Who’ll win it now?

So it’s down to the final two in this year’s Senior football Championship. On Sunday week at James Stephens Park in Ballina defending champions Knockmore will face Belmullet for possession of the Moclair Cup.

As well as aiming to capture back-to-back title wins, Knockmore are seeking to rack up their tenth county title success. Belmullet, by contrast, have yet to win the Moclair Cup and this is their first Senior decider appearance since 1981.

Knockmore will obviously be favourites to win but Belmullet have spent the last number of weeks making a nonsense of such claims. They’ve taken a few notable scalps on the way to this decider and, of course, this includes their final opponents, whom they beat in the group stages.

Another factor in Belmullet’s favour is the venue – Sunday week’s final is the fourth Championship match in a row that they’ll have played in Ballina. But, of course, James Stephens Park is only a trot up the road for Knockmore as well and no doubt they’ll relish the opportunity of claiming the silverware there.

It’s all set up for a classic encounter, all the more so if the autumn weather is kind. Both clubs will really fancy their chances in this one and it’s easy to envisage it going either way on the day.

Let’s see what the general feeling on the decider is just under two weeks out from the game – the poll below is now open.

Who'll win the final?

  • Belmullet (50%, 512 Votes)
  • Knockmore (50%, 507 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,019

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21 thoughts on “Who’ll win it now?

  1. Looking at how the pool is heading at this stage, it’s looking like Belmullet will be hot favourite to beat Knockmore in the final.
    Having been rank outsider’s for all of their matches to date, it will be interesting to see how they will handle the favourites tag.
    Coming under the radar to this point suited them nicely, as there was no great expectation, but now things are different.
    The cat is now definitely out of the bag and there will be no more surprises…everyone now knows what they’re capable of, and managing those expectations and dealing with the hype over the next 2 weeks could be their biggest test!!!

  2. Stephen Cowley, that will suit Belmullet down to the ground.
    They were 6 pt underdogs against Westport.

  3. From being at both games the weekend knockmore have a hell of a lot more improving to do compared to belmullet.

  4. All41n14all hard to disagree. Certainly favourites based off what I’ve watched this year. Belmullet the better defensive unit and seemed to be more than capable of holding Knockmore in the group stage. McHale’s injury seems to have blunted the attack a lot. It will be some party in the Broadhaven!

  5. Knockmore in a final will be a different animal.The knack of getting the job done is ingrained in that jersey,but I’d love to see Belmullet get over the line.They will have to fight tooth and nail to wrestle the Moclair cup away from the Knockmore boys-it won’t be handed to them.

  6. I thought Westport would have too much for Belmullet, mainly because I thought Keegan would blot out O Donoghue. But Belmullet got the job done & I find it hard to back against them. That said, Knockmore have a gear that can finish a game in a matter of minutes if they catch fire.

    Hesitant nod for Knockmore

  7. I’d love to see Belmullet win it would be a great achievement but I feel if Knockmore can nullify the attacking threat of ROD they will win. Knockmore have more firepower up front and they have been here Before they are of course the defending champions. As I said I’d love to see Belmullet Win but I expect Knockmore to win by 5 or 6 points if they can stop Belmullet getting goals I’m sure Ray Dempsey will have a plan for ROD

  8. Who will pick up McLoughlin.If belmullet are to win they need to stop McLoughlin’s kick passing into the forward line.Stop McLoughlin and knockmore will struggle.Have Belmullet anyone to stick with him?

  9. Would be interesting to see if Kevin’s pace would be an issue for EO’D or not, they both have great kick passing / link capabilities albeit Kevin play’s further up the pitch. If not him then Shea O’D looks to have strong tackling and good pace, but it would be a big challenge.

    Did anyone see the group stage match to see who paired off with him?

    Would be absolutely amazing to see Belmullet pull this off

  10. Its Belmullet for me, a lot of similarities to the way Ballintubber played when winning their titles, Knockmore are not without a chance, will ballina hold the crowd ???

  11. Exile, spoke to a few who travelled out. Seemed to be more of a mass defence than a definite man marker on McLoughlin.

    Can only imagine Ray Dempsey will have him moved around. Talk there’s some big changes in store for this game with the group fixture in mind. Will we see McLoughlin inside and a big man added to the middle? They’ll need them given the ease with which Belmullet handled them out there.

  12. Sticking with Knockmore given their history when it comes to finals. I am wondering what their plans for Ryan O’D will be. Considering that he goaled against Lee Keegan as well as having Keegan pick up a black card he will be a problem. Esp. since Knockmore do not appear to have any defender in Keegan’s class. I’m not giving up on Belmullet by any means

  13. I’d say Owen McHale will mark McLoughlin. Kevin doesn’t really play as a forward for Knockmore so it wouldn’t suit Eoin O’Donoghue.

  14. No talk on the intermediate final. Ballyhaunis looked good Sunday v Louisbourg. Won the game well. Nice style of football – break from the back at pace and some good forward play. Zippy showed his class at full back. Jack Coyne looks promising enough at corner back. He is similar to Zippy in his style and physique – good on the ball and breaks well out of defence. He deserves a few run outs in the league next spring

  15. A fascinating final awaits. Really looking forward to what should be a cracker of a game between two youthful, courageous and gritty teams that will fight to the death. The Mayo panel would really benefit from a couple of additions from both clubs so hopefully Horan and his selectors will be casting another eye over some of the talent on display next Sunday.

  16. Exile, was at the game, McLoughlin went back on ROD, he was marker rather than markee…

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