.

  20. I know this page is often the Mcstay fan club!!

    But if we are serious about moving forward and not going back in time, we need to get Dempsey in!!

    He will bring something different

  21. Wouldn’t agree with Mcstay fan club comment.
    Lots of support for Ray when he named his backroom team …
    Personally I’d have a slight preference if Mcstay got it ..just because of Buckley and Rochford…
    But no issue at all if Ray and Co get it .

  22. Hello,

    I admlre the bravery of all the personnel applying, and rather them than me.

    I would prefer to see Ray Dempsey given a chance. One senses something new about it. No expert.

    Ciarán 2.

  23. I believe that the Dempsey ticket is the freshest and best thought out of the 4 and is certainly the one that I would go with. Of course the Mcstay’s ticket is a strong too.

    If someone other than Dempsey or McStay are put forward then the Mayo footballing public will not be too happy I feel and one wonders would they get the necessary backing from the club delegates.

    You have a tough job Willie Joe keeping us all in line lol. A big sally rod is required.

  24. As regards “Opinion Poll’s” in relation to what I would term “Normal Party Party Politics” ..I read somewhere, and I broadly agree that “Opinion Poll’s exist more to Influence Opinion rather than reflect Opinion”…It’s the Opinion of the County Board, and those chosen to select a Manager and a management team that count’s in this matter, I just hope that they remain as objective as possible and the new Manager and his backroom team in the future are very successful.. Whoever is chosen, it won’t be possible to please everyone.

  25. Fans don’t and should not have a say in picking managers. It’s just an opinion after all.

  26. I’m a relatively new voice on here and anything iv post as being based around facts that have been reported in mainstream media ,I think the poll is as accurate as is possible but sometimes people don’t like the result .it appears that of the 4 candidates it’s boiling down to a 2 horse race this is backed up by the poll and listen to people on the ground plus what snapshots you take from social media.
    At the end of the day it will be impossible for anyone on here to know how each candidate will impress in front of the management committee and that will be the deciding factor, I’d say if you ran a poll asking people would they support the new manager regardless of which ticket the overwhelming answer would be 90% yes.

  27. I’d scrap it Willie Joe as potentially you’ll get the hassle of media requests for comment when the poll would conclude.

  28. If your going to Start a new poll each poster simply posts the name of the candidate of there choice without going in to detail.

    Example team mcstay
    team solan
    team dempsey
    team Shaw
    This will insure posters are not voting as many times as they want.

  29. On reflection now I think we probably shouldn’t have run this pole at all. Sad to say but it’s unlikely we will get a true picture of people’s preference. It intention was to satisfy our own curiosity but it looks like some think the scoring may influence the interview panel somehow.. which is pure daft in the extreme. Scrap it and move on Willie Joe.. you have enough to be doing

  30. Awful lot of mucking around to try and sway an internet poll. I love the blog, but if someone made a decision on what ticket to go with based on any website I’d say they should be horsed out of it.

    Re the overnight stuff, the fact that it was being skewed to a candidate that based on comments looked to be in 3rd/4th seems a bit harsh on them too.

  31. Maybe time to form a membership for the blog WJ. Give all members a registration number. Everyone would still be able to view the blog but only registered members allowed to vote. As for this poll Maybe best to restart it.

  32. Please do whatever is easiest for you, Willie Joe. I treasure this Mayo haven and am very grateful to you for it.

  33. I’d scrap the poll. With all the hard work you put into this blog it is shameful that there are people out there willing to abuse it by blatantly trying to skew the poll for reasons best known to themselves. You deserve better Willie Joe.

  34. @ WJ I would say let it run.

    It’s not the definitive opinion of every Mayo fan,it’s just an opinion poll on one blog (albeit the most reflective blog of Mayo supporters over the years)

    Unfortunately WJ I dont think you can hold back the tide any longer,the toxic divisive nonsense of twitter and fb has infiltrated the blog for the last year or so.
    You really have done a trojan job in keeping that under control for this long.
    It’s not just Mayo GAA,it’s the way all online discourse has gone.
    I don’t know what the answer is,I sometimes feel you are too tolerant and decent (a case in point being a snake like poster here for nearly a year who was clearly not genuine and should have been given the boot a lot earlier)
    Maybe a registration set up might work and if you break house rules 3 times you’re gone might work?
    Anyway,I’ve gone off on a tangent,my opinion is to leave the poll up.
    Best of luck whatever you do WJ,everybody on here is behind you.

  35. It seems to me that the new manager will be at fault if Mayo do not win an AL
    during the first three years. Such a win is not realistic as we are behind Galway ,Kerry,Dublin and possibly Tyrone and Armagh.Remember Liverpool ,one of the very biggest teams in the world ,had a 30 year period when they didn’t win the league.
    Many of the counties named above are capable of significant improvement and likely to do so.Lets see how things develope before judgement is passed .

  36. WJ, run the poll again like the Nice Treaty, until we get the result that they want!

    FFS lads, will everyone settle down. It’s not like we’re voting in a new Pope or anything.
    We should be greatful that so many excellent individuals are ready to commit the next 3 years of their lives to what must be a terribly onerous job. One which is 24/7. One in which you’re a genius if you win any title and you’re a bollox if you don’t.
    Each candidate has excellent qualities and some superb members in their backroom team.
    For instance, I think the presence of Paddy Christie in Shaws backroom team is a really smart and well thought out one. Hugely influential in underage development and coaching at Ballymun Kickhams where he is largely credited with completely reinvigorating their underage structures, he’s extremely well qualified in coaching terms and has a few years experience at inter county with Tipp.
    Solans backroom team, in my opinion, looks to be the weakest and least impressive. However that is mainly down to the fact that the three other teams are so strong. Solan has O’Rourke in with him and he brings an All Ireland winners medal with him, along with Solans, and his very bright tactical insight into shape, structures and the mindset that’s needed to become winners.
    For me, the race is between Dempsey and McStay. I was a McStay man all the way until learning about Dempseys backroom team. McConville, O’Keefe and Gilvary bring All Ireland winning successes and experience while Burke is highly regarded as a coach. The Higgins addition I’m not so sold on. He played and soldiered with many of these lads so it would be totally natural to assume he may have bias towards some and not others. Maybe I’m jumping the gun on that but the waters are a little muddy. Great players don’t always make great coaches and there is a world of difference between playing and coaching. Higgins has zero experience of coaching at this level and while the addition of his name to the ticket might seem good, the reality of it might not be so. However with Kilgannon and Kennedy reportedly in the background too, it looks to be a very strong management team and one I would have no concerns about.
    But for me, McStay just about edges it, by a hairs breadth. Between McStay, Buckley and Rochford there is huge coaching experience at club and county level. Mulligan is one of the brightest young coaches around and he has proven his worth out on his own with Belmullet. McHale has received glowing references from many Roscommon players as being one of the best coaches they have played under. All in all I’d just vote for McStay.

  37. Don’t know what all the complaining is about. I voted for Dempsey but the current poll standings probably represent the overall sentiment among Mayo supporters.

    Just because your guy isn’t top doesn’t mean it’s a sham!

  38. Going to have to go with the man who knows Mayo football inside out. Dempsey has transformed Knockmore, who at the time were nowhere near it and looked a fading force. That project is similar to what lies ahead for Mayo. The team he’s assembled screams a team with thought behind it. Also very impressed he’s maintained such a high level coaching staff in Knockmore for the past 3 years. They must have had more lucrative offers elsewhere after all the success. Shows he has a loyal crew.

    We need to find more talent within the county and if anyone has the knowledge it’s him. He’ll leave no stone left unturned that’s for sure.

  39. I love the commentary on this blog and opinions.
    But I’ve never understood the emphasis on polls, even for MOTM I rarely vote in them. I couldn’t really care less who the fans reading this blog think is MOTM for a given game. However game day MOTM polls are really a bit of harmless fun.
    If it’s true that Mayo gaa personnel are actively looking at this poll, and it’s influencing the decision in any way, please scrap it WJ. It’s not worth it. You don’t need the traffic from polls to sell ads or anything here. Journal.ie do a lot of online polls with often loaded agenda driven questions and they mean absolutely nothing in reality.
    The blogs strengths are the debate and opinions of the different posters and host. The polls don’t really add much in my opinion anyway!
    That’s not a criticism – online polls are completely biased and cannot be any other way really.

  40. Solan a guy who may be the breath of fresh air needed.. Mcstay been around a long time and hasn’t established himself as top inter County manager albeit not given the mayo job, didn’t do alot with the rossies, bar the club scene.. But there’s a big difference. Dempsey much the same so it’s a tough one.. Solan young and has good rapport with his u21 team.. Trouble is mayo need a few forwards of walsh/Clifford class.

  41. I voted not that it makes a blind bite of difference . CB don’t give a damn supporters opinion least of all of the bots 🙂 . I think the CB have made their opinion very clear on opinion on Social media opinion .

    I’d say least poll up . Hopefully this blog will be here for many years to come and it would be interesting looking back from a supporter’s perspective of our view of things in time to come .

  42. Two yellows.. Dempsey plays a woeful brand of football from what I’ve saw.. 14 men behind the ball and hope to counter.. Its as bad as Derry v donegal ulster final.

  43. Ya, I don’t know if you can blame the County board for matty ruane and one or two more kickin a ball wide from 20 metres like they did v kerry a few weeks ago

  44. I would re-run it WJ…….exposing the irregular voting pattern has already done some service.
    Open it again and see how it goes. I think it would be a clear representation on opinion.
    Its becoming ever clearer what JH was refering to when he talked of taking the BS out of Mayo football………there is a hint of entitlement from some

  45. Vin – tell me a county that doesn’t play with 14 men behind the ball these days? I don’t think Jack O’Connor got Paddy Tally involved in Kerry just for the craic. I watched Knockmore last weekend. 2-12 wouldn’t scream all defence. Nor would the scorelines they put up in most championship games. Do I not reall them scoring 4-14 against Charlestown last year? Anyway everyone entitled to their opinion.

  46. Green and red, did you see the all ireland final? It was proper football, one v one and scores of the highest order.. I do believe until the rules are changed you’ll still get that blanket defence football.. Its around from mcguinness going ultra defensive and its an awful spectacle. I’m a purist, I love to see the likes of Clifford and Walsh one v one.. You can say it’s the way the game is gone… I agree tally was called upon to tighten up kerry defence but they certainly were not all defence.. Learning how to tackle too my man is a big advantage. And do you want to see under 10 teams playing a sweeper? But if mayo win an all ireland with that style we’ll take it, doest mean it’s the right way to play. And sure I’m sure you’d score 1-4 v Charlestown.. Big difference in inter County level.

  47. Ah Vin with my knee I wouldn’t make it down to the pitch never mind kick 1-4. I did watch the final, the scoring of Clifford and Walsh that day was excellent. Not much a defence could do. But it took Kerry plenty of time to find those scores. I’d argue that if Mayo did played a more defensive shape in the past we might have won an All Ireland. We have conceded goals in every final we played in since we last won the thing. But your initial argument was that Knockmore play a woeful style. That’s your opinion but the scores they put up throughout the last 2 championships would suggest that they aren’t all defence either.

  48. Green and red, your probably a good aul mayo supporter and only want the best.. I suppose I’m frustrated with the defensive style.. Like I think there was a record number of hand passes in the ulster final. It was truly comical stuff.. That’s why I’d be all for a few rule changes.. Not saying Dempsey couldn’t adapt to a new style I just think his personality is more agricultural shall we say. Anyway we’ll agree that you agree with me. Haha, only bants mate.

  49. The game to be successful now must be played like Kerry and Dublin. That’s just how it is once it gets to Croke Park latter stages. It’s primarily a focus on defence.

  50. Solan for me but whoever gets it will be worthy .

    One comment above states Galway are well ahead of us come next season ? Not on your Nellie are they , don’t know where these notions come from all of a sudden .

  51. Well Sean burke… If Joyce can find another good forward when Walsh and comer are off, they won’t be far away… Depends if conroy stays on.. He’s still important to them.. But fairly solid besides.. O Connor has lost all but whatever pace he had, and we’ll see if Tommy conroy comes back well… Apart from that, and Ryan o d, if he’s back.. where are mayo scores gonna come from? Like what forwards are really dangerous?

  52. No problem with any of the 4 candidates.
    We are blessed with choice.
    Who ever gets it let’s all get behind him and in a practical way join any county board draws and your own club draws and lottos

  53. Anyone at claremorris v castlebar u19 county final if wanted to see players kicking outrageous points should have been there future bright if these lads continue in football

  54. So you mean apart from two of the most promising forwards we’ve had in donkeys ? I just don’t agree that Galway are all of a sudden we’ll ahead of us cause we had a miserable year mostly through injury and imo damage from 21 final got to the set up

  55. Sean Burke, why do you think Solan and his mgmt team are ahead of the others, Dempsey and McStay in particular? Genuine question, I just don’t see how someone comes to that conclusion.

  56. Well Sean, if you look back through history.. Most average teams who won all irelands, and maybe not too average cos you can only beat whats in front of you… Have had at least one exceptional forward.. A canavan, Fitzgerald, o Neill, Clifford, mcconville or mcdonnell, Gooch etc.. We don’t have one of those in mayo.. Simple as that.. We haven’t had a forward since mcdonald who’s gonna get you off your seat.

  57. Of course we did have a forward who was voted player of the year. And not so long ago either.

  58. @Revellino- we also have a forward who is the highest ever scorer in championship football and who hold’s the scoring record for a single championship game.

  59. Don’t envy the county board their task in appointing the next senior manager and it’s going to create a lot of debate regardless of who they select from the four candidates. I voted for Kevin McStay in the poll. He has managed previously at this level and has assembled a team that has considerable senior county experience, especially when you consider Rochford and Buckley are on board. This is a serious management team that knows how to operate at a senior level and I believe one that gives us the best chance of success in the next few years.

    With respect to the other three candidates and their tickets they just don’t have the experience or achievements of the McStay team. Dempsey, Solan and Shaw have not managed a senior county team and I don’t know if now is the time for one of them to be cutting their teeth at this level. We got lucky with James Horan but Mayo was coming from a very low base then and James was an exceptional manager. Mayo is a top team now with completely different expectations and the county board needs to appoint the best possible management team available to them.

  60. The guys here are correct Mayo don’t currently or never had enough genuine free scoring forwards. All Ireland winners have that vital piece of the jigsaw in place where they are able to get the scores to win the day, we have been here before.
    Fact, Mayo forwards never fully performed on the big day and seemed to die away in the final 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe this is a Coaching flaw in the County, the Cul Camps would be a good starting point.

    Here is me wishlist for the next management team.
    1, Let forwards carry out their primary duties that is to score, not spend most of their time as defenders.
    2, Coach a few left foot kickers onto the panel.
    3, Develope a traditional type of fullback, powerful, good in the air and an annoying player to play against.
    4, Don’t be over relying on defenders to get the scores.
    5, Bring plenty of new blood onto the panel.

    Some here are far to sentimental about the past, we did have a forward who was highest scorer but primarily from free kicks.
    These guys had their day and we’re just unlucky and couldn’t get over the line.

    The new management team has tough choices to make, I see it as a three year term at least.

    This maybe the main deciding factor that the Board will make in deciding on the new line up.

    I would be looking for something new and fresh from the new management team.

  61. I feel Mayo’s lack of natural scoring forwards stems from a lack of self-confidence. Underage club coaches should encourage “defenders” to step out of their comfort zone and try out more sophisticated skills up front. I know some might say Kerry is rural… The difference is Kerry produced the Sheehys, Fitzgeralds for youngsters to emulate. Tbh, Cillian although a fine player, just doesn’t have the charisma.. So, no Mayo youngster is going to be too pushed.. Galway had Joyce, Fallon, Donnellan, and now Walsh. Rio Mortimer is playing corner back – why? just because his dad played same position. Ffs wise up coaches!!!

  62. Uncle Buck – I was at that u19 game last night. Great game of football. Very enjoyable and excellent standard.
    Both teams well coached and obviously had a lot of work done. Well done to both teams.

  63. Spot on Charlie, many football Coaches cannot think outside the box, maybe don’t move young players around to new positions, it’s part of the very traditional Culture of the Gaa unfortunately.

    The same applies to County managers, need to take advise from those in the backroom team, otherwise what is the point of having them.

    One more thing I would to see removed is calling two backroom members “Selectors”, this is outdated.

    I hope the new management team gives us something different, this maybe only achieved by giving the job to the gut that hasn’t been here before, ie, managed a County team.

  64. @charlie – Rio mortimer was playing corner back because he’s u16 and nearly every other lad on that minor team was a year older.
    He played centre half back for Mayo u16s last weekend and I assume he will be in the same position next year for the u17s.

  65. Voting has just gone over 3,000 in the poll and it’s still not quite 24 hours since it went up. The highest ever voting in a poll previously was last year’s Player of the Year one (2,753 votes), which would have been online for a week or more so. The voting patterns seems to have stabilised since this morning, though, so I think it’s okay to leave the poll up for at least a small while longer.

  66. Galway are not well ahead of Mayo but had a very good 2022 after 20 years not even reaching a final. I think we have scope to improve looking at our full potential squad and age profile but we would need a good 2023 and 2024 to judge that better. I just finished reading “will Galway beat Mayo” a fantastic read for any Galway or Mayo fan. I dont really know much about lads in for manager job but sometimes I think too many cooks isnt a great idea. Iron rulers like Micko, Harte, Cody, Gavin, O Connor seem to win a lot of titles.

  67. @Mayo88.

    For the sentiments. That highest scorer (Cillian) did score his 4 – 9 haul in an AI semi final.

    It didn’t all come from frees.

    4 – 3 came from play.

    The so called Gods of football play the likes of Tipp every year, and let me tell you.

    If David Clifford had scored 4 – 9 against Tipp or anybody else, his face would probably be plastered on the front of sports illustrated.

    In fact, he might do it some day and trust me if he does, the whole world will hear about it.

    In some folks heads, 4 – 9 from Cillian is equated to about 0 – 8 from Clifford.

  68. Mikey, I’m aware of that. My point is the lad is an obvious talent, that has been pigeonholed, at such an early development stage, into a defensive profile, and may unwittingly have been “shorted”. And before the motley crew, championing “defenders roles” get going, I’m fully aware of their importance as it is essentially a team game. The thing is, Mayo need to make optimum use of their resources. e.g. Claregalway, and Galway city are expanding. A lot if these lads will be experiencing soccer, and other games that will enhance their creative capabilities. And this does count in the GAA IC scene – in both codes. e.g. does it come as any surprise that Gillane and Cian Lynch play with such abandon in hurling.. both excellent soccer players.. The new management needs to be open-minded..

  69. The poll looks to have balanced out at this stage. A little surprised to see Declan Shaw where he is but maybe Dempsey’s announcement had something to do with that.
    Just out of curiosity, any thoughts on Dempsey’s position with Knockmore for the club season? I realise there would only be a short overlap in January if he were to be successful with club and his possible role with the county. Any procedure in place to deal with a ‘dual mandate’ situation?

  70. WJ- A quick question if I may.

    Are you aware of any published criteria for the manager’s job based on the Operations Manual issued by the County Board?

    Whilst we all have our opinions on who should get the job, the key question is what actual criteria the selection committee uses to decide who is the best candidate.

    That does not appear to be available thus I believe the decision will be based on the subjective bias of said committee. That’s just how life and appointments work across the globe.

    If anyone disagrees, I ask one simple question- what’s the actual criteria for the job ? My guess is no one actually knows.

  71. Spotlight – I’m not aware of any such details being published, nor do I think they should be. That’s not the kind of information you’d expect to be made available publicly and I wouldn’t think this will happen in this case.

  72. My hope for the new manager is that he makes us difficult to score against particularly goals
    Mullan and Keegan should be moved up thr field perhaps mid field.
    We should resist using our best backs as man markers ,this is a specialist role and they might not make the team for all games.
    Under Horan and Rochford we have scored enough to win most all Irelands but conceded too much
    Like a house the foundation is vital.

  73. As well as 4 – 9 against Tipp for Cillian in that AI semi final (Highest invidual score in a championship game), he had also scored 3 – 9 in a qualifier against Limerick (3 – 3 from play).

    I also remember that day an audacious flick he managed to pull off that Messi would have been proud of.

    7 – 18 in two championship games. There are forwards who mightn’t score that over the course of their carears.

  74. True Revellino. An Urban Myth is he gets all his scores from dead balls but his stats don`t lie.

    A vital player to Mayo who still has a few years left in him if he can avoid injurys, he will be written off no doubt but a good pre season under him in 2023 and he will be back as one of the top forwards in the country next year and he now has the supporting cast in the full forward line to help him out.

    As the quote goes “Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence”. I have no doubt Cillian, Ryan and Tommy will be ready to tear into the 2023 season after overcoming long term injuries this year.

  75. @Jr… Agreed with your assessment there re where possible improvement can come.. One particular recurring problem that led to the likes of Mullen and Keegan two Rolls Royce attacking player’s playing in the full back line, and not further upfield has been the amount of injuries Mayo has endured, and for instance a lack of options available to our Manager/Selectors to play specialist full backs in the full back line, especially the last two years. Now I know some injuries are unavoidable, however it must be noted the amount of injuries Mayo player’s have picked up apparently in training. A balance needs to be struck, the training regime will be tough as you would expect, and A v B games competitive but a risk reward analysis. Last year 2021 for instance one particular injury that frustrated many Mayo fans, Oisin Mullen when surely in Player of the year contention got injured between the Galway Connacht Final in Croke Park and the All Ireland semifinal v Dublin. Was Oisin even fully recovered for the All Ireland final, which was postponed for a further two weeks and 4 weeks after the All Ireland semifinal?..As it transpired Oisin Mullen deservedly won the Young Player of the Year award for a second time last year. I suppose we all hope that Mayo fans can see the outrageous attacking ability of Oisin Mullen in the Green and Red of Mayo, but as we all know and I’m sure Oisin Mullen knows Aussie Rule’s fans would love to see this exciting young talented player strut his stuff Down Under . I wonder what Management team would our young and talented relative new comers ie Oisin Mullen, Eoghan McLoughlin, Ryan O Donohue, Tommy Conroy and Jordan Flynn keep them in Mayo and get the best out of them for Mayo?.

  76. Revellino- he scored 4-9 v Tipp.. 3 of those goals were tap ins..come on lad, no denying his consistency at all but he is not nor ever was in the top elite forward category.. Nowhere near a Clifford Walsh canavan Gooch.. Not on the big day when it matters.. But my point is if ciaran mcdonald was playing up the road from a game where Andy moran and o Connor were playing in… Where would the bigger crowd be?

  77. Vin – ‘not on the big day when it matters’. Hello, were you at the drawn 2016 AI final when COC got the equalising point from over 50 yards out?

  78. Averages of 7 points per game in Championship with 31 goals and 355 points, with 22 of those goals and 79 of the points from play. He’s scored 40% of Mayo’s total scores in the games he’s played in.
    More scores in championship football than any other player, ever.
    He’s scored more goals in Championship football than any other player (overtook Mikey Sheehy in 2021 when he scored his 4th Goal vs Tipp in 2020 semi final.)
    He holds the record for the highest individual score in any single game than any other player (4-09 vs Tipp – only taps ins though so records for some might only record 1-2 of that or something, suits that agenda I think).
    Prior to his return from injury this year his average score per game in championship football was higher than any other player (ever) at 7.12 per game.
    But sure apparently he has no Charisma and his goals are only tap ins. Such horse manure.
    I’d only love if opposition teams and managers would hold the same opinion as some fans do as if he wasn’t as closely marked as he gets to be, no doubt those scoring records would be a lot more impressive.

  79. @FDBinashui.

    Great stuff. Phenomenal scoring rate there from Cillian. He has been an incredible player for us for the past decade or so.

    He had hit some great form just prior to his last injury (injured against Clare I think it was).

    Let’s hope he’s back and as good as ever when the wagon starts to roll again.

  80. Nonsense mate, we know he’s the highest scorer ever, no point reeling of his stats.. I’m saying he’s more robotic.. And he’s consistent.. Your missing the point, he’s not in the top forwards or he doesn’t exactly get you off your seat does he!? We watch football to be entertained with a bit of magic, sadly, we see more blanket defence and muck like that than free scoring one v one.. See Walsh and Clifford as I said earlier.. Mayo have not had that since mcdonald… And catcol, o Connor also missed “that” free from 30yrds did he not?

  81. Actually it was just outside the 21 to the left… Dean rock didn’t miss did he? And he was further out… Anyway my point is not o Connor… We have not been entertained by another forward since McD hung up the boots.

  82. @Vin – You have made reference to Shane Walsh in 4 posts and yet had a snipe at Mattie Ruane, Cillian, the mayo forwards and Ray Dempsey in doing so.

    Shane Walsh will be remembered for his all Ireland final performance in 2022 and fair play to him but Cillian has scored 0-9 on 3 occasions in an all ireland final, its not as if it hasn’t been done before.

    If i had a choice between the Cillian or Walsh in the past 10 years id take Cillian all day long. They are in around the same age and Cillian has a far more polished career than Walsh to date.

  83. Maybe none of the above with get us too the holy grail. Maybe all of above are capable of getting us too the holy grail. I think we possible have had stronger panel, that came close but ultimately fell short. I would say James Horan, came back the last time, and I was not overly excited in his backroom team, and they got us to too all irelands finals. So I think manager as oppose to management team, maybe more important element to consider. Its hard to say, that Shay has not the tactile nous to get us across the line, or McStay won’t get does last few percentage out of panel to achieve our goals. That Dempsey more compactable with player and management team. Or Solan has the benifit of working with more of our younger players in the past, that could make the difference. I for one can’t really make a call on it, I have an opinion on which one I think would get us closer, but too many moving parts to really say with any confident that I am correct. Either way, how ever gets it, will and should have backing of county board and mayo fans. And hopefully some luck regarding injury/ fixtures etc. As I think Mayo over the years, has not had fair share of luck, to get us across the line

  84. C. O’Connor has just been a phenomenal player for Mayo. Obviously, he’s not a flare player like Shane Walsh, but his workrate is streets ahead. He’s undoubtedly the best tackling forward in the game and if he didn’t have to track back so much to carry out defensive duties then he would certainly have more energy and speed to utilise upfront. Clifford doesn’t have to work back for Kerry in the same way and Horan and Rochford have to carry the can for that and not COC. History has been very kind to McDonald. In his playing days there was a lot of divided opinion on whether he should be starting or not. I don’t recall him shooting the lights out to often in Mayo. Maybe in 20 years time Cillian will get the respect he deserves too.

  85. Pretty sure it’s scores on the board that counts rather than whether someone who can’t see beyond the nose on their face is on the edge of their seats during a game or not.
    Maybe that’s just me though.

  86. The west is best – you summed it up in a nutshell. No Cillian isn’t a flair player but lord knows that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. There are two types of forwards, the fancy ones and the consistent ones. Now Vin whilst you sing high praise for Shane Walsh, he didn’t do anything in the semi final this year and I remember him kicking a few crucial wides in the 2020 Connaught final. The point is that maybe mayo don’t have the flash towards but that’s not to say they don’t have high quality towards. Compare Dean Rock and Diarmuid Connolly for Dublin. Who did Jim Gavin trust more? Michael Murphy isn’t “flash” or fancy but he’s an excellent player. We can pick and choose our arguments by selecting certain players. But from what I see, Cillian has been a far more reliable player for Mayo then Shane Walsh as been for Galway. Canavan still the GOAT in my eyes. Probably showing my age there.

  87. JKEL88- So what if I made snipes at them? Can I not be critical of some mistakes.. And I’m making Walshe comparisons because that’s the sort of player I want to watch.. And young kids want to watch I’d imagine.. Altho I love watching Clifford, con, etc.. Doesn’t matter if your take cillian all day long, will people talk about walshes final display or any of o Connors in years to come? And for that silly comment about mcd above… My god I watched him closely, was there a better kicker of a ball, creative, could score as he was an inside forward in his early mayo days.. Hardy… A maverick. Outstanding for his club.. But I suppose if you ask 100 people who watch football regularly… Mcdonald above any mayo player past or present was the one they preferred.

  88. This rubbish about cillian scores mostly from frees really annoys. As far as I’m aware there’s always been freetakers in football and all had the opportunity to put up these scores and also anyone saying he only scored these against limerick and tipperary well guess what kerry greats have played both those teams on numerous occasions and never racked up as high a score

  89. @jkel88 – in not from galway but sure maybe if he plays in 7 finals he might win one… Good lad

  90. @VIN- hard to see at his age making 7 all ireland`s. He might get one next year after his transfer to Dublin goes through alright. Can`t see him winning one with ye in the short term though.

  91. I’m certainly not criticising McDonald. I enjoyed watching him play like everyone else. Like all players, he too had plenty of bad days at the office. He wasn’t always the flavour of the month on the terraces during his Mayo playing days despite all his flair. Kevin O’Neill was another skilful and star performer from that era that wasn’t always appreciated either by Maughan who was the Mayo manager for a few of those years.

  92. I was joking jkel88, if he played in 7 all irelands like cillian he might have one. You’re some man for rolling out stats and worshipping cillian… I understand he’s been a great player for mayo..not the point as I said. Why do you watch football? And I’m being serious when I ask ya that.. Like as a gaa fan, why do u watch it?

  93. @west is best, sure there is always going to be fans giving out on terraces aren’t they… Mcd did not give a jot, I played against him so I know.. He just played the way he saw it, a natural gift if you will.. Had some boot of a ball aswell as all the creative stuff. Sure, he had bad games but more often than not people flocked to see him.. My argument is we don’t see enough of that anymore.. Yes the game has changed, this year’s final was open, fast great scores.. Sure isn’t that what we want to see.

  94. Vin – you’re only new on here so I think it’s only fair to break the news to you that this isn’t the place either for posting wind-up comments or yanking the chains of other contributors. You’re sailing too close to the wind in this respect on both fronts so please ease off the throttle or you’ll leave me with no option but to ensure that this happens.

  95. Your right though, Maughan dropped o Neill, Staunton, butler brogan all from knockmore when he came in… O Neill was an all star 2 yrs bfore that.. It was strange but sure thats the way bud.. Nowt queer as folk.

  96. Vin – it would be worth your while reading the house rules on comments, which will put you straight on what’s allowed and what isn’t. They’re here.

    Since you first popped up here yesterday evening, I can see you’ve posted a total of 18 comments and that the bulk of them were argumentative in nature. If I were you, I’d now pause – preferably for several hours – before commenting again. It would be best then to keep your contributions at a level that doesn’t seek to dominate the debate. Few things annoy people more on here than someone new sucking the air out of the conversation for everyone else so please don’t do that. Oh and drop all that ‘lad’, ‘bud’ and ‘mate’ stuff as well.

  97. See Mayo News quoting co board secretary as saying they expect to announce new manager early next week.. At this stage I wouldn’t have any issue with either Mcstay or Dempsey getting it . Both strong backroom teams ..

  98. I was certainly going to question our new bud on his opinions,but I think that he has learned his lesson

  99. Cillian’s point scoring from play has been average at best for Mayo. Where Cillian has really excelled has been in his goal scoring. 31 championship goals, that’s more than the next three highest current players combined, Rock, McManus and Tubrity.

  100. Sorry if this is off topic and if it has been asked or mentioned already but does anyone know when dates and times will be known for club championship group games? Or are they already decided?

  101. The issue I have with people talking down Cillian is that those same people will tell you that Maurice Fitz is one of the greatest to ever play the game. Largely scored frees and put up big scores against lesser counties. Was playing intercounty for 9 years before he won a game in Croke Park. Cillian on the other hand had 5 Connacht championships in his first 5 seasons.

    The truth about Cillian is that his scoring average in quarters, semis and finals is actually higher than in Connacht championship/qualifier matches.

  102. There’s no word on that as yet, Pullhard. I stuck up a piece the other day detailing the group fixtures as announced by Mayo GAA but that just shows the weekends these matches are on, not the dates and times.

  103. Thanks Willie Joe, will be great to get back to actually watching some ball again. Will keep an eye out for the dates etc

  104. @ VIN – I am worshiping Cillian because he is arguably our greatest ever forward and just turned 30 (1 year older than Walsh). It is lazy to say he is not a top forward and comparing him to Shane Walsh after Walsh had one good game is silly.

    Cillian`s career stats are on another level;

    5 x club county titles
    2 x all stars
    1 x nomination for footballer of the year
    1 x national league title
    6 x Connacht titles (Including 5 in a row, injured for 2021)
    6 x seasons as top scorer in SFC
    Top scorer in All-Ireland SFC history
    Most points scored in one SFC game by an individual player
    The most goals scored by an individual player in SFC history
    Averages over 7 point`s per game over his career

  105. The question with Cillian is will he recover the pace he had,which was never great after all the mileage on his clock and time out with injuries.
    Definitely our best ever forward and not afraid to mix it

  106. Hopefully the new management team bring in plenty of new guys and get them up to the level needed for intercounty.
    We need to move with the times.
    Past heroics are great but new blood is badly needed now.

  107. @Mayo88 – While i agree some new players are needed (mainly in the full back and half forward line) let`s not forget James Horan used 71 different players since 2019, it is not like we have been playing the same 15 every year.

  108. JR. You’d imagine if Dempsey gets the gig Kilgallon be able help Cilllian get most he can out of himself.

    Irish sprinters flying it at Euros.

  109. Lads and Ladies I would just ignore VIN. He is just winding us up. Is he/she even a Mayo fan.

  110. Couldn’t believe it in that interview Kevin Mcstay did on off the ball when he was talking about the replay in Limerick. He couldn’t remember it was Cillian O’Connor that had to go off when he collided with Aide O’Shea

  111. McStay ticket looks by far the strongest. Let’s hope he is not shafted again by the County Board.

  112. Seanie CH – that tallies with what the Mayo News reported this week too where Dermot Butler was quoted saying that there could be a result early next week.

    Mayo88 – the poll is still open but the outcome now looks clear enough in it.

  113. Despite a lot of negative comments towards the County board regarding the process of appointing the new manager, I wouldn’t be over critical. They looked for applications by a particular date, and got 4 good applicants and back up teams. They said they would conduct interviews during the month of August and make an appointment before the end of the month. It now looks like they will make the announcement next week. Hopefully, the vast majority of GAA people in the county will then get behind the new management team and give them their full support.
    One observation I would make, is that, despite the bravery of Declan Shaw to give an interview to the podcast, he didn’t seem to make a big impression on the contributors to this blog, if the poll is anything to go by.

  114. I wouldn’t say McStay is getting shafted if he doesn’t get the job @ justoutsideballagh. They are 4 strong candidates and you could make a case for all.

    My preference is now the Dempsey ticket, it was McStay until i seen who Dempsey would have involved. Ill be happy to support whoever get’s it.

  115. I must admit, the Dempsey backroom looks very impressive on paper, probably a ploy in holding their names until people looked at the other 3 guys deeply.
    when Knockmore won the championship last year I must admit I was impressed with their final performance, I said to myself at the time, are we looking at a future Mayo Senior manager.

    I would love to know how the manager will be decided, a very close call I reckon between 2 candidates.

    Will the Co Board follow the same course of action as 2010 when a successful club manager got the Mayo job,
    OR will they go with an experienced intercounty management team that have been there before.

  116. Mayo88 poll still open on blog, On twitter EndaMc running 12hr one between Dempsey and McStay, that’s nearly over now, near 1200 votes cast with Dempsey leading by 6%.
    Looks like he doing one between Solan and Shaw after reading comments.

  117. Gizmobobs id say the twitter data centres could collapse in the next hour or so. Plenty of new accounts made up to try and swing some more poll results. Shame we couldn’t get a more accurate one here. Through no fault of yours Willie Joe

  118. Fair play WJ for leaving the poll up. It’s fascinating. Why not give the people a chance to pitch for their preferred candidate. It’s neck and neck between the two boys, very much following the pattern on the blog over the past few weeks I’d say. I think most posts have been measured and respectful.

    Talking to a few good footballing people around the county and a lot of good things said about Dempsey. They’re familiar as they’re also involved with clubs. And it’s recent, given he’s currently managing here in Mayo. Seems he’s well able to handle a dressing room and motivate, that’s all I’ll say… but I know nothing about him myself.

    I’m still hoping for McStay though. A proven CV, he deserves a shot. We’re blessed that there’s so much interest from good Mayo men. Let the chips fall where they may….
    I still think regardless of who gets it, we’re a couple of years from getting to the top table. Question might be which of the candidates are best in terms of player/style development??

  119. I think with the HUGE effort Dempsey has put in to get ”TEAM DEMPSEY ” into place it is now or never for Raymond Dempsey to become the Mayo manager. He thinks his time is now . I hope he gets it anyway and he will definitely take more of the bullshit out of mayo football.

  120. @green&red looks like voting remained steady in last hour of that poll ?
    Dempsey came out on top, 6% ahead of McStay.
    1,180 votes cast, 0 spoiled.

  121. Dempsey is a excellent candidate with great success at club level and as put a seriously impressive team however he won’t get the job this time around because the cb will go for the mcstay team based on experience at inter County level.
    Mcstay for me without any politics this time around.

  122. I believe it’s really between Dempsey and McStay at this stage. The other backroom teams aren’t even in the same ball park. Not sure the CB will be too popular if either of the other candidates get the gig. The momentum is really with Dempsey at this stage and his ability to put such a strong and fresh backroom team together will see him selected I feel.

  123. Kilgallons successful sprinters the past few days would make CB think long and hard about Dempsey’s team you’d imagine. He’d surely have abundance of knowledge to aid in S&C as well as obvious speed training techniques.
    I’d be thinking similar west is best, in that one of McStay or Dempsey likely get the gig.
    As said on other threads, I’d be Dempsey man, I feel it’s new ideas and voices the squad needs. Time will tell.

  124. Kilgallons achievements the past couple of days will surely seal the deal for Dempsey,its a serious move to have him on the team,seems to be a very shrewd operator. Is Rochford still on the McStay ticket or has he landed a job elsewhere does anyone know?

  125. We’ve got to be brave with this decision.
    – we’re not going to outskill the Kerry lads with their bigger hours of back garden practice.
    – we’re not going to out depth Dublin, Kerry or Tyrone based on recent panels
    If we could outperform in average speed of the full panel, it’s a step up the ladder.
    Lots of our speed guys broke down with soft tissue issues, that’s clearly the expertise of Daniel Kilgallon in terms of how to prevent those.
    Almost everyone of our prime athletes broke down the last two seasons. Improving that would be massive. Dempsey for me on that basis. There’s no SnC in the other three can be better.

  126. Any chance the Mayo News would do a fantasy football type competition for the upcoming club championship? I can remember something like it on either the Western Sport or Mayo news sport 15 years ago

  127. His name is Daniel Kilgallon. He did an interview on Off The Ball last night with Ireland’s newest fastest man Israel Olatunde. He comes across as a very down to earth individual. The interview is on YouTube. Well worth the listen. Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to have him on board.

  128. Re some posters arguing about Shane Walsh v Cillian O Connor., Whos the best? .in 2022, there can be absolutely no doubt about it, it’s Walsh by mile,…It helps that Galway have also been better than Mayo 2022 as well.. Several other years Cillian would have came out on Top, but Mayo would also have came out on Top. And that’s the way it goes, and Cillian has been outstanding, even though I don’t think Cillian was Mayo’s best forward in 2022, personally I would argue that Ryan O Donohue was our best forward..In fairness I taught that the Shane Walsh All Ireland performance was one of the very best I have ever seen.. Two very different player’s, what manager wouldn’t want both at their very best in their side…?.

  129. I’m not going to get involved in a lengthy back and forth over Cillian and Walshe because they are both exceptional players. Very different types but still exceptional. Cillian has been producing consistently for over a decade now and when I see him being dismissed as “robotic” or merely a “good free-taker” I just shake my head in disbelief. He will go down as an absolute legend in Mayo and at the very least he deserves respect.

  130. @Leantimes – The poster was saying Mayo don`t have a player like Walsh and haven’t had a proper forward since Ciaran Mc. It is easy to give Walsh credit after one good game in 2022 but he is now 29 and has been involved with Galway seniors since 2013.

    The truth is Cillian has been putting in top class performances like that year in year out and never get`s the credit, people just see Mayo lose a big game and love to have a go at our players when they are down, the same people would never give Cillian credit for scoring 4-9 in a all Ireland semi final but would be out straight away if he missed a free and we lost the game.

    If you ask me who would i rather have in my team since 2013 Cillian or Shane Walsh it is a no brainier.

  131. Make no mistake about it if the all time top scorer in history and the all time top scoring defender in history were from kerry or Dublin or even galway we’d never hear the end of it. We’d be told all about traditional football and the likes. Probably be a murial somewhere. Regarding Mcdonald this might be a bit controversial but was mortimer a better forward. Definitely more accurate though i know Mcdonald was more of a playmaker and had the x factor to light up the game.

  132. It think its a two horse race between Dempsey and McStay. Id be happy with either to be honest, both have their merits. People reading too much into the Daniel Kilgallon name drop, would definitely be an asset to any setup but how much time can he afford to give to Mayo, limited id say given his commitments to athletics. Other candidates will also be looking to bring in specialists which shouldnt be over looked, professionals like Kilgallon would be available to all four candidates if CB are prepared to pay for them . Thoughts of players being faster with Kilgallon are a little wide of the mark, cant see him having the time to work with players to achieve any meaningful results speed wise, also players like Cillian, AOS etc are not going to get any faster. I think Ray is bringing him in to work more on technique in the hopes of reducing muscle injury which has plagued us in recent years, this would be a smart idea. If Ray doesnt get the gig id hope the successful manager will see the logic in this and bring Kilgallon in anyway.

  133. Excited at the prospect of a new management team in place sometime next week. Don’t have a preference because as I’ve said before there’s very few management team that haven’t got us to an all ireland since 89. We’ve consistently got to line in the last 30 years, just need somebody, something, anything to actually get us over the line.
    Very disappointed though at the rigging (yes it is rigging) of the vote here. Would have liked to have seen a true reflection of the blog contributers. But that ship has long passed. Probably a testament to you WJ that you’ve made the blog such a go to place for Mayo football that the various candidate supporters fell they need to skew the vote.

  134. I would be slow to write off Solan..Personally he would be my third choice but thats not necessarily how the County Board may feel..

  135. I cant see Kilgallon having a full time role with Mayo especially as 2023 will likely mean many of his sprinters will be preparing for the 2024 olympics and trying to secure qualification. I would imagine it is similar to currid in Limerick where she works with Munster and other teams also.

    One of the main benefits of having him though would be overseeing our S&C programme and the access to top class coach’s we would have for sessions while he would be involved. There is no other team in the country who would have such high calibre coach’s doing session with them, these people are working day in day our with Olympians who the cream of the crop when it comes to athletes.

  136. Like with the hurling (I believe Pat Horgan is now leading the race) the top championship scorer will always be a modern player due to much more matches being played nowadays.. there’ll be a new leader soon enough with the new format, and soon after that when there’s a newer format, and so on, so forth

    Funnily enough the championship top scorer in both codes has actually never won an all Ireland which seems a mad stat on the surface

    Shane Walsh was never really appreciated on this blog, but his All Ireland final performance should leave no-one in any doubt as to how good a player he is. His ceiling is higher than anyone I’ve ever seen Mayo produce, that’s certainly no insult to any Mayo player, Walsh is just a generational talent when on form

    O’Connor isn’t appreciated as much as he should be outside of Mayo, a lot of Dublin and Galway fans let a lot of his “antics” over the years cloud their judgment I’ve found. He’s probably not as good as some Mayo fans think he is (he’s not a generational player in the Walsh mould – for instance I think ROD is already on his way to usurping him imo, and I’d rate Andy Moran’s ceiling higher), but he’s a lot better than he’s given credit for nationwide imo. A super ‘poacher’, with great forward instincts and anticipation. His knack for getting on the end of moves is phenomenal. Vin – while not the most diplomatic in his opinions perhaps – actually is correct in saying he’s not a player fans are going to pay especially to watch, he won’t make many youtube highlight reels, but he’s very good at what he does

    “No doubt”, as for Conor Mortimer? The most underappreciated player Mayo ever produced imo.. people forget (and plenty ignore) how good he actually was, especially when he burst on the scene

  137. @ciaran. Thanks for the mort feedback but regarding topscorers playing more games doesn’t stack up as o Connor broke goochs record playing something like 20 games less at the time if memory serves me right and regards Walsh i know plenty of galway fans who didn’t really rate him as a top top forward before the final. They reckoned he had plenty of potential but a bit of a fancy dan.

  138. Ciaran – Cillian hasn’t played an abnormally large amount of games. However, his points per game average is better than anyone else. That’s the reason he’s top scorer.

  139. @Ciaran – Walsh was fantastic in the all Ireland final, arguably the best display from an individual in the past 20+ years with the exception of Clifford on the same day.

    Shane Walsh is now 29 so I don`t agree that his ceiling higher than any player Mayo have ever produced, in fact i think that is a daft statement when you look at what Pearse Hanley did in Australia. I do enjoy watching Walsh play when he is on form but more often than not he doesn’t consistently have an impact on games the same way a Michael Murphy, Con O`Callaghan or David Clifford does.

  140. ”Ciaran” when has Walsh ( 29 year old) ever troubled Mayo bar his long range frees in McHale Park this year. He played 40 minutes of unbelievable football in the final but was very poor in the Semi and in the last 10 years i know who i would have picked between Cillian and Shane.
    ”No Doubt” Andy Mora really came good late in his career. Think back to how many of his goals were as result of Cillian playing the correct pass at the correct time . Apart from Cillian’s attacking skills his tackling is serious. Stopping a score is just as good as scoring one
    Cillian played several of his games hampered by slight injuries but is a top forward when fully fit

  141. At MayoMad, Daniel has a working relationship with Dempsey from before, he may not commit as willingly with others.
    You right others may bring in specialists also but when they haven’t listed them as of yet its an unknown.

    League finals week in Mayo the weekend. Looking forward to more games.

  142. @Ciaran, Walsh a generational footballer?? I’ll have whatever you’re on because it must be great stuff!

    The season just past is probably the first time in his entire career that he has been injury free. He is 29 years of age and this season, for one reason or another, is the first season he has consistently performed. Of the 5 points he scored against Mayo in this years Connaught championship, only one was from play.
    Yes, he had a great game in the final but I am certain of one thing, had Galway beaten Kerry in that game Jack O’Connor would have been ran out the gate for not double marking Walsh out of it.
    If Walsh is considered a generational player, then the bar has been reset very low.

  143. The dempsey ticket all the way for me, it ticks every box going. Some outside the box additions like kilgallon and kennedy from other codes. Always good to have a nordie in there too (mcconville) who knows how to win. Also i don’t think dempsey gets enough credit for the knockmore back to back, people forget they weren’t in the top 6 bookies favourites in 2020,not only does he win one against the head bit goes on to do back to back.

    The McStay ticket isn’t bad, but I have reservations and would like to see something completely fresh for that group of mayo players.
    Is buckley really all we have him cracked up to be,he was the perfect guy 10 years ago but they don’t fancy him in kerry at all and there are other voices out there. Rochford…been there,done that. As for McStay/McHale I worry they may be a bit too media hungry for my liking which is not what mayo need right now

  144. Supermac – I’ve been saying it for ages about Buckley. He comes with a “great” reputation from Kerry but still not good enough to be in most Kerry management teams. The Kerry boys are great at selling their stories the way they want but the hard evidence would suggest he’s not favoured down there. I do like Rochford but the best part of the McStay ticket for me is the addition of Mulligan.

    I would definitely be in favour of the Dempsey ticket. There is a huge breath of experience but from club and county side of things. It’s worth remembering that of the 4 candidates going for the job, McStay has never managed a mayo club. Surely that counts for something? Either way both tickets are strong and I can’t say I’d be annoyed with either but I think Dempsey’s is better. More out of the box thinking. Don’t really want to be going back to the same formula that hasn’t worked before (Rochford&Buckley)

  145. Bit harsh on McStay ticket but I get your point about the freshness of Dempseys outfit @ Supermac ..
    Rochford was the closest to getting Mayo over the line against Dublin in what is now recognised as one of the best teams ever… brave decisions on the line and probably the big difference was Dublin had a far superior subs bench …and he is happy coaching , not managing.
    At this stage I’m OK with either Dempsey or Mcstay to get it and will be fully behind whichever gets it and the team .

  146. Some Mayo supporters use Walsh’s lack of scores from play as a stick to beat him with, yet say frees are just as important when measuring Cillian’s stats – the honest truth is fans just aren’t objective when it comes to discussions like these, and that’s completely understandable

    Walsh is one of the most naturally talented footballers I’ve ever seen. To actually kick 45s confidently off your “weaker” foot is absolutely extraordinary. We’ve gone through periods where we had no left footer who could kick frees confidently from 30 yards

    Its far from just the final this year also, in 2020 he went through a period against us for example when he was completely unplayable, and he had a phenomenal 2018 season. He’s been frustrating for sure over the years, but that’s because he’s just such a good player, so much is expected of him from Galway footballers. His ceiling is massive, as he proved in the final this year

    If there was a GalwayGAA blog they would be laughing some opinions on O’Connor here out of it, like is happening with Walsh on this forum. I think with both players they’re only fully appreciated in their own counties.. these are the fans that actually watch them more than anyone. Although Walsh has certainly gained plenty of fans after the final (he hasn’t had a chance to play much to a mainstream audience before now), plenty in Dublin (particularly the southside) for example are creaming themselves that he may be joining a club side up there

  147. Ciaran – I haven’t seen Walsh kick many 45s off his weak foot. Actually can’t think of any off hand. Why hasn’t Walsh got a chance to play in front of a mainstream audience more often? He’s been on the scene for a decade and Galway always have a constant stream of good underage players coming through. This isn’t a Declan Browne situation. Galway are a traditional football county.

    The fact you only pick out a good first half in 2020 and 2018 as examples for a 29 year old is telling.

    By the way I like watching Walsh and there’s no denying his talent. Just hate the way our players get derided for what they didn’t do, yet others get a free pass.

  148. @ Ciaran – No doubting he is one of the most naturally talented but as far as his career has played out he is not in the same bracket as what you are portraying him to be.

    Galway fans can laugh all they want about Cillian and it is very narrow minded if they dont consider him to be one of the top forwards in the country over the past 10 years yet claim Shane Walsh or Damien Comer to be. When it is all said and done the history books will say different about Cillian.

  149. The question i would like tp pose here WJ is what would be considered success for the new management team coming in. Will it be defined by winning the All Ireland only or willl it be continuing at the level of the last 10 years and consistently being in the top 4. Or will it be performing to our best in the circumstances, having an attractive style of play,developing new players etc..Or is it about being part of a more long term sustainable plan to build a solid structure for Mayo football that will ultimately deliver Sam like Limerick hurling has done.
    I think its an important question as if its just about winning Sam does it mean after a poor first season or two that the management will be under pressure to resign.

  150. I wonder does other counties run down/criticise their top players or is it just a Mayo thing? From reading some of the posts Cillian is being criticised by some basically for not being flash enough. Maybe the new manager should have him taking hail marys from the sidelines, enough of that boring repetitive high scoring stuff. A vocal minority of Mayo “supporters” from some unknown reason have a thing against Cillian which there is no logical reason for. Cillian rightly will go down as Mayos greatest ever forward, without Cillian Mayo wouldn’t have seen the inside of Croke Park from 2011 to 2020, thats how important he has been.

  151. Ciaran, what is Shane Walsh’s average score per championship game? When you’ve figured that out, compare it with Cillian O’Connor’s and come back and tell us which you would depend upon to get the scores.

  152. If the question is who is the most skillful footballer in the country then Walsh stands alone even ahead of Clifford but if the question is who of the 2 contributes more then o Connor is miles ahead.

  153. After the big long wait for any decent football to be played in this County the County board schedule 4 Senior championship games at 2pm on Sunday 4th September giving supporters no chance to see different games around the County, was hoping to see Breaffy v Claremorris and Gaels v Tubber and the champions Knockmore but all on at the same time, also not very helpful for the new incoming manager to look at scouting talent.

  154. @ciaran
    Shane Walsh is one of the most frustrating players in the country. He’s 10 years now on the IC scene, he’s 29 years old and I would argue in the top 3 naturally talented players in Ireland over the last decade. I’d have him in the same bracket as Dermo Connolly, Colm Cooper and now Clifford. Mcdonald was the last Mayo player in that bracket of pure talent. There’s probably only been 10 of these type of player in all of Ireland since 2000.
    Walsh is more talented than any Mayo player in the Horan era and he should be going down as one of the greats, with his talent level. The kind of player that has 6 or 7 all stars by the end of his career, a litany of big moments in all Ireland semi finals and finals throughout his career, and a place in history as one of the top 2 or 3. Galway players ever.
    But has he maxed out his potential in every way, reached his ceiling as a footballer consistently? No. He reached an amazing level of play in the AI final, but why hasn’t he been doing that (or even near it) consistently since he was 21 or 22?
    In many ways his career isn’t dissimilar to our own Ciaran Mcdonald.
    We will always remember those players but slightly less talented but more consistent players like Cillian or Bernard brogan have been more reliable for their respective teams over the years. The gap between Shane Walshs best game and worst game for Galway is immense. He’s had some shocker performances over the years. What was Cillians worst game for Mayo from 2011-2020? I can barely remember one, he probably still scored 7 points in it.
    That’s the difference.

  155. Its like ESPN debating who is the GOAT between LeBron & Michael Jordan. Pointless exercise as everyone has their own opinion.

    Walsh & Cillian both brilliant players, in different ways, and both should be appreciated as such.

  156. I think Mikey3 if Shane had the players around him that Cillian had he would have won an All-Ireland its not Shanes fault that its only at the end of his career that Galway have the players to support him. There is still a 3 year window probably for Shane to get a medal with Galway while sadly the chance has passed for Cillian.

  157. I work in Galway and I think Walsh is a very talented footballer.

    Over the years though, I have often heard the Galway fans themselves lamenting Shane’s performances on the Monday after games.

    The main gripe the Galway fans have had is that Walsh hasn’t brought his team mates in to the game and has tried to do it all himself.

    Fine in itself if you don’t get caught in possession and also, if you are kicking accurately.

    There are many Galway fans that I have talked to that would argue that in some respects, Walsh has held the team back and held back the development of his forward team mates back by constantly holding on to the ball.

    I’m not making this claim myself but just relaying some of the feedback I have heard back from within the county itself from some Galway football fans.

  158. Chesneychet – Shane Walsh was on a Galway team that beat Mayo 3 years running from 2016-18 and again this year. The idea that he’s been part of a useless Galway side for his whole career is rubbish.

    He got plenty of opportunities to show his talents on the national stage, but clearly hasn’t shown it consistently.

  159. Talented forwards e.g. Clifford, Walsh and Con are idolised by young players in their respective counties. In comparison, every young player in Mayo idolises Leroy. Cillian reminds me of Steve Davis the one time snooker champion – very methodical, but sadly, lacking flair. Maybe if he got a tattoo or a hair colour – something like Conor Mort he might have a bigger fan club. But Horan did away with that sort of individual flair…

  160. @Charlie.

    Unfortunately. Those that are jealous of Cillian will never be fans of Cillian. Actually, some might say, fortunately for Cillian.

    It makes the be grudgers so upset that each and every time he kicks a score (Which is more than anyone who has ever played the game, I might add). Each time he sets a new record.

    More records to come from the one and only (Mayo Man).
    The best boot in the business.
    The History Maker.

    It hurts some people to read that.

  161. Think we are bit too hung up on non mayo players lately , who gives a shite about Walsh , he might never see another aif well perhaps with the stillorgan goys but good chance Galway won’t see another final during his playing days . They beat Armagh and Derry btw in the shake up stages .

  162. @ Sean Burke such a pity it wasn’t some other Ulster team – like maybe Tyrone in AIF..

  163. Westport gaa club tog a 3rd team with 38 players named on the programme against a Kilmeena 2nd team with 29 players in a Division 5 League Final tonite.Is it time for a 2nd breakaway club to be setup in Westport town?? Alot of young players in Westport missing out on football.

  164. The more I think about it the more undecided I become as to which of McStay or Dempsey, I would go with.
    One of the big questions I have is the level of contribution Oisín McConville will be able to make.
    – I think he has a brilliant football brain.
    – A really positive thinker.
    – By far the best Gaelic football analyst doing the rounds in my opinion.
    – He will have a significant role in the sports psychology aspect of things for Dempsey.

    I am hugely excited about him being involved in the Mayo set up. But my final vote would hinge on how much McConville can realistically contribute an ongoing basis, being based in Armagh. He has a young family. I reckon it’s a 6 hours round trip. Some amount of travelling with little kids at home.

  165. Yes two yellows, all 4 candidates being interviewed tomorrow it seems. Hence white smoke anticipated Tuesday after board meeting Monday.

  166. Castle51 – that’s pure speculation on your part, like your earlier prediction about Stephen Rochford, should the outcome be different. I’m deleting both of those comments and would appreciate if you stop posting stuff like this. It’s best let the process run its course without noise of this kind.

  167. How is the poll looking ?, as I haven’t voted I’m unable to see where the 4 guys are at, a fella told me there seems to be alot of information on Twitter re the management race and former players being added to the Committee.

    Like some others, I’m wondering what real input will some of the main backroom members be able to give, seeing that they are tied down with work at present and live a good distance away.

    It boils down to this, will the McStay team have the real desire for the job because they were there before, I mean Rochford and Buckley primarily.

    Does second time around setups really work in Mayo ?, McStay excluded as he was not yet Mayo Senior manager.

    Which management team has the ability to adjust their teams playing style to suit different opposition?

    Which of the 4 management teams have the biggest number of guys based locally ?

    Which manager will be able to lay down a firm line and where all the players respect him.

    On a very tiny margin I would like to see one of the management teams get the job.
    I just have a gut feeling about one of them and hopefully they can deliver.

  168. Achilles 75 I remember in the mid seventies when both themselves and Castlebar could hardly field a team.
    A lot of hard work by both clubs.

  169. I’ve just closed the poll, which saw the highest ever level of voting in any poll I’ve run on the blog. The result is neither here nor there but it does seem that the outcome of the poll – with much the same level of support for both Kevin McStay and Ray Dempsey and both of these preferred to Mike Solan and Declan Shaw – is a fair enough reflection of supporters’ opinions.

    As others have already said, all four candidates should be commended for putting their names forward for the position. The best of luck to all of them in the interview process and to those whose decision it is to pick the next manager. It’s a weighty decision and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I wouldn’t want to swap places with any of them over the coming days.

  170. Willie joe can you please post my response to your criticism of my early post were I reference my source.

  171. Castle51 – I’m not going to get drawn into an argument with you at this hour of the night. That Rochford story was in the papers days ago and appeared to be based on nothing but conjecture so I don’t see why you’re claiming it as being newsworthy today. Your claim about McStay is just pure unfounded speculation, as well you know. I’ve no interest in hosting that kind of nonsense here.

  172. Great job on this website Willie Joe, really love to read and digest the comments and topics on here.. I’ve been watching and going to mayo games since 1989. Only missed one championship game since 89 actually.. I’m fascinated by how much mayo people love the gaa.. I know there’s been many a heartbreak but we still dream of Sammy coming west… Look, its great to have a forum like this and I know there is heated debates, which is great but all in good spirits. Let’s hope mayo can go one step further in 2023 with a new manager and bring Sam home.

  173. Achill 75 touches on a very interesting topic.. there was a great podcast last year – think it was with Edwin mcgreal(?) – around rural clubs struggling, but there’s also the opposite scenario where some clubs are clearly outgrowing themselves

    Maybe not as pronounced in mayo, but certainly taking Galway as an example, you’d have to think serious consideration will be made in the future for additional clubs (certainly juvenile) in areas like claregalway and salthill/knocknacarra perhaps, who have absolutely mad numbers registered on underage teams.

    Be very interesting to see a proportion of national schools that feed into club teams , some would have 1, others could have nearly up to 7 or 8

  174. Is it because HS is hardly an arena for debate any longer and some of their more cantankerous posters have moved over to this blog but we no longer seem to be able to stay on track with the threads. There also appears to be less patience and willingness to take on board other people’s views. Pretty sure this is a fairly recent happening because I don’t remember too much angst a while ago. There’s a difference between a bit of frustration over maybe a poor result or campaign but still no need for the sly digs because we don’t all agree. Anyway sorry about the rant but this thread is about who we want as next manager and even if the poll was a bit tainted its hard to believe either of the two at the top won’t get the job.

  175. My view on that issue, Joe G, is that September last year was a major turning point. Crankiness in general has gone up several notches since then. As well as that, the appearance at different intervals of new contributors who in time reveal themselves to be disruptive troublemakers is another factor which has made the going tougher over the last while.

  176. Best of luck to the candidates this weekend. And neighbors Knockmore who are in the league final tomorrow. Busy weekend for Dempsey!

  177. Not surprised McStay shaded Dempseys in the vote …
    Best of luck to both . Great to have the club championship to look forward too … In my adopted midland home , the club here have played 3 out of 4 group championship matches.
    Thanks WJ … your patience was well tested this week.
    It veered from discussing next Mayo manager to a feckin debate of Cillian O Connor/ Shane Walsh …
    Cheers BUD /Mate !!!!!?

  178. Two Yellows. You’re right about a busy weekend for Dempsey. That made me think about the timing. If Ray Dempsey should get the Mayo job would he carry on with Knockmore for the championship as it doesn’t give anyone else much time to get to grips with the post?

  179. Joe G – I believe Horan did similar? If there’s one man who doesn’t need a lot of time to get to know this Mayo team it’s Dempsey. Will be interesting to see. Is he the only candidate actively involved in a team at present?

  180. And remember the overall attitude towards the Kildare game been played in Croke park and not at neutral venue? That annoyed so many people if I recall and it lingered for a lot of supporters.
    However the slate is about to be wiped clean and a new chapter awaits. Let’s see where it takes us!!

  181. Let’s get behind whoever gets the job, all 4 have dedicated their lives to the gaa and no doubt the mayo public will get behind them. I’m originally from back west mayo and I love to see the county on big game days.. From beautiful ballinrobe to Ballycastle, from achill to bohola, up to croker again next summer, with cillian, Tommy goals and Rod back to full capacity, a new manager and more belief… We can really test kerry or Dublin I have no doubt.

  182. Good luck to all the candidates I’m sure they have spent many hours putting there teams together and preparing for face to face meetings with the management team ,
    The only fault of the process is the time it is taking after that you’d have to say the cb have done a fine job .

  183. WJ I totally agree that last September changed the mood in Mayo big time. Like everyone else I was very disappointed just as I was after all our losses in Croke Park. But last September was different- I was annoyed and disillusioned. And time hasn’t really changed it too much.
    However, now is a time to look forward. We have good reason to be optimistic.
    Four good candidates are willing to put their necks on the line. They obviously see potential in our lads. We still have some great players and a good few young fellas coming through. And neither Kerry or Dublin are as good as the famous 6 in a row Dubs.
    I remember the 70s and 80s when we could hardly win the toss. Things are so different now thank goodness.

  184. Yeah I think last September marked a definite shift in mood for a lot of Mayo supporters. It’s still there now.
    Personally I just took a step back from it all. As James Horan once said, “it’s not good for the soul”.

    The one problem I think we have with the drawn out process for selecting the new manager is that it’s adding to the division amongst some supporters. There’s constant back and forth between people who clearly have a preferred choice, made even worse by the fact there’s 4 to choose from.
    Whoever gets the job, we just need to all get all behind them and try to unify a bit. No more bitching between ourselves. The scars of September 2021 need to heal soon.

    Like the majority of people in the poll, I’d like to see either McStay or Dempsey get the job, simply because of the individuals around them. But I really hope the successful candidate has some sort of plan in place to try and improve relations between the management/players and the media and supporters. These relations have been strained for a while and we need to all be rowing in the same direction again.
    Think back to the years of 2012-2017 in particular, when there seemed an incredible bond between us all and we really were ‘in this together’. 2017 was a nuts, roller-coaster of a year, but easily the most enjoyable I’ve had following Mayo. Can’t say there’s been anything like that enjoyment over the past few years, Covid notwithstanding.
    So it’d be great to see a unifying candidate emerge as our new manager over the next few days, one who can both instill belief in these players and make us as supporters start to believe again.

  185. I hope the new management implements big changes, to the playing panel, type of Coaching, Press relations, players position on the pitch, etc.

  186. Exactly, Dan – those would be my sentiments too and I’d say that view chimes with many supporters right now. Supporters need to rally behind whoever gets the manager’s job and there also needs to be a far better connection with supporters. The bitching and back-biting needs to stop too but that’s down to those who’ve been stoking division relentlessly for the last few years.

  187. I think only McStay or Dempsey will be able to get the widespreqd support needed. Agree everyone needs to be pulling in same direction if success is to come

  188. I agree with the comments on 2021 and the loss to tyrone almost turning some die hard fans against the team/management.. Were tyrone an average enough team compared to their 03 to 08 dynasty or were mayo just bad on the day, management included? It’s maybe a combination of both.. Hence probably why horan had enough too

  189. All I can say is that anyone old enough to have followed Mayo in the 1970’s when I was in my early teens realize how lucky we are to have had the different management and players which started this wonderful period of Mayo Football. I was 27 in 1989 and I couldn’t believe that Mayo had made it to play in an All Ireland Final . Never realized that it would be so difficult to get a ticket for the Final .
    Who ever is the new management team they are in for a tough time from SOME of the fans who think they know more about players , coaching, tactics ETC. If Mayo win SAM it will be fine but after a defeat everyone is wise.

  190. By the way in my book if you consider yourself a Die Hard Fan then you continue to follow the Team to every game that you can attend/afford in both good and bad times. I don’t buy into the idea that because we lost to Tyrone last year we throw the baby out with the bath water. If Mayo are to go through a sustained poor period then it will be interesting to see how many Die Hard Fans are out there.

  191. O Sullivan, maybe this is the problem with Mayo football, “sure if we get to the final it’s fine if we lose it”
    No getting away from it, it’s a terrible losing record.

    Give the new team management a chance to do things their way, no player pressure, no board officials pressure, no fans pressure.

    Would Dempsey be the best bet right now?

    We don’t want a new manager that doesn’t like a rival club and picks too many from there own club or very local clubs.

  192. Mayo88, spare a thought for the sligos and Leitrims of this world, isn’t it great that mayo have been in the top 3 counties for the last 10 years, albeit not winning the top prize.

  193. @Mayo88 – I don’t see the picking of players from local or rival clubs as issue with any of the candidates. Definitely not the feeling I get about Dempsey. Comes across a ruthless enough individual. I saw him sub his own son last week against ballina with 10 minutes to go. I’ve no doubt that all the candidates will put the interest of mayo football above club rivalry. It would be in their best interest to. When it comes to depth of knowledge of the club game in Mayo you would feel Dempsey and Shaw would have the advantage there having been recent managers of Mayo clubs

  194. The penalty miss against Tyrone was the killer
    I don’t blame Ryan but it was a huge responsibility on young shoulders
    Surely we had practised penalties for a penalty shoot out.
    Not a great record of left footed players scoring from penalties
    If Cillian was on the field we would have won the AI

  195. My point is it just can’t be all about winning..look at the enjoyment we get from following mayo, and fare play to the fans for turning out every year.. No matter who seals the top job, what other amateur sport captures the imagination like ours.. I know it would be great to win, and to all the finals we’ve lost recently, as the great van morrison would say… “there’ll be days like this”… We’ll keep believing in mayo.

  196. Jroc, I would expect the incoming Mayo management team will not settle for the same as you and drive the team to believe big.

    You all can forget about the so called Amateur game of football, that has long passed it’s almost Professional now.

  197. @WJ. My view on ‘disruptive troublemakers’ is that you should adopt a three strikes and you are out policy or something similar. It’s your blog so you shouldn’t have to tolerate posters whose only purpose is to agitate and unsettle. There are enough genuine posters on the site who have the best interests of Mayo football at heart and make it the great blog that it is.

    I agree completely that the loss to Tyrone was a turning point for many Mayo supporters. The feeble manner in which we lost and the fact that it added yet another loss to our appalling record in All Ireland finals was sickening to be honest. I’ll completely support the next Mayo management team, regardless of who it is, but they have a big job of work ahead of them.

    Part of that work will be to rebuild the relationship with supporters and get that great Mayo support fully behind the team again. What I want to see most of all is a new game plan for the team and the way the team sets up for the big games. Call it a strategy, process or whatever but I don’t want to see the Mayo team playing again under the new manager with what many pundits refer to as ‘Mayo playing with chaos’. My heart sank every time I heard it. I don’t know of any team that ever won anything playing that way. Next time we get back to an All Ireland final we have to give ourselves every chance to win it and I’ve rarely felt that we have done that in finals.

  198. Good luck to whoever gets the Mayo job I will support whoever gets its 100% all four canditates are honourable decent men and it will be a fresh start for Mayo

  199. Green & Red 2022 – I’ve added that 2022 suffix to your handle. It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock for you to learn that the Green & Red handle is already in use by someone else here on the blog so you’ll need to come up with a new one or use it with the suffix added.

  200. Mayo88, ah I know its professional in all but name, the size of the backroom teams now etc, your right, but I’m talking about the enjoyment aspect of it. Like I was reading back through older posts, VIN, I know WJ put him on the naughty step, did make some valid points about enjoyment of watching x factor players, although I think he was winding up people about walshe v cillian… Some took the bait. Hopefully the new manager will adopt a style, but not a too defensive one as it does make for a hard watch.

  201. Great comment Dan, 100% agree.

    I have no strong opinion on who gets the job, I think each candidate has merit and credence and no doubt feels they can achieve an All-Ireland. It is encouraging to see the interest in the role, I’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised. I just wish whoever is successful and their backroom team the very best of luck because by christ, they’ll need it. Looking forward to a new era, but not overly optimistic either given what will continue to go on in the background. Despite a ridiculous amount of coverage which is actually getting quite tiresome, the management selection process, while agonisingly slow actually hasn’t been a circus. But Fossetts fans need not fear, there is still no shortage of clowns. Or debt.

    Judging by these comments, the lack of big games in August is having quite the profound effect on some. I am sure the championship’s all-time top scorer will be devastated to learn that he is perceived as lacking in that unquantifiable allure known as charisma. Thankfully the goals and points are quantifiable and the last time I checked, frees still counted on the scoreboard.

    Roll on the club championship!

  202. We have lost 15 Galway have lost 14.
    Some of the Galway losses in the seventies and eighties were appalling

  203. Yes, roll on the club championship.. I’m sure the new manager will be casting a close eye on it.. Hopefully he’ll find a few gems somewhere. I remember being a young jroc heading off on my bike to my first mayo back in the late 70s, it was in castlebar. I fell off the bike in Bohola and suffered with a broken hand.. Still didn’t diminish my spirits for following all things mayo football. In nearly emotional thinking of it.. Good Times are ahead I think.. We’ll know who the new manager is soon.

  204. Tomorrow’s meeting of the Mitchells and Knockmore should be a must view for all Mayo nominees not just Dempsey. Surely going to be a few players on show who can make the step up to Inter County level. Would love if there was a stream for this as I’m on crutches at present and wont make it. Thank God for midwest tho’.

  205. Jroc, that’s a good one. I remember that well. It was me that stopped and brought you to the hospital (if it’s the same incident I’m thinking of). You were very brave that day and I had a job to divert your attention, all you wanted to do was get ice cream and go to the game. I seem to remember you were wearing an Alfie Moone esque shirt which you said you borrowed off your friend. Hope you are doing well and Mayo for Sam!

  206. That’s correct Joe. G…. do you think both teams will play full strength as club championship is around the corner?

  207. Jroc. I would expect them to be as near full strength as possible. It’s a league final after all.

  208. @Paddy Ban.. Don’t agree with your assertion that only Dempsey or McStay would have the widespread support ..It’s a results based business having widespread support, Brian Cowan became Taoiseach with a fanfare of enthusiastic support.. it didn’t last.. Support at the beginning of this new era for the new manager and new management team I would say is pretty much guaranteed, for all 4 contenders. A number of things I would like to see with our new management whenever that happens. Not quantifiable, No1..I would like to see is a big effort to make McHale Park a fortress, with it’s new pristine playing surface, and stop the nonsense of justifying some poor performance at home,by saying we are a Croke Park team, or a Limerick team… and alarmingly this mindset seems to have filtered down to some Mayo fans .

  209. When are we likely to get the ‘white smoke’ all as everyone seems to be referring to?
    If I had a euro for the amount of times I’ve heard that term over the last few days.
    But seriously when will it be ratified or is it a bit off yet?

  210. As regards AI final failures the psychological clock stops once you get over the line and win one.. Of course, Galway lost finals (football/hurling) in the 70’s. However, after ’00 hurling and ’98 football the baggage is cast away. Psychologically, in the minds of all football supporters, we won ’98 and ’01 finals – lost at at our first attempt ’22.. Bring on ’23.. By the way, I wish Mayo get the best manager.

    The format of interview is interesting and concerning, in that it is competency based. This type of interview will, of course, be more suited to a former public servant, and not so suited, to perhaps, a passionate club man.. There has to be a balance on interview board that will see through the waffle – in the interest if fairness!!

  211. Couldn’t agree more with both Dan and Anne-Marie. Best of luck to whoever gets the job. Just hope the successful candidate is named ASAP next week and we can all row in behind them and enjoy the club championships.

  212. How are things… By god I do remember that now.. We have laughed and talked about it since many times.. Great to see you on this fantastic blog.. A man with great ideas and knowledge.. I had told you you’d enjoy it.. Mayo for sam indeed.

  213. @Jroc… Those were the days my friend we taught they’d never end, we’d sing and dance for ever and a day!

  214. Looking around the country in both hurling and football there’s a serious merry-go-round with managers moving thankfully the successful candidate in mayo will be homegrown.

  215. Yes castle51, it’s probably the best way to go isn’t it.. Just on managers, was horan the best we’ve had? Obviously his record of final appearances suggest so, and I take into consideration the different eras.. And who outside of mayo was the best over the last 30 years?

  216. Willie Joe, how is Sean Rice these days? Would love to hear what he thinks about all of us, and who he would like to see take the job. He didn’t mince his words often and he has seen many decades of Mayo football – good and bad.

  217. Seems to have been a magnificent league final.
    2 great teams one experienced and one building.
    CB going about picking the next manager in a proper transparent manner and still some people not happy.

  218. Heard it was a great final all right, Mitchels the coming team. Living in the states so wondering will Mayo GAA be providing their services again for the championship?

  219. There will be serious hype now and talk when the manager is named.. Everyone will be able to tell him what he should do.. Ha, I suppose that is the beauty of sport, all opinions. I remember managing a team and a young lad called Simon was at every training session, a soft wee ladeen at the time.. But he always carried a book on how to play gaelic football, indeed he grew up and wasn’t much good, but alot of basic stuff in that book is still relevant to any player/manager today.. Its amazing how the basics are forgotten.

  220. Paddy ban regardless of whispers safe to say we won’t be waiting long ,I think the unsuccessful candidates will be told this evening or early tomorrow and thats were the leaks are likely.
    Iv heard similar rumours but I’m not risking a rap of Willie joe .

  221. “ However, it has already been revealed on social media that one of the contenders withdrew from the running for personal reasons ahead of the interview process on Saturday.”
    From the Connacht Telegraph article

    I have not seen anything about any of the candidates pulling out ?

  222. Can’t for the life of me understand how the name of the new manager can be kept quite until the executive meet tomorrow night.
    I’m really looking forward to nfl in the winter and looking at new players coming through.

  223. Rumoured financial backer of one candidate probably a major reason why he didn’t get it.
    Daft move on his behalf if true and would have to question his judgement.
    Best of luck to the new man!

  224. Ease up on the chat based on rumours, which is a fair few degrees separated from reality. The official announcement will be made tomorrow night and, as ever, it’s best to wait for the official confirmation before getting discussing the ins and outs of the decision.

  225. You’d think so Mayo88, it just shows you the interest levels, you’d swear the pope was being elected, on my oath.. But doesn’t it keep it interesting, whether leaks happen, speculation etc.

  226. I’m aware who the successful candidate is but keeping with house rules I’ll keep quite .
    We are in safe hands ,hopefully we can have a interview/pod shortly Willie joe?

  227. Castle51 – Can tell who it is based off it bring already leaked… Start as you mean to go on!

  228. In recent weeks 3 of the 4 candidates was the next Mayo manager according to the sources of that attention seeker on twitter. How can he be wrong there when the appointment becomes official tomorrow night?

  229. It’s common knowledge that the money talks. So the candidate with the right structure will get the job. HMopefully it’s the right choice.

  230. I’ll be honest I haven’t a clue who the next manager of Mayo will be. All I do know is that I will support them no matter what.

    However if it is McStay then all the best to him. Mind you I don’t know how it would look to tell men like Oisin McConville (7 All Ireland) and Declan Okeeffee (2) that they aren’t good enough to be in a mayo set up. Or Paddy Christy for that matter.

    Whilst I like Kevin I just fear that we are trying the same over agin with Rochford and Buckley. We all know the definition of insanity. How many times have other counties rehired men that haven’t got them over the line in the past?

  231. Hearing the players weren’t consulted? Could be a few Paul Mannion decisions made this winter. And more power too them.

  232. Green& Red how many times have we done it, never mind anyone else….
    Of course the idol talk could be just that and the person alluded to by many may not be the one appointed.
    It’s into the final sprint now, so maybe Kilgallons unbelievable success with the Irish team may give Dempsey that final dash over the line.
    Or Shaw could could pull it out hat.

  233. Gizmobobs – This seems to be decided a few weeks ago. Amazing to think. Hopefully we get some explanations around decision making and less silencing.

  234. Two Yellows – I have full faith in the local and National media to ask the hard questions for the new manager. Lord knows JH suffered enough of it near the end of his second term.

  235. KMF2021 – I’ve deleted that comment, which clearly breached the house rules as there’s been no official confirmation of the news yet.

    All – the official announcement on the manager appointment should come in a bit over twelve hours from now so, until that happens, I’d ask everyone to hold fire both on the appointment itself and drawing any conclusions from something that hasn’t yet been confirmed.

  236. I agree WJ. The announcement will come soon enough and regardless of who you wanted or didn’t want to get the job its time to move on and back our new management team. There’s always an air of excitement with a new manager so let’s get on board and enjoy the ride. Maigheo Abu!

  237. Ah come guys, why keep us waiting, if some of ye know why not tell us.

    I have been wondering why are there leaks coming from the Mayo Camp for a few years now.
    A few seem to know alot in advance of any announcements even published on Newspapers and on Twitter.

    Honestly, I hope one guy gets the job.

  238. There’s nothing to tell as yet, Mayo88, and there won’t be until later this evening. It’s not too much to ask for everyone to wait until then.

  239. New manager will be named soon enough, no need for speculation based on unverified/bullshit Twitter posts. I’d hope everyone would get behind the new manager whoever it is and look forward to next year in a positive manner but based on some to the posts and on other platforms I can’t see this happening. No matter who gets the job a certain vocal section of “supporters” won’t be happy, it could be a long winter ahead on here until Mayo take to the field again.

  240. A day of rumours and speculation, WJ’s trash bin could be full by this evening but hope you don’t have to rap too many across the knuckles. It’s a tough call for the CB to make, wishing them the best of luck with their decision.

  241. Remember when mcDonald had Mayo players pushing cars around the car park S&C away ahead of his time.
    And another one I think his name was Benson asked the CB to provide towels after training and was laughed at.

  242. Exactly Mayomad, there are a cohort of mayo supporters who have such a negative impact at times . We need to all row in behind new management and get right behind them , that’s when Mayo are at full strength, the Galway’s and the rest only love to hear a bit of unrest so why do it . You’re either for the cause or you’re not . We have some fine players and some more coming through , mayo football is not in a bad place at all .

  243. I can’t wait.
    BTW, I think the process has been on the money. The appointment itself of course will tell a lot.

  244. Gizmobobs, how do you know they are in the dark? more than likely each has been informed of the CBs decision, especially as a HR consultant was involved in the process. Its hardly X factor with all 4 on stage waiting for Daithí O’Shea to announce the winner.

  245. Gizmobobs – that’s more than enough from you on this topic ahead of the announcement. My plea all day has simply been for everyone to wait for the official announcement to be made and I do wish that people commenting here respected that. You obviously can’t so there’s only one place for you until after 7.30pm this evening.

  246. The amount traffic and comments on this blog will be mental later this evening and tonight Willie Joe I’d imagine.
    I hope you got the dinner into ya early!!
    In fairness its a great read after work while decompressing so fair play to ya for keeping it going.

  247. Well the CB meeting is at 7:30 and there’s no way it can be kept quite after the club delegates have ratified (or not!) the new manager, so they’ll have to release a statement.
    There wouldn’t be any point in trying to keep it secret after the manager has been ratified anyway.

  248. 9 or 9:30 IMO. Meeting will have to hear what the sub committee has to say. That will take a bit of time as they go through their report, and answer questions, and there will be many I’m sure.

    If it’s very clearcut it could be earlier, but will it be? I expect delegates to do a lot of hard questioning and this could take time.

    9 I’d say.

  249. I’ll try to say that again without the typos

    I wonder if whoever is elected of the two obvious ones, could they bring some of the other personnel that are on other tickets on board.
    There is a huge amount of real talent available, and going for one specific ticket is saying goodbye to some unbelievable ticket. For instance I would love to have Rochford and McConville both on board. Probably asking for the CB to think outside the box is a stretch. Might not be possible.

  250. I’m not sure I’d agree with that Claremorris.

    I assume both prospective managers have talked this through with their selection and feel they have a cohesive team in place that can be built on if necessary into the future. Having another member imposed on the selection would be an irritation to the successful management team.

  251. Here we are wondering who will be announced the winner, yet some here probably know already.

    It’s not quite an All Ireland winners excitement, ( sure we don’t know what that feels like ) but this announcement is eagerly awaited, never this type of buzz of excitement waiting for the announcement.

  252. Huge crowds in the streets of Castlebar as well Charlie. Excitement is at fever pitch. I hear there are thousands gathering outside McHale park in anticipation of the announcement.

  253. @catcol yes you are probably correct. I am being unrealistic. But it seems to me that it is a pity that we will be losing so much talent no matter who is chosen.
    I wonder will the new management team give a news conference this evening?

  254. Assumed so when I copped the Reference to Charlie. Although nothing would surprise me either, ha ha!

  255. Claremorris 1951, you do have a valid point, all 4 contenders have something different to offer and two or more really good backroom members to cover many angles.
    As you say, can we pick our own management team from all involved.

  256. Not much left to be said on this matter until after the announcement. So if anyone feels they’re in limbo can I suggest for those that haven’t already done so to have a listen to the latest Patreon output. Great listening to Steven’s take on the management saga and a real treat from Sean Rice. Always on the money with his takes on all things football and his musings on this past season for Mayo are as usual given with logic, clarity and devoid of hysteria. What a man!

  257. Great news and I wish Kevin and Stephen and all the team the very best. Exciting times ahead.

  258. He is the Manager now for 4 years, let every Mayo person get behind him and support him and his management and especially the players and hopefully we will have plenty of good days ahead.

  259. It was the ticket I wanted but fair play to all 4 candidates for putting their ambitions out there and applying.

    Dempsey, Solan and Shaw should go and manage another county side to build up their cv ahead of when the job comes up again. That experience of mcstay and Rochford is what likely set them apart this time. But there will be another chance in 4 years!

    I must give thanks to James Horan and all his efforts. I’d love to see him involved in developing our youth!

    Now let’s all row in behind this very experienced management ticket. The black cloud which has lingered since September 2021 has lifted and a new dawn is breaking. Maigh Eo go deo

  260. That’ll do. Great appointment but in fairness all 4 groups could do a good job. Time for everyone to forget any differences and get behind Kevin and his team.

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