Who’ll win on Sunday?

Right, the team has been named for Pearse Stadium and, even though we’re still waiting for Galway to reciprocate, I think it’s time for a quick temperature check on how people think the game on Sunday might go.

We last played them at Salthill last summer, of course, when we narrowly edged past them in the All-Ireland preliminary quarter-final stage. It’s six years, however, since we last played them in the National League at Pearse Stadium. Galway won that encounter, in early February 2018, by five points.

Our most recent League meeting was, though, last year’s Division One decider at Croke Park, in which we won out by three points.

We were unbeaten against them in our four meetings last year and so the most recent time they’ve got the better of us was in the Connacht Championship at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park back in April 2022. It was also in Castlebar where they recorded their most recent League win over us – that was in early March 2019, when they had two points to spare over us.

So, will our good run against the neighbours continue the next day or will they record what they’d no doubt regard as an overdue win against us? Or will it, like last year’s opening round meeting, end in a draw? Let’s have a quick vote to test the waters on that.

How will we do against Galway?

  • Win (53%, 408 Votes)
  • Lose (34%, 260 Votes)
  • Draw (13%, 97 Votes)

Total Voters: 765

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36 thoughts on “Who’ll win on Sunday?

  1. Galway have just named their team there Shane Walsh, Damien comer starting as expected but I feel our team is the stronger one.

    Mayo by 2 or 3 should be a cracker opening game hopefully either way!

  2. Galway .

    Good luck to the bucks on sunday , im sure they will have a cut at it like always . Will travel in hope rather than expectation this time . Dublin heuston 8 am , here we go again baby .

  3. Based on the teams named* (which always comes with a huge health warning) I’d be very disappointed if Mayo don’t win,

    Mayo are essentially going full strength, that’s going to be their championship starting 15 plus diarmuid and maybe 1 other.
    Galway on the other hand missing lots of key men.

    On the one hand, I’m all for it. Get a win on the board early doors, 2 points, keep galway in their box etc.

    …but I would hope to see some kind of freshening up the next day. Its basically doubling down on the same personnel that got hockeyed by dublin in June and struggled with louth and Cork. Surely there has to be at least 1 bolter from somewhere

  4. 1985 as usual our bench seems to be the 3rd secret of Fatima!
    I’d expect 4 or 5 newbies like Reid, Henry and Quinn with likes of Cillian O’Connor and Michael Plunkett as well.

    For player welfare purposes would expect two to three changes before throw in. Cillian for Tommy be a guess.

  5. Well done to Diarmuid, whose St Geralds team reached the Connaught Colleges A final this evening, beating a fancied Summerhill side.

  6. Supermac . I think we will see more than one other of O Hora, Carr, Mattie, Hession, Loftus and Cillian.

  7. That galway bench is as strong a bench as youll get all year in any team . Its wild , tierney , finnerty , conroy and the new boy wonder sensataion o curraoin , who is been talked about as galways clifford .

  8. Galway out to make a statement with that squad of 26. They have one hand on sam already if they can keep that squad fit.

  9. Looking at the teams Mayo should really win. Mayo have not far off their first team out. Galway are down a good few big players. Doesn’t always work out that way of course.

  10. And of course salthill generally turns games into a complete lottery.a totally unsuitable venue for every reason.The midfield we have named could be under pressure if conroy and tierney were to join Maher in that area.

  11. Midfield would be a concern over the 70 minutes but presumably we will have cover on the bench.
    Decent team, hopefully Callinan can do the job we need at 6. More than capable

  12. People make way to big a deal of Salthill. Castlebar is no less windy than Salthill on any given day. They’re both exposed west of Ireland venues, neither rarely without a strong breeze.

    Salthill pitch is very good though.

  13. Salthill pitch may be good but it’s right beside the sea and has issues with the wind in summer and winter and is a nightmare venue to get to with very little parking

  14. Cant see Mayo going anywhere with that team.Surely some new lads capable of stepping up?

  15. Castlebar is really windy too all year around, there’s very little difference.

    Salthill obviously is in a heavily residential area. Similar to Croke Park I guess.

  16. So castlebar has a gale force wind blowing down the pitch almost all year long .I must have missed that.A Galway v Sligo championship game in mid summer was actually called off a few years ago because of the conditions in salthill

  17. Salthill has to be up there as the worst Division 1 venue in the Country.Matches are always shite to watch.Traffic and Parking is septic.Stand is poor.

  18. Never noticed anything wrong with the stand in Salthill. Good views. No pylons in the way. And decent toilets by GAA standards. Access and parking due to location is another matter.

    Not sure wind will be a major factor on Sunday but it’s forecast to be pissing rain in Galway on Sunday afternoon.

  19. Wind is always a factor in salthill. And it’s usually a difficult cross wind. On the plus side, there is great width to it,so it’s possible to get some space. Sauce for the goose…

  20. Dont expect this Mayo team named to be anywhere near as fit as this time last year.The weather often turns this fixture into a dismal affair.Joyce will be hurting with his poor record of late against Mayo and has that added pressure.I have a feeling Galway have the talent to give Sam a rattle this year and expect a big league from them.

  21. Hello everyone and happy New Year. We’re back playing again.
    So delighted to see Fergal Boland back! Both he and Jack Carney are assured, quick-thinking players, who can make a score quick smart. We need this.
    Great to see Bob Tuohy getting more game time.
    I wonder what Sam Callinan will be like at 6. It could be like streak lightning : )

  22. I think both teams are strong and have the speed but mayo always win the National League so I’m voting mayo to win tonrrow because they have the preparation, strength, speed, everything they need is Cillan O’ Conor and James Carr cause James carr is unreal of scoring goals

  23. @moyside

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    Without the ” “s gives;

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