Who would you like us to draw in Round 2?

The draw for Round 2 of the qualifiers takes place tomorrow morning, on RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland show after the 8.30am news bulletin.

Along with ourselves, the other Round 1 winners – Armagh, Clare and Cork – will be in one pot while the four beaten provincial finalists – Donegal, Kildare, Limerick and Roscommon – will be in the other. It’s one of the latter we’ll be drawn against in Round 2 with the prize a place in the All-Ireland quarter-final.

So, ahead of tomorrow morning’s draw, which of the four beaten provincial finalists would you like to see us paired against?

Who would you like us to draw in Round 2?

  • Limerick (59%, 406 Votes)
  • Roscommon (16%, 108 Votes)
  • Donegal (14%, 98 Votes)
  • Kildare (12%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 694

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90 thoughts on “Who would you like us to draw in Round 2?

  1. Away to Donegal. If we’re good enough we shouldn’t be asking for an easy draw. Just delaying the inevitable if we don’t vastly improve. No point having a repeat of 2019 and getting destroyed in Croker and Tralee against the better teams based on what we saw yesterday. However if we beat Donegal then that could really help our momentum and confidence.

  2. Sligo v Leitrim fantastic game
    Going into extra time
    What a finish by Leitrim in regular time to get the draw.
    Great open game of football

  3. If we avoid Donegal and they win their qualifier it gives us a better chance of getting Derry..

    The obvious answer is limerick but I honestly don’t feel that would do us an ounce of good in terms of preparation for an all ireland series

    Kildare are likely a write off too after the scelping Dublin gave them. Ros might be the best bet, we certainly won’t need any motivation, while it should be a good test but a game we’re unlikely to ultimately lose

  4. Do we know if the next game next weekend will be Saturday or Sunday? I cant make Saturday!! And how is the venue decided if they’re coming out of 2 bowls so no first out of the bowl?

  5. Neutral venue, A.K.A Croke Park if we get Donegal or Kildare it will be a double header in Dublin. Those pairings will be played in croker rest assured.

  6. Agree with every word there, Travelling Wilbury. Donegal all day. Or Kildare. I don’t want a soft draw, I want a contest and game that will test us and Donegal are the best of that lot, albeit not the team they were either. If we’re not good enough to win that, so be it – it will save us time, energy and money down the line and draw a line under the current situation. And if we are good enough to win it, who knows what lies ahead for us?

  7. I like the Rossies, or Kildare for it to be a good game of football..I think we are too far ahead of Limerick for it to be competitive.. Donegal on paper might be the strongest team, they already beat Armagh in the Ulster Championship who looked fantastic today..I would like to see us the Rossies…it’s very unlikely to happen, but if it were the Rossies,why not draw for home venue… McHale Park and Dr Hyde Park two of the best playing surfaces in Ireland currently..If it did happen to be Roscommon and had to be a neutral venue, why not play inTuam,.. Great old atmosphere, much better for traffic in comparison to Salthill…If we happen to draw, Donegal..Markievich Park very likely to be our neutral ground, which ironically was Mayo’s home ground, and a lucky enough home ground for Mayo in the first round of the NFL last time met!

  8. Thanks Nephin. Nice crowd at the Leitrim and Sligo game which is great to see.

  9. I agree with Anne Marie we need a test at this stage and if were not good enough so be it we’ll save loads of money on Diesel and petrol and maybe our managent will finally learn we need another plan for our forwards eapecially our half forwards so bring on Donegal or Roscommon. I dont wat ro end up in a qf against Dublin or Kerry if were not good enough

  10. Agree a tough draw next is the best. I don’t buy this rubbish that supporters want the team to lose. That’s simply not true. But supporters see the glaring issues and as Travelling Wilbury and Anne Marie say, getting an easy next round will only postpone the inevitable, namely a right hiding in Croker. However, draw a Donegal, get a few more players back, try to establish some semblance of forward play, and who knows….. we might be competitive in a quarter or semi final. We’d ALL love to see that. Lot’s of the current negativity is completely justified though. It’s mostly fair, I think.

    Reflecting on yesterday, while I was appaled by some of our play, especially working the ball into the wing corners time and time again, I’ll take that win for the one reason that Monaghan are a good team.

    By the way, only for Oisin, Eoghan and Paddy we would have absolutely lost, make no mistake about that. By a county mile they are Mayo’s 3 most important players right now. Our line breakers, our only hope of beating the blanket. Pace and power. Christ I’m sounding like Pat Spillane. But it’s true, those 3 were simply exceptional yesterday.

    Never knew Banty is a relative of Pat McEnaney. Brother I guess? Karma indeed….

  11. Sligo win on penalties
    2 great saves by Aidan Devanney
    Hard luck Andy Moran and Leitrim

  12. Liberal role in the tie – imagine that. Without 3 of our best players we’d have lost. How would Monaghan have got on without McCarron, McManus and Mohan?

  13. I went for Donegal. There’s no ‘tune-up’ games from here on out. As others have stated above we’re either good enough to compete in the business end or we’re not. Some of the pessimism is justified but let’s see where the road takes us… (Croker)

  14. I know what you mean Wide Ball. I’m trying to say those 3 are more important than Cillian and Ryan, because without them we simply won’t get the ball into our forwards at all, especially against a blanket defence. They are class.

  15. Everyone entitled to their opinion, but I genuinely cannot understand why some of us would prefer the toughest opponents possible. Kerry and Dublin waltz through their provincials, playing D4, D3 or D2 teams. It doesn’t do them one bit of harm, in fact I think it has been a major advantage for the 6 in a row Dublin team. They bedded new players into the “system” while playing extremely weak teams. By the time the real stuff came, these players knew what they were doing and had the system ‘ingrained in the brain’ as they say.

    The confidence our lads would gain from a second win in a row would be massive. We all know we’re not going to win an All Ireland this year, but getting as many games as possible is important for the likes of Carr, Hession, Cillian and Orme.

    I don’t overly fear anyone in the draw, but if i had my pick it would be Limerick all day long, followed by Kildare, Roscommon then Donegal.

  16. In 2016 and 17 we got a handy runs to the final and went close to winning both finals. Getting to a quarter final would probably mean having Ryan and Jordan back fully fit. So that’s all I want. The easier opponent the better for next weekend.

  17. is it outrageous to suggest that either Lee Keegan or Oisin Mullin be played on the forty to give some leadership to the forwards ?

  18. Colm O’Rourke’s stock continues to fall. I see he tipped Monaghan, Meath and Tyrone to win this weekend, continuing where he left off last weekend with his wrong predictions. It just underlines what an utterly useless pundit he is.

  19. I’ve gone for Roscommon – that would be a good game that would surely test us. It would not be a forgone conclusion of a result. There would be a bite and we’d need to be playing at our best to win. It’d also – hopefully – be front foot football.
    But que sera sera. We need to try to win and improve.

  20. I picked Limerick. I want to fly over for quarterfinal weekend and want to make my arrangements tomorrow ?

  21. I’ve heard it all now. If we didn’t have our 3 best players we would have lost. We had and we won. If Dublin hadn’t their 3 best players every year they wouldn’t have won 6 in a row. I hope that analysis sounded better in your head.. My preference is for an easier draw to hopefully win and get some injuries cleared up. Does the draw tomorrow decide what side of the semi finals teams go into or is that determined in another draw afterwards

  22. @Liberal role in the tie… For me on RTE there are still ‘Three Wise Men’ they are ‘Wise’ because they are still there so long, never getting it wrong enough to be gotten rid of (and that takes doing).. Some of them can’t even be right with their utterances after the event , even in hindsight having seen it with their own eye’s, and having seen it on TV replay’s…So not much reason to be persuaded by their utterances prior to an event either!

  23. Very childish to see people taking pleasure out of Banty having a legitimate gripe regarding the penalty shout just because he’s a brother of Pat McEnaney.

    It’s no wonder Mayo fans are looked at by many as a bunch of whingers, there’s a cohort still whingeing about something that happened a quarter of a century ago when the reality is Mayo blew it and and still blowing strong.

    If the shoe was on the other foot yesterday, we’d never hear the end of it.

    Time for some to start moving on now from history and sad auld stories.


  24. Liberal….I remember ORourke tipping Galway to beat us in 2013…enough said…..total idiot

  25. The first question I have is, as above, does the draw tomorrow place you on a ‘side’, ie a path to play Leinster/Munster winners etc? If so, then that’s a huge factor.

    That aside, then I always want the easiest draw possible. Ive read the posts so far and really don’t understand the logic behind wanting a ‘tough test’. Like, were Galway and Monagan not tough tests??! After a tough battle in heat yesterday our lads will have expended quite a bit of energy. 6 days recovery is not much and could be a factor if we find ourselves in a close match with 10 mins to go next weekend. If the quarter final is another 6 or 7 days later then it’s a no-brainer! You look for the draw that hopefully gets you the win with the least effort and energy required.

    Our objective is to get through the next round. On paper Limerick look the easiest but Mayo have shown in previous years (in qualifiers) that we can struggle to beat teams ranked well below us and our current form is patchy, so any complacency next weekend would be extremely dangerous.

    Huge improvement needed in attack…and quicker ball going in to full forward line. It was a poor attacking performance from both teams yesterday. ROD and Tommy sorely missed and until management start using Duarmuid properly we’ll never win anything.

  26. Viper
    I don’t think we should care about how other see us really.Makes no difference.To be honest fans opinions including those on here don’t make any difference we are only entertaining ourselves. Only players and management really matter

  27. The fact that O’Rourke and others (Canavan), (lot of people I know!), tipped Monaghan, merely underlines yesterday’s achievement, which about sixty per cent of posters choose to ignore. There was every good reason to go for Monaghan: Mayo on a losing streak; questions galore about fitness of half a dozen of Mayo players; rumours that Ryan O’Donoghue was out (correct as it happened; Monaghan a tough nut to crack; Donie Buckley having an input; Ulster division one team.

    We bucked most of those trends, guys have games under their belts, Jordan Flynn is back in contention. We have a lot to work on – as you would expect at this stage of the championship.

  28. I went for Kildare. The right balance of a test versus not losing and getting more players back.
    Jordan is proving a real physical presence, the new Seamus OShea this year. He’s a real war dog. His kickpassing and score taking has been good.
    Ryan adds xfactor and pace that we missed.
    The carry out from the goalkeeper short kickout needs work.
    The attacking play with these one off runners. I’m afraid at this stage it’s beyond the capabilities and mindset of the management ticket.
    Defensively and in attack and in game management we are badly under coached.
    We only needed to stop Monaghan getting a goal and we were not 12-13 players behind the ball late on.

  29. Digits – we didn’t play a single division 1 team in the 16 or 17 qualifiers. In 2017 we got Roscommon in the quarters, by far the easiest provincial winner. Kerry were a strong semi final opponent, but certainly not at Dublin’s standard. Hope that explains it.

    Basically, we don’t need a strong test next weekend. We just need to win and move on.

  30. Our most influential players are still our half backs. It’s an age old problem for us and yesterday moreso than ever.. We’re continuing to run out of ideas around the ‘D’. Attacking strategy shows little signs of improving. We’re too reliant on our excellent half backs to do all the heavy lifting then to work magic. We should look to the Galway template on how to transition instantaneously from defence to attack to ball over bar, using our forwards and half forwards.

    Special mention for Cillian for the peno execution. Awesome. He’s back.

  31. Draw for quarter finals is open but if possible you cannot play a previous opponent.

  32. @Wide Ball Seem to recall only managing to draw with Roscommon in the quarters in 2017, going to replay. Cork went to extra time. Derry went to extra time. Clare were 5 points up against us. Replay against Kerry. Having so-called easier teams does not neccessarily a handy run make. Since we always seem to bring ourselves down (or up) to the level of our opposition, I don’t think it matters much who we get – they’re all eminently beatable. I went for Kildare simply because there’s a wrong to be righted there in my view.

  33. Roscommon in Pearse Stadium next Saturday evening. Lovely draw. Good pitch and a competitive game.

  34. Limerick for sure. Why? Because thats the easiest draw. We got a tough enough draw yesterday but came through. Credit where its deserved. An extra week might help in Ryans recovery. Armagh very good today v Tyrone. We not so good yesterday but still in competition.Our backs were pretty good despite Hession getting the run around in first half. Management made the change ( credit). McCarron had a quiet second half, Hession had good second half. We won game. Our half forwards dont score much. Our half backs do.. Missing possibly/ probably our two best forwards so did well to win, but of course have to listen to ‘ Monaghan are poor team’ ( theyre not) we got lucky calls from ref (some) etc. The fact is we are still hanging in and P Power has us as 3rd favourites ( dont agree) and none of the provincial losers will fancy us in next round.

  35. Is it a possibility the round 2 qualifiers could be double headers in croke Park?

  36. You’d have to laugh here at times,the negativity has hit cartoon proportions.
    If we didn’t have our best performers we would have lost,if the ref had given 2 penalties that weren’t penalties we would have lost…..

    People need to get a grip.
    We bet a div 1 ulster team,they dictated what kind of game it was going to be with their tactics,we found a way around it and we won. ……by 4 points……with no injuries.
    When we went on runs to the final in 16 and 17 we were scrapping by teams of a much lesser calibre than Monaghan at this stage of the qualifiers.
    The injuries are clearing up and we’re still in it.If we were to play Dublin or Kerry in the morning do I think we’d win? no.If we were to play them in 6/7 weeks having more players back and after building momentum would I back us? Very possibly.

  37. Viper – Where do you get off berating Mayo supporters for whingeing in circumstances where the only person doing the whingeing here was the opposition manager!

  38. @P, I don’t think he’ll still be whingeing about it in 25 years time though like a generation of Mayo fans are and former players regarding 1996 when the truth is Mayo blew it.

    Banty was dead right to give out as were Mayo in 1996, it’s now 2022 though in case people haven’t noticed.

    There’s a cohort who seem to love dragging the baggage with them, let it go.

  39. Kildare for what happened 2018 should be the preferred option. Limerick would be easiest but poor prep for quarter final. Probably best to avoid the rossies as it will be played in Sailthill and that traffic chaos there…

  40. Well said fw,the amount of negative shit on here is crazy
    Cillian is back,after a year off not doing too bad,no injuries,not playing great but we need to peak in Croker,not Mchale park,if we can keep winning and stay injury free,get Ryan back and Jordan Flynn,on our day we can beat anyone and Mayo always have 1 great game in them,maybe we go in the other side avoid dubs and kerry,scrape through to an all Ireland final and lite croke park up on all Ireland final for once
    Don’t forget the curse is over lol up Mayo
    This team continues to give us great days out,many another county would love to have a team like ours for the last 10 years,stop the negativity,get behind our team

  41. I had to laugh at the Ocean FM radio coverage of the Sligo v Leitrim game today. The commentary team were utterly perplexed by some of Maurice Deegan’s decisions, just couldn’t understand how he awarded frees to either team. They’ve obviously been lucky enough here in Sligo to avoid his particular ‘style’ of refereeing in any of their games in the past, but when you’re aware of and expect his level of incompetence, as all us Mayo supporters do, it’s funny to hear others who just assume he’ll be capable until they experience it for themselves, and are so surprised by it.
    Sligo incredibly lucky again to progress today, I thought senior football in this county had hit rock bottom but it appears they’re now trying to dig deeper.

  42. I went for the Rossies. The build up for the week would be great. And I think we would have too much for them.

  43. Considering the few days turn around – and yesterdays sapping heat – I’d happily take Limerick.

  44. Limerick thanks. We’ve been in plenty of competitive games and I wouldn’t mind a run that wasn’t 100% made up of Div 1 / Div 1 promoted teams.

  45. Exactly Exile
    No fake bravado from me either . I want the easiet possible draw that will get us back to Croker and lessee the chances of injuries.
    I then want to draw Derry. That puts us on the easiest side of the draw again.
    Anyone who says they want to face a tougher draw and then Dublin/Kerry so we can be “tested” is either being silly or crazy !
    Then we can see where we are thanks very much !

  46. That’s the obvious path KM79 to give us the best chance of success. You’d question some of the logic on here!

  47. I think there is a bit of the modern “superfan” false bravado going on with some .

  48. Where do go fancy going

    Sligo to play, Donegal
    Galway to play , Roscommon
    Croke Park to play , Kildare
    or Ennis to play ,Limerick

  49. Why would anyone want the hardest draw now? For the majority of the past 10yrs this group have gotten better as they progress. We generally play our best stuff in Croker and/or the latter stages of the championship. If we get through then we probably have a few more of the walking wounded back and more game time in those that have just returned.

  50. @Jeff, why would it be Croke Park if we draw Kildare?..Dr Hyde Park is between the two Counties!

  51. Went for the Rossies, we would be most likely to get Dublin or Kerry rather than Derry so would enjoy knocking our nearest and dearest out before the quarter finals.

  52. Good point actually …….sat evening Vs Limerick in salthill suits me just fine !

  53. I honestly don’t think Mayo have anyone to fear in the draw tomorrow.Donegal best team in there by a mile and they will be out for blood after the ulster final but imagine we draw Donegal and we win that is two massive wins against two decent sides going into a quater final and if we lose at least we didnt get thumped at croker by kerry or dublin but the momentum we would gain after that win would be huge.Roscommon would then be second hardest but i don’t think we would get enough momentum after that game.No disrespect to Kildare or Limrick but two very open defences and our full backs could take the likes of Jimmy Hyland and Daniel Flynn out of the game.We beat them well in the league game with a lot of players missing.Only draw we don’t want is limrick if we actually want to be in contention a win vs Limrick is not going to do it.

  54. I went for Limerick because no matter how you look at it momentum is vital in the qualifiers. Unlike Ulster teams, munster teams still try to play football which will suit our style better. A handy win (if there is such a thing) keeps squad morale up, allows us to try out tactical tweaks that we wouldn’t dare try against better opponents,. It keeps our squad reasonably fresh and gives us more time to get fellas with knocks and injuries back up to speed. That’s less likely in a war of attrition with Donegal. If we don’t get limerick I’d take the limited Rossies as I think Kildare are better than their showing against Dublin and won’t play as bad again. To counter a point someone made earlier- getting hammered in Croke Park is not inevitable if we make it to the quarters – these players gel and develop with games. If you’re not in it you can’t win it.

  55. Mayo v Donegal

    Ros v Armagh .

    That will draw the biggest crowd of a double header for croke park . So that’s the way it will probably go . You’d be looking at possibly 40-50k

  56. Limerick please. Gives us more time to get injured lads back. That said I’d love to wallop the living daylights out of the other three….but that won’t happen because we rarely do that to any team.

  57. Mayo been the most jekyll and hyde team within games for last 3 months. Reason for this, god knows. Injurys, heavy training for guys with lots of miles, or main spine of team finally past it best. If injury, then getting guys back should make a big difference, Jordan Flynn, ROD back in gold should improve team by at least 15% performance wise. And improve our bench. So longer Mayo stay in it the better. Easy draw for me. Now cant see that it training load been too heavy, and hope it not we past our best. Time will tell.

  58. I’d love someone in authority in the gaa to explain why they couldn’t have the draw on the Sunday game, their main gaa programme instead of the main news programme on the fucken radio on a Monday morning. A gaa host with gaa analysists and a gaa show on Sunday night seems more common sense to me. Feeling bad for Andy and Leitrim, it would be great for them to have gotten to croke park for the semi.

  59. To hoke out another win against Donegal would be a great way to build momentum. It’s been 10 years since the all Ireland defeat to them. (I’m not whingeing,….) So any chance to paste them should be taken. Another Ulster team taken out has its own benefits if we were to meet Derry at any stage.

  60. There is a huge difference between the Sky and RTE view of the game. Sky used the words “brilliant” and “outstanding” about Mayo’s play especially in the first half. Paul Earley gave us a very interesting statistic. Mayo played Monaghan in the League last February and scored 2.10 of which 2.09 was scored by players not available to us yesterday. If this was done by another county posters here would be hailing a wonderful achievement. Can we not hail our own county’s achievement? All that was needed yesterday was a win so team panellists could have more recovery time

  61. Totally agree with that one @no doubt, pure daftness that it’s on the radio at 8.30am on a Monday and not the Sunday game!

    This idea of wanting a test is crazy. Give us Limerick and let us get some confidence back before a big performance in the quarters.

  62. If repeat pairings aren’t allowed then Donegal or Limerick are the likeliest to be pulled out opposite us. For me it’s Limerick all day. I don’t buy the talk of poor preparation. Qualifiers have to be won first of all. Also our biggest issue is our dire conversion accuracy. Limerick would be the best option for some of our forwards to fine tune their shooting boots.

    We also could do with avoiding Donegal and hoping them and Armagh advance as that would really boost our chances of avoiding THAT side of the Q final draw.

  63. Anyone listen to Aaron Kernan on Newstalk this evening analysing how Armagh adapted their attacking play and adapted to / learned the lessons from the defeat to Donegal? Having watched both games it was refreshing to watch their fluid variation in style, from patient possession to hard counter attack running to (what seemed like well rehearsed) long diagonal balls into FF. Not wedded to one but confident and empowered to be brave and dynamically choose an approach based on the game situation. Some class footballers too. I only bring this up because I’ve been watching Mayo for 30+ years and, although I absolutely respect the man, Horan doesn’t seem to offer the very skilful players we have the same systems but seemingly relies heavily on chaos and unstructured processes (walking Aido in and out of 14 being one, admittedly Horan not the only Mayo manager to try it- but Christ have a plan when you sacrifice his worth out the field for that!). Forget the negativity folks, we won a hard game and we are in the hat. Here’s to another good day in Croker

  64. Our minors are out again next weekend as well. If we beat Garway we play Kildare, lose and we play Dublin

  65. Just to clear up one question. Who we draw in this has no effect on who we will be drawn against in the quarter final.
    Limerick all the way. A nice handy match to get into the quarter finals. After all Dublin and Kerry get into the quarter finals by meeting zero division 1 teams. Mostly divisions 3 and 4. Why not wish for the same?

  66. To those who wish to see a Mayo v limerick draw – please sit back and think about the level Mayo has been at for the last 10 years. Any proposition that a win over limerick will ‘keep up the momentum’ is utter nonsense. Do you really think keegan or paddy or cillian etc would in any way better placed for an AI quarter final after hammering limerick?? I don’t think so. Our guys are at the elite level. A good run out in a competitive game is needed. Donegal please. All day long.

  67. Donegal for me we need to be able to beat the best teams and blanket defences if we are to win an All Ireland.

  68. Kildare bring them on. They are not as bad as the Dublin game showed. Tricky game if we don’t respect them.

    The Cork v Limerick winner will get hammered in quarter finals.

  69. Kildare will be perfect team for us to play. They have some very good forwards and will be confident they can beat us. We win next weekend and our confidence is back for a 1/4 final.

  70. Kildare ffs
    Not sure I’ll be able to go depending on where that is. I fear it will be Croker which will rule me out due to personal commitments next weekend

    Assuming Mayo and Roscommon both win then galway can only get Limerick/cork or Armagh/Donegal
    If it’s Limerick Cork then that side of the draw is looking easier and easier
    Quarter final draw will be so important if we get over Kildare

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