Who would you like us to draw in the quarters?

We’re back in the hat in the morning, this time for the All-Ireland quarter-final draw.

For the draw, the four provincial champions – Derry, Dublin, Galway and Kerry – will be in one bowl while the four teams to emerge from the qualifiers – ourselves, Cork, Clare and Armagh – will be in the other one.

The GAA issued a statement yesterday (here) explaining how the draw will be conducted and how they’re going to look to avoid, where possible, any repeat pairings. Two such draws are possible – Cork/Kerry and Mayo/Galway – and so the GAA will be looking to avoid these match-ups again.

Depending on how the balls come out of the bowl, however, neither of these draws, however unlikely, can be definitively ruled out. For this reason, despite the fact that the chance of our drawing them are remote in the extreme, I’ve included Galway in the poll below which invites you to express a preference for our All-Ireland quarter-final opponents.

So, then, which of them would you like us to pull from the hat in the morning?

Who would you like us to draw in the quarters?

  • Derry (51%, 453 Votes)
  • Galway (where possible) (23%, 202 Votes)
  • Dublin (13%, 115 Votes)
  • Kerry (13%, 114 Votes)

Total Voters: 884

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121 thoughts on “Who would you like us to draw in the quarters?

  1. Anyone but dublin because I don’t think most people can afford another trip up to Croker,would love to get galway the atmosphere would be immense

  2. I really really want another shot at Galway with Robbie, Paddy, Jordan and Oisin fit and Diarmuid, Eoghan and Cillian having more time in their legs after returning from injury.

  3. There’ll be a lot of talk about the four provincial finalists losing but only the Clare Roscommon game went against league position

  4. Would love to see Armagh make a semi at least…they bring an absolute carnival atmosphere – I’ve never seen scenes like 02

  5. Lads we cannot play Galway. If Galway and for example Dublin are the last two in pot A and Mayo and say Clare are left in pot B – then there is no draw for the last two fixtures – we play Dublin and Galway play Clare

  6. If we want to get to a final?
    Derry – Galway – Kerry/Dubs

    If we want to win a final
    Kerry – Dubs – Galway

  7. No easy draw.. Derry might take a while to settle given the occasion but the other 2 won’t

  8. Yeah they wrote off the prospect of us meeting Galway on rte there

    So galway have 66% chance of getting cork or Clare.. they’ll take that 🙂

  9. Derry, for me, but that a 50 50 game with ROD playing. Both Kerry and Dublin would give ourselves a 35% chance of winning with ROD. Still think more in group, and expect massive improvements and more consistency in within next match. We have been good/ really bad in same games. Can we put even 50 mins good in one match, we would put it up to everyone left. But on evidence this year, that does not seem likely, but we have a habit of winning quarterfinals and semi finals. So group will believe, I hope

  10. Our loss to galway will sink home fully when they pull Clare /cork and we get the dubs/Kerry but I guess it’s good to get a crack at them once more, stranger things….Armagh might take a scalp

  11. Armagh Dublin would be a very interesting quarter.. I couldn’t see them beating Kerry, but them and the Dubs would certainly give a proper indication as to where Dublin are really at – wouldn’t even fully discount an upset in that one if it transpired

  12. Just one thing Willie Joe, I checked the attachment, ie the Gaa statement dated Saturday 13th June.
    See the qualifier winners that were listed, Clare, Mayo, Armagh and Cork.

    Sure two of the games were played today, one day after this statement was issued / printed.
    How did they know that Armagh and Cork would win today ??

    The qualifiers will be drawn to bring maximum support as follows.
    Say Kerry ( no big support ) will be drawn against Armagh or Mayo, or better still a soft draw v Clare or Dublin v Clare.

  13. I must admit that the thoughts of facing Kerry or Dublin in our next match sends shivers inside me. I believe we’re doing the best we can at the moment (or near enough it) with what we have, but those two teams are at a different level to us now. It would be an improbable victory if we were to progress.

  14. Derry for me. Effectively we lost the AL senifinal when we lost to Gslway in championship. The question why did we perform so badly against Galway is the key question county board need to ask in end of season review given its colossal importance….
    Would prefer Dublin to Kerry but i dont think we would get within 10 points of either…

  15. I predict the gaa will pair Mayo v Dublin together to give Dublin the chance to avenge last years defeat to Mayo. It will be built up as the tie of the quarters – finals. Well done to the supporters who roared on the team yesterday . My voice is still hoarse but it was well worth the effort being in Croke Park to see the team defeat Kildare.

  16. Better off getting Dublin or Kerry than Derry. Might gee up the lads properly, they took Kildare for granted and might do the same with Derry.

  17. I voted Derry, but you just know its going to be Dublin or Kerry, with my bet being Dublin. If I had a tinfoil hat on, id say the Dubs want us to be tested before Kerry, and gain revenge for toppling the best team off all time, last August.

  18. Agree with mikej.
    Kerry then Dublin then Galway.
    Kinda pointless getting easier run to final
    Only to face Kerry or Dublin who would be
    Strong favourites given our record in finals.
    Beat them before the final our only
    Hopes of SAM which has to be the aim.

  19. Mayo can beat anyone if right team is selected and changes made, no more bullshit and politics in Mayo football, time for County Board and Management to put winning Sam first.

  20. I don’t fear any team we have beaten two very good teams playing for only about ten minutes in each game,imagine what we will be like when we play for the full match

  21. i hope that the logistics team have pre booked hotel , can always cancel if its not held in croke park

  22. Not that it will happen but imagine beating Kery & Dublin and then losing to Galway in an AIF….

  23. @Lineball 2.0, sure Dublin are not conducting the draw, it’s the Gaa HQ, isn’t it ?

  24. @facetheball, I was thinking that same thing yesterday when Mayo were 6 point s down early in 2nd half, but you know what, look at the mood since the win yesterday, people are in great form due to the win.
    What does it matter whichever teams are paired tomorrow morning, if Mayo can somehow raise their game for a longer period then they won’t fear anyone.
    The qualifier winners have an advantage over the Provincial winners with that bit of momentum from winning.

    Either Dublin or Kerry may get a handy draw.

  25. I think I’d rather get Dublin or Kerry, shit or get off the pot then, we either good enough or were not, I think we lack energy at the moment, but top team should bring it out

  26. It’s funny that Viper is nowhere to be seen today! You can be sure if they lost yesterday he’d be here lol

    We need to get on the right side of the draw, I can’t see us getting through both Dublin and Kerry to get to a final, but I’m not hopeful that we will get on the right side of the draw, the GAA will surely want us vs Dublin to get a sell out in croke park

  27. Don’t think we’d beat Derry to be honest, we struggle so badly with that defensive structure.
    Based on yesterday you couldn’t see us beating Kerry or Dublin either so I’d it’s about picking one it’s be Galway for me.
    If Galway get Clare or Cork which they are likely to, then I’d be starting to worry that its 98 all over again with a handy all Ireland on the horizon for them

  28. I want to see the balls come out tomorrow morning not the bs draws that happened before, it should be done on the Sunday game tonight, but that might upset one of the “suits”.. if armagh draw Derry u know it’s been rigged!

  29. Culmore I don’t agree, very weakened without Conroy and Rod. Cillian not back to his best yet. O’Malley is a New option. We were lucky on Saturday

  30. As other posters have said, it would be very risky to screw with our defence right now given we haven’t looked like conceding a goal in the last two matches. This is huge progress and it’s where we’ve fallen down so many times in the past, especially in All Ireland finals.

    We still have scope to rotate certain personnel, ie O’Hora in for Coen without changing our shape. It’s from midfield to the forwards where we need slicker movement, quicker transition and vast improvement of the basic skills. Achieve that and we’ll position ourselves well to continue competing.

    Get Derry (not a gimmie, but the least worst draw) in the next round, win, and then develop further for a huge semi final.

  31. Unfortunately can’t worry about Galway, until semi final. So if we get beat next day, they have great chance of reaching semi final. But Derry – a in another would fancy there chances of beating Galway in semi

  32. Dublin for me…….As Aah Not Again succinctly puts it, it’s shit or get off the pot time and I think they would bring the best out of us in a QF contest…….

  33. Horan still doesn’t know his starting forward line. Has to try another target man in there. Flynn into mid and AOS into full forward maybe. Pity we don’t have Conroy and ROD. Any news on ROD?

  34. @On the road again, just to answer your earlier question, no we cannot face Galway in the Quarter finals under any circumstances.

    You may have missed my comment because it was in the morning:

    “When a team wins it’s wrong to start focusing on the negatives and if they keep winning in such a way it matters not”.

  35. Does anyone know if any squad players played with club today? Last week a good few dod and they got game time this week. Jordan Flynn and Conor Loftus played with Crossmolina and Fergal Boland with Aghamore. WOnder did anyone this week. I am hopeful that ROD did but i doubt he did!!

  36. @mikey. Imgaine is right! But if we look at it this way. Who’s the best team left. You would have to say Kerry. And when would be that best chance we would have of beating them. Well that would be in the quarters, after their 6 week lay off following a joke of a Munster championship. So if the ambition is Sam, I’d say we need to be drawing Kerry tomorrow. The ‘easiest’ option, Derry, would eventually lead, if we make it, to an AI final against a well tested Dublin of Kerry one would think. A tough ask there. Of course, if we were to do the unthinkable and beat Kerry and Dublin, one could only imagine the hype going into the final, may not sit so well, like say last year 😉 But hey the curse is gone right! Mayo for Sam lads!!

  37. Seán Cavanagh said on RTE that the two teams the others will want to avoid in the draw are Armagh and Mayo, but on this blog so many posters have no faith at all in our team.
    Also I don’t know why so many want to play Derry, an ultra defensive team.

  38. Can I ask Culmore a few questions?
    please name the team that can beat anyone

    few examples of the b***s*** that prevails

    examples of the County Board putting winning the AI second or later

    the answers will be very helpful to every Mayo person

  39. Grainne, Derry certainly wont be easy for us to breakdown, but the real worry with Kerry and Dublin is the individual brilliance they have, ie Clifford, Con O’Callaghan, Seanie Sé, Ciaran Kilkenny, etc etc etc. Individually, they can win a match all on their own in a matter of mere minutes.

    Derry on the other hand don’t yet possess that talent. And in Croker, we’d hope that the blanket would be less effective. If we can’t beat Derry, we definitely won’t be able to beat Kerry or Dublin!!

  40. Derry v Armagh is gonna happen I feel!!! Ulster teams playing each other has been a common theme it seems over last couple of draws

  41. This is the same Dublin team we disposed of last year and Kerry haven’t played any team of any merit. Also these two teams have had a long lay off while we have been in the white heat of battle

  42. Derry are without Doubt an easier touch than Dublin or Kerry,
    Dublin we’re off it last year and there starting 15 seem hungry again, and would like nothing more than get revenge on us. Kerry did a job on us in the leagu and last time played them in championship. We have degreased a little and injury to rod/Tommy doesn’t help.
    Derry are untested in croke park and have already achieved success this year.
    Also Derry side means likely Galway in semi, which is around 50/50. This is not the same for other side where we Would need to beat dublin/Kerry and Galway in a final

  43. Why cant they do the draw tonight on the Sunday Game and have a discussion about the games then before end of the show.

    RTE coverage makes no sense sometimes.

  44. Is it not a certainty that all quarter finals will be played in Croke Park?

  45. Everyone saying it’s dubs and then Kerry or vice versa. Why is everyone so certain the other will win their quarter final. If Armagh were playing either in a quarter I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them topple the provincial champs

  46. I am inclined to think Kerry would be a good draw for us. We totally didn’t get going in the league final but we are better than that. I also think that this is the time to meet them…not in a final or semi-final.
    Looking at Armagh today was like watching Mayo in their full flow…positive, hungry, talented and fearless. It was a joy to see. I think they will go a long way this year and may even be in the final. Whatever happens I expect Mayo to still ruffle feathers and make their indomitable spirit such a joy to behold. When we decide to go for it, we are incredible and irrepressible.
    Maybe we have stumbled on our best team, but it saddens me to think that we are constantly deprived of some of our best talent…and we still compete with the best.
    The more I talk, the more I don’t care who we get. Let’s just take what comes and rattle the cage. Mayo style.
    Maigheo Abu

  47. Imagine it’s Mayo vs Dublin and Armagh vs Kerry. The other side will be Galway, Derry, Cork and Clare and one of these will be in the final!

  48. The team to get next is Dublin. We always lift it for them and I don’t believe all their problems are solved just because of one freak half of football against Kildare (a team we still beat even after playing our worst match since Cork in 1993). Dublin are still managed by Dessie with no proper test since the league (Kildare put 1-16 on them – we didn’t come near to conceding that yesterday despite our performance!). The only caveat would be that the team would need to get a hotel up there the night before to have the best chance. Derry would be another turgid slugfest which does not suit how we play. Imagine the confidence boost if we beat the Dubs. That’s who I’ll be hoping for tomorrow anyway!

  49. Armagh could well draw Kerry and they would pose a savage challenge….in peak form, various ways of playing, look like they a fearless team and seem to be thriving as they go….being on the other side of the draw might be no harm at all

  50. We’re we not better having Mark moran in the panel ahead of conor o shea. . We have never used o shea much and any time he played he never set the world on fire. We need proper options off the bench as seen yesterday

  51. I sense two (possibly fixed) full house double-headers coming on:
    Dublin v Mayo
    Kerry v Clare

    Derry v Armagh
    Galway v Cork

    Switching Mayo and Armagh would probably be full houses too.

    GAA need to do away with late throw ins though – allow fans travel up and down on the day.

    Throw ins at 2pm & 4:15pm will do

  52. Ryan not playing yesterday means he can’t be 100% for the QF. If we get Derry I reckon we’ll make the final. Dublin or Kerry we’re big underdogs but there’s always a chance.

  53. Derry, Dublin, Kerry Galway ? Throw in Clare, Cork or Armagh.
    Based on our last few Matches can anyone really believe that we have a remote

  54. Yes we absolutely do have a chance. Not playing like the first 60 minutes no but when we get going we can do damage to anyone. Mullin to 6. Diarmuid o Connor to 11. Boland starts. O hora starts. Out go coen and Doherty. Loftus out too

  55. It surely can’t be that hard to understand why most sane people want Derry?
    On the other side you have Dublin and Kerry and a good change the third will be Armagh
    On the other side you have Derry and Galway and a fair chance the third will be Cork

    I just don’t get the idea of being “tested”
    We need to get bodies back and fit .
    And if we are not good enough to break down a division 2 team then I sure as god don’t want us drawing Dublin or Kerry instead

  56. Derry, Dublin, Kerry Galway ? Throw in Clare, Cork or Armagh.
    Based on our last few Matches can anyone really believe that we have a remote Chance against any of those teams. ok maybe Cork.

  57. Pat Is getting ready to give us a lesson. Both matches so far he is referencing things with us being the opposite. ‘No flukes of scores’ in the come back for Clare. Armagh ‘learn lessons’ from mistakes in previous matches. Don’t think I want all the negativity. If we keep winning I really don’t give a hoot how we do it.

  58. The Bollox that is Pat Splillane getting carried away about his beloved Kerry again, how the hell did us taxpayers pay this man to represent rural Ireland.McConville one of the fairest and best analysts in the game.

  59. 4 division 2 teams still in it but you would fancy the 4 division one teams to still be very strong.. Kerry Dublin Armagh Mayo all hitting form..
    If Mayo get Derry and Galway get Armagh it will be a Mayo Armagh semi final…

  60. You would know Oisin McConville is a born winner, just calls out he would like to see Armagh play the Dubs in quarter’s . No messing around.

  61. I think Armagh would be a tough ask Tuamstar as they look good but hard to gauge as Donegal are very poor. I think Mayo would beat Derry who are overrated. Think we could get at Armagh too but they appear to have a big threat up front. Not a shootout Galway would be hot favs for but Pateen has made them 3rd favs so we would go in as underdogs.

  62. Mike h. You know damn well what I mean. Playing like we did for 60 minutes obviously won’t cut it. Remember how lucky we were against Derry a few years ago.we still made the final.

  63. That block from Hession was even more crucial than I thought at the time

    5 points down
    We then scored a great point
    Then o Hora was brought in for Coen

    The game would have been over before that sub
    Horan got very lucky …….he was late making changes again

  64. Yes we have a chance but some big players that we had last year are off form.Thats a big difference this year.Of course that can change though.
    I wouldn’t write us off.Crazy shit can happen and with Mayo it often does

  65. Just a note about the warm up yesterday. I was watching mark Moran eagerly but he took on about 4 shots in a row under no pressure just inside the 45 and dropped them all short. Could have been an off day but another player dropping shots short is the last thing we need

  66. Paul. If we are left in the bowl A and galway are left in bowl B. The rest of the 3 draws all made. Then they cannot re draw it.

  67. Craggy boglands if there’s two teams left in each bowl And Mayo and Galway are in each, then they won’t draw it – they’ll just say Mayo can’t play Galway so they’ll play the other team and vice Versa. Therefore Mayo can’t play Galway contrary to what some are saying.

  68. They will draw it just like they did when Donegal and Armagh were the two teams left in the bowls

  69. @Craggy boglands

    That won’t be allowed happen, they’ll spot it coming before the third pairing is made.

  70. Repeat pairings were allowed in last draw
    That’s why Donegal and Armagh were allowed to be drawn together
    It was explicitly stated that repeat pairings were allowed

  71. 24 April 2022 Quarter Final Donegal. 1-16 – 0-12 Armagh MacCumhaill Park, Ballybofey

    Yet they were drawn to play again today due to them being the last two teams left in the draw

  72. I dont want us to end up in another final without meeting either Dublin or Kerry.
    I agree with craggy boglands re changes. Darren McHale for Doherty. Chances of ROD playing have to be improving. But bring on the standard setters

  73. “Km79 says:
    June 12, 2022 at 10:27 pm
    That block from Hession was even more crucial than I thought at the time

    5 points down
    We then scored a great point
    Then o Hora was brought in for Coen

    The game would have been over before that sub
    Horan got very lucky …….he was late making changes again”

    Agreed, that and our tactical nievety cost us the Galway game

  74. Surprised that the paltry attendance in Croke Park yesterday hasn’t been discussed on the Sunday Game.

  75. Not a mention of the minors on the Sunday game. With all the talk about mayo forwards it’s worth mentioning mayo minors scored 3_18 {27pts) only 3pts short of the other 3 minor winners combined (30pts). No fear of Spillane coming with that stat

  76. They have a lot of games to cover to be fair and do we really expect them to bring up the super minors, no we don’t. Good coverage this evening actually.
    We may not like it , but Spillane is right about current team, forwards are not at level we need.

  77. I suppose how can Mayo bring those scoring forwards from U17 through to senior. Its a very difficult job for any county. The loss of ROD and TC removes 2 of Mayos 3 main scoring forwards its difficult for ye like removing Comer and Finnerty and looking for Shane or in yer case COC also not 100% in my view to carry the scoring threat. Its a massive job to get even 2 of that minor team to senior.

  78. John repeat pairings were allowed in the qualifiers but are not in the quarter finals. Therefore as stated above, we can’t draw galway

  79. Not a mention of any minor match on Sunday game. Total disrespect to all the young lads

  80. Repeat pairings are to be avoided IF possible.

    Mayo can get Galway if they are the last two names out of the separate hats as happened for Armagh Donegal in last round. One hat or bowl for provincial winners and one for qualifiers. Same goes for Cork and Kerry.

    Mayo or Cork could not then be put to the top line of the draw, shuffling everyone down a line as that then could create another repeat pairing and obviously make a farce of the draw.

    The quarters will all be in Croke Park no matter what the draw.

    Ideal draw- Derry Please- Galway Clare, Let Dublin have Cork and be untested and Kerry have Armagh and be tested.

  81. It’s confusing. Mayo. Cork. Bowl A. Kerry galway bowl B. The rest of the draw made.then we would get kerry. Our time has come has clarity on this .

  82. Getting a bit sick of all this Kerry fantasia. Dublin are still the team to beat! My hope of hopes is that Kerry draw Armagh. Lastly on Mayo, there back door performance thus far reminds me a lot of trips to Limerick against Cork and and Croke Park against Galway. This Mayo team with a decade plus of drama under their belt won’t be getting too excited about playing Monaghan or Kildare. Something big coming!!!! I feel it with this bunch.

  83. Km79 Late changes???? Ask Jason Doherty about that. Any chance of giving management a bit of credit for making the right changes?? Ah no, its easier to say he started the wrong team. My God some people just have it in for the management Another poster reckons we are the best team in the country if Co Board and management avoid politics ( whatever that means) The draw is not or will not be fixed tomorrow just as it was not fixed last week. Conspiracy theories abound. My least favourite draw would be Kerry, then Dublin. That leaves us with Derry. Not ideal. Big strong defensive team, exactly what we have struggled with but Croker is different than the claustrophobic confines of Ulster. If Galway avoid Armagh they have a great chance of getting to final. Anyway we are still there and for all our faults no one will want to draw us. McConville top notch on the Sunday Game while Spillane was his usual embarrassing self. No doubt Oisin has not forgotten Spillanes disparaging remarks about Armagh the year kerry met them in AI final. What Spillane said that day about Bellew etc at half time was scurrilous. Oisin struck a goal in second half and Armagh went on to win. Spillane talking about Munster being the strongest province was some joke. Sky miles ahead with Canavan and Jimmy. Meanwhile that expert on everything , O Rourke, has decided not to go for the Meath job. Has it too easy in rte studio.

  84. @Craggy boglands, Had Roscommon won then technically Mayo could have faced Galway, in fact would have faced Galway if both Mayo and Roscommon were the last two in one bowl and Galway still remained in the other as the avoidance of a repeat provincial final would have taken precedence.

    Personally I don’t care who we get because if we focus on our own game and stop worrying about the opposition then I’d give us every chance of beating anyone.

    There’s a beautiful list of areas of our game that can be improved upon and things that we used to be very good at like aggression in the tackle for example, an improvement in that area alone can be worth up to 6 points in a game, these are the areas that need to be worked on and while excuses can be made regarding injuries etc., not improving on stuff like this would be inexcusable.

    Focusing in on the lack of forwards is the wrong way to look at this.

    How to beat the blanket is the latest enigma facing the county with all sorts of solutions being banded about and at face value some may seem very logical but sometimes a good defensive structure is mixed up with a blanket and it’s ourselves that is contributing to that greatly by simply starting games too slowly and allowing the opposition ample time to set up a wall.

    Even trying to break the wall at speed is far more likely to result in a free than a turnover.

    So we need to start domineering games from the get go and stop this hot cold play, speed is the key to beating the blanket for a team like Mayo, a blanket is fairly redundant if the team using it is chasing the game.

    So we need to assert ourselves from the get go, focus on the things we are good at, cut out the lapses of concentration and become very aggressive in the tackle, do all those things and we could beat anyone, I’m confident of that and that’s why I couldn’t care less who we get in the draw, let them do the worrying.

  85. Can’t get Galway as far as i know so the options are Derry with their defensive style or Dublin, Kerry who haven’t played for 4 weeks and not tested since the league?

  86. I think we made our 4th substitution on the 61st minute when Flynn came on. That left only 1 sub for the remaining 15 odd minutes to cover injuries/cramp etc. Look what happened Donegal today where they needed a sub after the keeper getting a black card.

    But yeah, Horan was slow making changes.

  87. Mayo to wreck championship again. They will beat Dub/Kerry then lose the semi and not letting the whole world see Dublin vs Kerry. But that’s why I’m a Mayo fan. Galway should make AI if not it’s a massive failure for them. Mayo will be better next year but they’re still in it hate them but love them.

  88. To Win Just Once, thanks for highlighting the ridiculous conspiracy theories. Another would like to get Dublin to give us a hammering, in order to get rid of Horan-with supporters like that???. Regarding the draw-with players playing themselves back to fitness and sharpness, after injury, every game brings them on and also gives other players a chance to recover their form, so the easier the draw, the better. There is no easy draw at this stage, but I think Derry would represent our best chance of victory. I think we need more games under our belt before facing Dublin or Kerry. We’ll done to the lads and to our Minors also.

  89. Lads. There is no doubt about There is an anti jh vibe on this blog. Here’s a few facts. In 2018 when we played kildare. We were ab ageing team.out on our feet. That’s what James inherited from Rochford who has failed dismally for 3 years in donegal along side bonner. James has re energised that team since 2018. Seriously unlucky with injury s too 2 players that would walk on to any team in Ireland. Tommy and Ryan. Coc is trying to get up to championship level after a serious injury. What do all those anti jh men think is going on in other county s. For instance. Banty. Cunningham. Andy mcentee. Bonner. Have they progressed there teams one bit. Some 6 years in. James has tried to integrate young lads like mcbrien orme. Carney. Unfortunately mcbrien has been hampered by injury s. James has always an eye for the future. Did ruane get a look in from Rochford. But no it’s all James’s fault. Even coc missing a handy free and carr kicking into the keeper hand. Is that the manager s fault too. Honestly I’m sick listening to all this rubbish talk. It’s almost like some people want us to lose. Clearly some people are not following mayo football very long.

  90. Craggy Boglands
    I agree with alot of points but Rochford had a different side of experienced players with time left….
    in 2018 who was he going to drop to replace with who exactly. Ruane was probably too young and would he have dislodged SOS or TP from midfield for that Galway game?? or even DOC who replacsd TP at MF that year i think.
    That team of guys had gone within a kick of winning the all ireland 7 months before and still had time in them….who would you have dropped??….2018 was wrecked by injuries and I am still convinced that without a freak injury to Tom Parsons and DOC getting sent off (first time i ever seen the guy with the ball getting a red card) we would have beaten Galway and probably got to the final.I think Horan deserves credit and blame in equal measures.Most of all he deserves support right now and respect…..same as Rochford who did us great service and might again…

  91. Tuamstar. You mention all those teams hitting form. In fairness Galway have done everything right so far and Kerry are no different than Galway in that sense. Actually the usual issue arises for those provincial winners out of action for a few weeks and I do admit the momentum gained by those coming through the qualifiers can be unstoppable. Armagh certainly on that curve. Also one or two saying shades of ’98 etc. No all ireland is a handy all ireland and that win was followed up in 2001 to ensure what a brilliant side that was.

  92. @1989 as well as Parsons injury that day, that DOC incident did break one of their best players jaws. I don’t know how its disputable

    2018 we were over the hill and that was seen in 2019 also getting beat by Roscommon and well beat by Dublin. JH deserves massive credit in completely rejuvenating thereafter

  93. Km is right, repeat draws were explicitly allowed in the qualifiers so it’s not comparable. We won’t be drawing Galway, sin é

    As for not showing minors on Sunday game, des Cahill had a good piece on this last week – the sheer quantity of matches over a given weekend has really affected them on the Sunday game highlights.. they’ve never had to deal with such volume before, and as a result they just can’t please everyone (and people absolutely love to complain on social media no matter what they do).

    There was 4 senior football games and the ladies championship had a full round aswell – not to mention 2 Liam McCarthy matches… The minors will certainly get adequate coverage from the semis I’d suspect

  94. Alot will only appreciate JH after he’s gone. He has his flaws and no I don’t have confidence in winning an all Ireland but he’s still one of the very top managers in Ireland

  95. Craggy ,what team did you play for? because Sephen must have really beaten you up a stick,it is my belief that he is the best manager we have had including JH,although I believe that JH is a fine manager as well ,you talk about an anti JH bias but you have never said anything positive about Stephen,give it up he left four years ago,

  96. @Craggy boglands – here here!!! Tbh – it sickness me the level unfair criticism directed at him. As far as I see, Mayo had been ultra competitive top 2 / 3 team for the last 10 -15 years and I put that all down to him.

    The fact of the matter is we haven’t won all Ireland, it doesn’t look like we’re at the level to get over the line this year, however, it most certainly not management fault! We have been position to compete for grand prize because Horan. I look forward to our next game. I look forward to what we can bring and change. I ain’t turning against my team. No other manager would / can eke out as much talent, motivation as Horan has and does.

  97. Whatever about who’s gonna get who – having a championship draw on the radio (with no video I know of) is ropey as fuck.

  98. That’s good night anyway

    Derry the big winners really, Armagh and Galway is very hard to call

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