Who’ll win Sam?

It’s obviously a tough – and hugely depressing – spot to find ourselves in right now, out of the Championship before the real stuff has got going properly, once again not even a part of the conversation about the destination of the Sam Maguire.

Even though our early ejection this summer feels fairly brutal – it was the earliest date our interest in the Championship was ended since the final year of straight knockout back in 2000, when a Connacht SFC quarter-final defeat to Sligo sent us packing on 11th June that year – we can try to console ourselves that this year’s exit came only a week ahead of our departure from the fray this time last year.

None of this helps, I know, and, seeing as the discussion on here has turned to the weekend’s All-Ireland quarter-final action, I may as well go with the flow. So, to pass the time if nothing else, which of the final eight do you think will be mounting the Hogan Stand steps at the end of July to get their paws on Sam?

Who'll win Sam?

  • Roscommon (31%, 364 Votes)
  • Dublin (30%, 363 Votes)
  • Kerry (15%, 176 Votes)
  • Galway (7%, 87 Votes)
  • Donegal (7%, 85 Votes)
  • Derry (5%, 57 Votes)
  • Armagh (3%, 40 Votes)
  • Louth (2%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,191

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155 thoughts on “Who’ll win Sam?

  1. Pig in a poke until we see what the contenders look like (in full battle gear) this weekend. Think I hit the Dublin button but meant Donegal.
    Terrible to be watching from other side of the street, but no point going on about that. Kerry, like Dublin last year, are quiet and that’s a red flag but I’ve still no conviction they’re the real deal. Who knows what Galway can do? If Dublin win tomorrow and meet Donegal (sorry Louth) in the semis I can see them reliving 2014 once again and falling on Jimmy’s sword.
    Tentative preference for Donegal this yr, but clueless at the same time.

  2. It’s the safe answer but Dublin or Kerry for me, not buying into the hype around Donegal until i see them play a Dublin / Kerry in croke park, in saying that they have looked good in spells this season.

    Im thinking the 4 group winners will prevail this weekend which would rule out a Donegal v Armagh semi final meaning it’s set up nicely for a Dublin v Kerry all Ireland final.

  3. It is for sure a bloody depressing Friday and there’s so much buzz in Dublin with the concerts and that to but I’m just not feeling it ha.

    Can only imagine how our guys&mcstay are feeling this weekend

    Rossies have 5 votes wow ha they may get passed armagh but still think Armagh will take them.

    Dubs all the way can’t see anyone else maybe kerry will do it if Derry don’t rattle them to much.

  4. I see the draw for semi final of all-ireland series been made after Kerry Derry match. At last GAA getting a bit of sense, and making drawn on Sunday, and not monday morning. Only thing missing is mayo name in draw,

  5. I voted for the Dubs for two reasons. One, I am not convinced that Donegal are at that top, elite level just yet and will be taken out along the way. Two, Kerry are still a two man team and, as Fitzsimons proved in last years final, if you break even or slightly edge it on David Clifford then Kerry have nowhere else to look to.
    Anyway, I think Derry will take Kerry out of it this weekend, and, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Rossies did Armagh either!
    To win it out it is Dublin for me, but their dominance is slipping away and the future years will see them fall back into the group with the rest of us. They’re not as good as they were and the young players coming into the squad are not of the top quality of previous years. Looking at some stats from our game v Dublin in the Hyde illustrated just how reliant they are on the old brigade. Both Mayo and Dublin used 20 players that day. In the 30+ age bracket we used 2 (Cillian coming on as a sub) while they used 9!. In the bracket 26 to 29 they had 9 to our 7. But in the age bracket <25 they only used 2 players where we used 11. To me that's startling. And that's a reason for my optimism for our team going forward. If we can add 3 or 4 of the best players from the U20s (2 of them must be forwards) and blend them into the squad then I think we will be as competitive as ever in 2 more seasons.

  6. Aw it’s just awful Mayo are not there. Still can’t get my head around it. I was in Roscommon town earlier and hardly any flags or bunting about. I was certain there’d be a but more hype given they don’t get to this stage too often.

  7. Kerry if their midfield hit form. Expecting big things from the Clifford brothers in Croker.
    Galway have a great chance if they go for it( like Mayo going man for man against Dublin.

    To summerise Kerry, Dublin, Galway in that order.

    I’m in Dublin tomorrow, so I’ll be attending the matches. Looking forward to a stress free environment.

  8. Anyone but Dublin or Kerry please. Armagh would be wonderful given the energy they bring to Croker. Was blown away the last year they played Galway in the double header. Don’t think Rossies have enough juice to go all the way. Galway have the potential but I watched Sean Kelly hobbling around Vs Armagh and think they will be caught with Injuries by the end. Don’t think Derry will survive the weekend but if they get past Kerry, watch out. Donegal believe they can and maybe that will be enough. Louth will more than likely bow out, but even if they pull off a shock, not enough to go all the way.
    Very strange to not be planning my weekend around Mayo, know what most counties feel like now.
    Feck it anyway

  9. Great that Mayo are giving unequivocal support to Galway and Ros. in Dublin town tomorrow. Of course, we’ll understand the withdrawal of said unequivocal support when Galway get to AI final.

  10. @Bonnie boyler agree to would love to see Armagh do it their supporters are great craic and very respectful towards us was at the quarters in 2022 they played before us and they go ye have the worst luck and are great side with great supporters and one actually gave me his rain poncho when they left dead sound crowd most of them!

    Still amazing how we beat rossies 3 times this year and they are through and we are not ugh just the whole thing is shite feck it sure.

  11. When you bleed green and red it doesnt matter who wins Sam its never us well not since 1951 anyway. I think Kerry will win it Derry will burn out tomorrow Roscommon havent won a game in Croke Park in over 40 years Galway have maybe too many injuries, not convinced about Donegal and no more than ourselves Armagh usually find a way to lose. Actually I think if Mayo had applied themselves properly i.e. take on the shot and not hesitate and pass laterally we could have beaten any of the teams left

  12. If the Galway side that is name can last the game they will give Dublin a rattle.

    Galway must have one of the biggest HF lines and if they put the squeeze on Dublin it could be interesting.

    As for ourselves who knows,

    Kerry have beaten each team by an average of 13 points yet question marks remains of MF.

    I would be concerned that our HF line is to attack focused given Derrys HBs are very good going forward.

    David Clifford’s form has not reached last years yet but infairness the spotlight he is constantly under and the difficult year he had last year it’s not surprising.

    I expect him to have a big game on Sunday.

    Who will Sam who knows I’m just hopping to get over Derry.

    Just on a side note – How anyone not from Dublin can support the Dubs over a country team given the clear and obvious advantages they have is beyond me.

  13. The next few games will be interesting due to the following,

    Can any of the teams that win last weekend beat any of the group winners who have had a 2 week rest?

    In the case of Donegal, can Jim McGuinness bring his team ( same personnel as last year) into the semi or even the final.

    The Gaa draw on this coming Sunday will be fixed to keep Kerry and Dublin apart, should they both get through. But something tells me Derry will prevail v Kerry.

    Great if Louth could beat Donegal and get to the semi final.

    Galway with Comer, Kelly and Walsh at full flow could cause the Dubs problems but hard to see the Dubs losing.

    Outright winners, I am going to say Donegal.

    A Northwest final Donegal v Derry, I’m hoping Kerry and the Dubs are not in this year’s final, football needs other Counties for a change.

  14. There’s big confidence in County Donegal at the moment, ” Jimmy’s winning matches” mark 2 has been released.

  15. Does anyone else bar myself not give a continental f*** who wins the All-Ireland……

  16. Hopefully not Galway they’ll annoy my hole, hopefully not kerry incase they start a run of wins hopefully not Donegal, louth, armagh, Dublin, roscommon or Derry

  17. @ West Kerry while very little outside Dublin will support us ( we do love that ) a reason would be that we try to play football the right way. Kerry have had a fair few advantages themselves over the years, but the likes of themselves and Mayo I like because normally they produce good footballing teams, rather then the hard to watch Ulster football for example.

  18. Hill16,

    Dublin play great football but they are as cynical as the next team.

    They dragged Mayo players to ground at the end of the 2017 final to kill any chance of Mayo equalising.

    Dublin introduced the keep ball tactic to kill the momentum as seen in the 2019 final replay.

    Kerrys advantages aren’t artificial.

    We don’t play every game in Killarney or have been bankrolled by HQ.

    I respect Dublin but they are a province in every sense at this stage.

  19. @ West Kerry I never said we weren’t cynical, show me a football team that isn’t. Yes we have population and the financial backing. That has always been the case. Also a lot more other sports played here then in any other county. A lot more distractions. Kerry have had advantages over the years in other ways. Leinster has been very weak for 15 years, but Munster has been a procession for most of its history. In the next couple of years Dublin will be back firmly in the pack and the advantages will be forgotten about. It’s amazing our hurlers have the same advantages and don’t do much.

  20. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Roscommon overturn Armagh this weekend. A bit like Mayo, Armagh are experts at shooting themselves in the foot and I don’t think they are as good as Mayo, giving the Rossies more confidence. If Roscommon end up in a semi final I’d get sick, considering all the rubbish from their camp throughout the year.

    My gut is telling me Donegal can go all the way but if we was a betting man id stick with the dubs. In fairness Kerry have been pretty much coasting year to date and have really hammered some teams but Derry will be a step up, and Jack O’Connor’s arch rival Mickey Harte.

    Kerry, Donegal, Dublin and perhaps Roscommon in the final 4 for me, with Dublin winning it out.

  21. Any late flights out of Knock tomorrow evening ?

    If the Roscommon/ Galway double comes in, I’m out of here till the FBD

  22. Well with a bit of luck this will be the last year with the championship being played in this format. Still to meet a person who thinks it’s a fair system. Wonder what peoples thoughts would be on what way to play it. Personally I think back to provincial, then straight knockout with provincial winners and runners up in an open draw. ( No repeat of provincial games ) All championship games should be played in provincial grounds until Semis at earliest. Wonder other people’s thoughts on formats.

  23. Fortheloveofnayo I was in Ballinasloe today
    Good rake of flags out for Galway and Ros being a border town.but otherwise no flags I don’t think they are getting to excited for tmw because they know in there hearts they on borrowed time

  24. It’s the first time in years that Sam is there for the taking. Can it be narrowed down- well it’s down to who can score goals, Dublin no doubt have a multitude of players who can do that and they operate close to the posts as well. Kerry and Galway have a couple of dangermen also. Donegal play not to lose. Roscommon will give it their all no doubt and are energised on the field and on the sideline. Louth have nothing to lose and with the dubs expertise have nothing to fear. That leaves Derry and Armagh. I fancied Armagh a couple of years back for their style of play – when they got possession of the ball it was everybody forward at full throttle – on number of occasions during a match- so there were players in the opposing full forward line before the ball went in so they were not outnumbered – one way of beating the blanket defensive. Worry about the break if it happens, but they are a bit more conservative now. That leaves Derry, a good outside bet, play to win and the cockiness to do it. So Derry it is for me.

  25. What advantages have Dublin over everybody else besides Croke Perk being in their backyard? The advantages we have over Leitrim or Sligo far outweigh any Dublin may have over us. Dublin are cynical when they want to be yes but so are all great teams well versed in the dark arts. We have a few “bucks” ourselves.
    Kerry also have been as cynical as anyone down the years. They targeted and took a Cork player out of a final one year. Anyway all we can do is sit back and watch this weekend unfortunately. What’s another year

  26. Couldn’t care less about who’ll win the all ireland but can’t believe I got Armagh, Donegal,Dublin and Kerry all to win at 9/4. Surely printing money.

  27. Yew _Tree

    Are you serious ?

    Dublins advantages,

    Do you know how many full time games development officers they have as opposed to other counties ?

    Do you realise the centralised funding they have recieved since the mid 2000s ?
    ( no need for dinner dances in new York to raise funds )

    Are Dublin suffering from rural depopulation like Kerry or Mayo ?

    Then there’s Croke Park.. Dublin began playing all their league games there in 2012 as part of the “spring series” and have never looked back.

    Imagine Liverpool played ever game in Anfield.

    Finally as Dublin do not need to maintain their own stadia they can build not 1 but 2 training southside and northside facilities in the Spawell and Hollystown.

  28. Just to add to the above point,

    The logistics alone that Mayo have to overcome to train collectively and the huge associated costs compared to Dublin is probably not understood by the average supporter.

    Again another advantage that is overlooked.

  29. Roscommon. If only for the pub quiz question of the future. “Which team won the championship despite losing the most games”?

  30. Had many chats with Kerry folks before and after games and on the golf courses of Ireland over the yrs. They gingerly avoid how they’ve racked up so many Sam titles by deflecting attention onto the Dubs. Just an observation. I hope someone new gets a hold of it for a year, for all our sakes because between the two of them it’s like the Scottish premiership at the moment with Tyrone being the spanner in the works in 2021. Is it 2012 since any other won aside from Tyrone?

  31. Good Man Mark,

    You might point out what I said that was factually incorrect.

    You might also answer what those “kerry” people you speak of were trying to avoid by deflecting to the Dubs ?

  32. I never said you were factually incorrect. I don’t think I’m incorrect either West Kerry. Both of us are therefore correct if examined from diverse angles.

  33. If you are going to make a point then make one.

    I note you didn’t answer the 2nd question.

  34. In reply to west Kerry
    If you saw the non stop vitriol from Galway since we lost last weekend I would find it very difficult to shout for Galway. They are more focused on mayo losing than on Galway winning.

  35. Hi Anyup,

    I get that and I wouldn’t expect ye to be supporting them.

    But to support Dublin given your rivalry is very strange to me.

  36. IL shout for the Rossies I think. And I’d like to see Derry go far aswell. As long as it’s not galway Dublin or kerry il be happy enough.

  37. Ahh everyone is differnt through your own experience with rival fans and then you have the how near the border of Galway and Ros you are . Im from near the rossie border , the aul fella is from Achill originally and back in the day id remember people from Achill not having a notion about the roscommon rivalary . The galway rivalry is big cause of on field battles , the dublin rivalru is also big cause of the same .

    Personally i hate them all , they are all a big pain in the hole and they all mock and sneer at Mayo but at the end of the day who cares , they all wake up tomorrow and the rest of their lives as kerry men , galway men , roscoomon men . I wake up as a Mayo man and wouldnt change that for all the money and celtic crosses in the world , so fook them all and hup Mayo .

  38. Mayo are very unlucky not to have won an All-Ireland everyone knows that but sport is cruel and fans from other teams love to have a laugh at their rivals expense. Only an All-Ireland win will shut up the people sneering and laughing at Mayo but its an extremely difficult cup to win given the dominance of Kerry and Dublin. In fairness if you are not from Dublin or Kerry I would wonder what you have to laugh and sneer about at all.

  39. New column from Colm Boyle up now on Patreon. As ever, Boyler gets right to heart of the matter as he analyses how we came unstuck against Derry last weekend.

  40. The 4 group winners should win and that will leave Dublin and Kerry avoiding each other in the semi’s so it will most likely be a Dublin / Kerry final for me. Kerry may just sneak it this year

  41. Apologies, West Kerry, family commitments Saturday morning etc. The only fact I’m remotely interested in is that Kerry have 38 all Ireland’s and Dublin, 31. Why anyone would be cheering on either one of them is their business and nobody else’s. I’ve no hidden agenda except that the “facts” can be skewed to suit every situation.
    It must be the case, then, that Kerry’s topping of the leaderboard is down to pure divine talent and nothing else. I’ll let others decide for themselves.
    I hope both Dublin and Kerry have their tails between their legs come tomorrow….but I very much doubt it . I enjoy the banter… that’s it

  42. Looking forward to the 4 games this weekend
    Hard to pick winners but I’ll go for Switzerland , Germany , Slovakia and Spain.

  43. @ West Kerry, that is the huge advantage imo, training logistics. Dubs can arrange training at 7am in the morning if they wish and have full attendance. Ii think it’s where even Kerry are struggling to level the playing field.
    But all other advantages mentioned are legitimate too, backfires on the dubs a bit, in that their true worth is not appreciated.
    Im hoping for a Connacht representative in the semis. I’d be worried about Galway injury list, but the Rossies have hung in there, to their credit, they have a scoring ff line, that will keep them in the game. Some posters say Armagh lack killer instinct, and we know too well where that gets you, a plethora of ifs and buts…..

  44. I’d obviously never normally support Dublin but if you had to shout for a side today they would be it nothing wrong with that either. You can shout for who you like at this stage.

    Thanks again to our guys for the effort they put in all year.

  45. Would like to see Derry, Armagh and Louth win the weekend.Dont really care about the others.
    Derry or Armagh for Sam hopefully.

  46. Head says Dublin will win the All Ireland. I’m hoping Armagh do it , but they’ve yet to really prove their potential on the days when you expect them to perform.

    If they managed to get over today, the likelihood is that they would be an outsider from that point & they could be dangerous

  47. Where is the non stop vitriol towards Mayo from Galway?. I’ve gone on every forum I could find and all I saw was a couple of digs ( which you will always get between neighbouring counties) I have also seen a lot of genuine well wishers and commiserations towards Mayo . Most Galway supporters wish Mayo well and I think that this concept that Galway dislike mayo is fabricated in order to justify the begrudgery towards Galway.

  48. Same to you West Kerry. Funny feeling you’ll be smiling come tomorrow evening. Good luck against the maiden county.

  49. Discipline has been armagh s achilles heel for a long time. Maybe roscommon could beat them if they get there long range kicking game going. We are better than 6 teams that’s there. It’s shocking that we are not there. We are not an o mahony 2010 team. Big questions have to be answered. I looked back at that great night against the dubs 2021 yesterday. Don’t any man tell me that we don’t have the players

  50. Craggy boglands – we aren’t there. Did you see our first half last week. Time to forget about it for now.

    Roscommon will be happy to be only two down. That said if Armagh let this opportunity slip of a man up and two key players injured for Ros than I don’t know….

    For all the talk of Roscommon superior forwards they ain’t showing it so far bar the Kerry man.

  51. Yew tree. Of course I seen it and that’s why we are not there. Negative football

  52. Have to say this performance from Roscommon is more embarrassing than the fact that we went out last week. Honestly a junior mayo club would have gave a better showing than the rossies today. Absolutely shite stuff

  53. Personally felt they were unlucky with the red (but it was the right call) and until that kickout/ soft second goal they were well enough in it.

    WIll be some upset if there’s still a Connacht representative in the Semis

  54. Thank god for that result anyway. Not that armagh are any great team or anything

  55. Hard luck to Roscommon their wait for a victory in Croke Park goes on but at least they got to Croke Park we wernent good enough for long enough to get there

  56. Really disappointed with Roscommon, not often I would say it but I was hoping they’d prevail today. Neither teams looked great today, but I think Armagh will be sticky against Dublin or Kerry. Had a chat with someone last night, his argument was that the standard since 2017 has not matched the final we played Dublin in that year. I agree with him to a point, but there is a standard this year and last year that most teams aren’t matching. I went to the Dublin v Kerry final last year and I honestly don’t feel this current Mayo team would have stuck the intensity that game went to. It’s very hard to look past the Dubs until we actually see them bet this year, but I have a sneeky feeling Kerry might just shade it against them if both teams line up in a final. Not buying the Donegal hype either, I think we will know where they are at when they play one of the big two. I honestly do not think Derry will do much against Kerry tomorrow, maybe I’m wrong, I just do not see how they will keep up the pace after the long haul shenanigans last weekend. And to tell you the truth I hope Kerry hammer them, they deserved their win last week and I have nothing against Derry, but time for Mickey Harte to draw the curtains on. Every team he has been involved with since the great Tyrone side have produced shit football. Will be interesting to see what Galway are going to do now.

  57. The week has passed. I have seen enough evidence of progress this year to put faith in the management set-up for one more – just about. Defence has tightened up considerably, but lack of players willing and able to take points from scorable positions up front is killing us. Spend time fixing this and next year will be different. How to instill the mentality to close out games and protect leads is another matter. Answers on a postcard, please!

  58. I think it will be the usual Dublin, Kerry final, with Dublin to win. I would love to see a different winner, ideally Armagh or Derry. Nothing against Kerry or Dublin, but Kerry have won enough and I am very angry with the GAA, who ploughed money into Dublin, on top of all their other advantages, Croke Park, population, logistics, travelling and accommodation expenses, purely to create a cash cow and which totally destroyed the Leinster championship. Derry could be a threat, but I think the 3 games in 2 weeks could scupper them.

  59. Yew Tree I have to side with West Kerry on the Dubs advantage. Ffs every dog in the street knows it, not their fault but the organisation that allows a team to stay in the championship until their fourth defeat in six games should be replaced asap.

  60. Its there for Galway in the second half they are playing well. If they can keep Comer and Walsh on the pitch they could sneak it

  61. Glorydays – Not sure if we are watching the same game. Dublin look comfortable and should raise the gears now in the second half.

  62. Galway being too conservative , its a pathetic aspect of gaelic football at this stage .

  63. Stop Dublin scoring goals and you’re on the road to winning. Galway looking good.

  64. Only 2 points in it now Tony Freeman with 10 Minutes to go Galway will win this

  65. Sean Burke, I’m the same, can’t understand why I want Galway to win this but I do.

  66. Lets not be saying we could have won it this year. We’d still find a way to lose it

  67. Fair play to Galway I was not expecting that I was shouting on dubs but Walsh is some player in fairness he’s like their David Clifford.

  68. Huge credit to Galway players and management. Absolutely outstanding performance. A lot he injured players and still found a way. Mahar, McDaid Mukerrin all excellent. If they get a full bill of health they will have a huge say in this year’s championship.

    Also puts into perspective our performance against the Dubs. Dublin not as good as we think but I don’t think we could have done what Galway did there. All the best for the rest of the year. As a mayo man I wouldn’t begrudge Galway winning Sam.

  69. Well done Galway I could see it coming at half time they will bring Sam West and good luck to them

  70. Walsh, McDaid and Maher were all super. Looks like the end of the road for many of that great Dublin team. Galway got the breaks on the day which helped them too.

  71. Louth the last Leinster team standing in the Championship. If you said that a month ago you’d be sectioned

  72. Feic them anyways… surely the last thing is we want those lot to win the AL.

    the slagging we wud get

  73. Now folks, if ye weren’t sickened this week already I’m sure ye are sickened now. Fuck sake, we should have beaten both of them. Wide open, and I’d give Galway every chance to go the whole way. Can’t write it. Best of luck to them, what else can you say.

  74. End of an era for those who chose to see. Dessie and the old brigade probably knew it was coming. Just need Derry to complete my feck the ancien regime double now.

  75. What did I say about the approach? Galway went for it fully in 2nd half & the Dubs wilted.

    Looking at who might be left, I could only see Kerry beating Dublin. Crazy.

    Well done Galway. Thoroughly deserved after that 2nd half display.

  76. Could only see Kerry beating Galway I mean *

    They are in with a huge shout now

  77. After today I have huge admiration for Galway. Of course it’s difficult to see the neighbours go this deep and have a real shout in the championship but full credit to them. I’m not sure Mayo would have won that game in Galway’s position. We proved it. The natural ability of Galway forwards is the biggest difference between us and them. McDaid kicked 2 huge points in that half and if you watch his head you will see he didn’t even look at the goal. He naturally knew where the goals were. That’s the mark of an excellent forward player. Their defence was excellent but their decision making was the difference. John Mahar a seriously underrated player in that team.

  78. Fair play to Galway they were brave and went for it
    This was the only game I could see an upset in and so it came to pass .
    I tipped Donegal a while back and if Kelly and Walsh are out for semi I think it’s going to open up for donegal

    From a Mayo point of view maybe we are not as far away as we thought
    We messed up this year big time
    Aido was really hitting form too

  79. Well done Galway, they had balls of steel there to pull that one off. They took huge risks in second half and it paid off. Can see them going very close. Donegal or Galway for me now.

  80. From a Mayo perspective, we aren’t far away, but we do still have things to work on. As mentioned already, Galway have the shooters. The Shams didn’t get easy scores today, we wouldn’t have converted a lot of them.

  81. I said it on previous thread, that Galway could win this one and I’ve my thumb worn from messsging here over the past 18 months that lots of teams can win the All Ireland (Mayo included)…that Dublin are beatable as is every other team. Can this please fuckn put to bed the nonsense talk of us being way off..’happy with a Connacht medal’ bullshit. We had numerous opportunities to get over the line this year and we failed to do so. Now Galway have a fantastic opportunity of winning the All Ireland and us mugs are looking over the fence thinking ‘oh yeah, that could have been us’. I’m sick of the negative defeatist attitude of so many Mayo people and I’m sick of the overhype then after a good performance like what happened after the Dublin game, oh aren’t we great and we’ll easily beat Derry sure they’re gone etc. There’s nothing wrong with believing you’ll win, but Derry was a really horrible draw for us and too many here didn’t respect them and that’s just a reflection of the Mayo psyche.

  82. Massively well done, Galway!
    I didn’t see the game but want to watch it now.
    Great to have the determination, nerve and composure to see it out. Some achievement, Galway.
    The Championship feels wide open now.
    I’m sickened we (Mayo) couldn’t see it out. I hope this spurs us on massively next year. We need to develop nerve, go forward mentality and bravery. Back ourselves! Less of the caution (Did anyone see that amazing Kilkenny v Tipp minor hurling final this afternoon – that’s the nerve I want Mayo to show).

    I had been thinking Kerry would win it out this year but now I think the race for Sam is wide open,
    I think there is potential for an upset tomorrow in the Kerry v Derry game seeing as Kerry could be undercooked and, if Derry have the energy, they do have the nerve to get the job done.

  83. You have to take risks in the situation Galway found themselves , their defence was outstanding in the second half , the aggresion levels went up , they took it by the scruff and believed for real . Saying we dont have the forwards is barkkng up the wrong tree imo , we rarely hold them to 16 points .

  84. One word Galway. Put your mortgage on them now. McStay and Mayo definitely bollocked up this year. It will be a very hard one to take to see the maroon walking the Hogan steps

  85. I’ve lost the auld voice from roaring but it was some second half performance. Huge effort made to take it to the wire, even battling back from 4 down, its rare the Dubs are beaten when ahead at half time. McDaid was incredible and Walsh battling even looking like he didnt want to go off when barely able to walk. Tommo, Heaney and Darcy all off the bench with scores. I thought Mulkerrins battled savagely all match and when Hernon came on he looked very good and must go close to starting the next day out. Two weeks now to rest and see if we can get Shane onto the pitch and poor Sean who is blighted with injuries. We left a few scores behind too which will be something to work on the next day, A great day for Galway.

  86. @chesneychet fair play hold my hands up did not see this coming at all but ye pulled it off. Enjoy it.

    Hard one to take from mayo perspective in a way but it shows we are not that far off at all.

  87. Well done, Chesneychet! Ye got the job done. Very exciting day and good achievement, Galway!

  88. I knew Galway would give it to Dublin.

    Any Mayo man worth their salt should be delighted for Connaught and football.

    Absolutely delighted.

  89. We’ll done Galway showing the mentality we don’t have to win today,against us and sligo. When all seemed lost. Very open AL now which is great. Fair play to Leeroy for predicting wsyback in January Galway would have a big year….

  90. I saw the minor Hurling final @ Swallow Swoops, justice was done that Tipp won it, for only having 13 players for the 2nd half and all of extra time, the fitness and skill of the players in this game was off the charts, still only u17.

  91. Delighted for Galway and their fans. Nothing between Mayo and Galway on the clashes between themselves and their games with Dublin. Galway got the job done and will be supporting ye to the end….get it done.

  92. I said it on another thread here, massive congratulations to Galway. By far the better team and totally deserved. Dublin were awful and getting through would not have been right. Best of luck Galway for the rest of the championship.

  93. Any neutral should be delighted for Galway, for the sake of the game. Christ tonight it’s been shocking up until now. Even the mighty Dubs didn’t learn the golden rule of staying on a year too long. I wondered would I ever see the day Clucko would lose an All-Ireland final, won’t see it now. This result is as big as us beating Dublin a few years ago. Hopefully a shake up out of this will give Mayo the kick in the hole for next year. Honesty hope Galway do well, as @West Kerry said for Connacht and for football itself it’s a good day. God knows we had enough chances at it ourselves.

  94. I wanted Galway to win today but anyone who thinks Galway winning Sam would be anything but negative for mayo are wrong . . Well done Galway deloghted that lot are out sick of the sight of them but personally hope ye dont win the all ireland .

  95. There were a lot of mayo supporters and on the blog negative about us winning Sam this year . Posters on here would have been happy getting to a semi final. I was sure Mayo would win it this year and would have if we held on in the Hyde. I think Galway will win Sam now.

  96. @West Kerry. Galway did Connacht proud. It was the Galway bench that made the greater impact.
    Playing three weeks in a row and so many niggley injuries, it was a massive performance.
    Is there a bit of learning in that game for Mayo. Galway did manage to get a good return from long kickouts. And as Joyce said the players knew what had to be done in the second half. They got the lightening fast start they needed…
    Hats off, hopefully they will be injury free in two weeks time.

  97. Galway 0-17 Dublin 0-16. The exact result we would have got in the Hyde if we had kept out the Dubs at the end. Massive result for Galway and well done to them. Best wishes to the various Galway contributors on this site. It’s the first big championship scalp they’ve taken in a long time and well deserved

  98. Galway second half was impressive, they’ll take some stopping now. On the dubs, they crumbled in the second half and like 2014 against Donegal should have been out of sight at half time. You’d have to feel many will walk away now:
    – cluxton
    – fitzsimons
    – McCarthy
    – maybe John small
    – maybe Ciaran Kilkenny
    – maybe jack mccaffrey
    – maybe Fenton
    – maybe mannion

    Great footballers one and all but Dublin will feel it and lose their aura once they step aside, no offence meant to regular Dublin posters

  99. Let’s see how it all goes from here. Galway, to do justice to yourselves, hold yer heads now. It’s good that there are two weeks before the next game. We know something about hype – I wish ye to shrug any and all hype off, far away.

  100. Well done Galway even though it kills me to say it. Can have no cribs they did what we couldn’t.
    Swallow swoops we left that minor final at half time to watch Dublin Galway match. Recorded minor. Had to get away from your comment about the match in case you gave result away. Then had to go to tg4+2 to get rest. AMAZING match.

  101. I’m at the saw doctors in Fairview park straight from Croker…
    Unreal day so far…
    Still can’t believe we bet the Dubs..

  102. Sinead37, amaaaaazing indeed! How proud anyone would be of that team!
    All other posters, do yourselves a favour and watch that Tipp v KK minor hurling final today from just before the end of normal time onwards.
    Honestly, if 17 year olds can have that composure and especially precision, nerve and self belief, backing themselves (Cillian O’Connor has it), then why can’t Mayo senior players have it? I thought it’s not an age thing, it’s a ‘go for it’ thing.
    We need this back in our team.

  103. Congrats to Galway. Brilliant second half. It don’t matter how close or not we are to Galway or whoever. It’s always the toss of a coin. It’s about winning All Irelands and we simply can’t do it. If Galway go in and do it again fair play to them and yes it will be a right kick in the teeth but we’ve seen this happen before.

  104. Well done to Galway. Great display in great game. Really enjoyed the game. Some great scores. Hopefully, they can go on and win Sam now. Best of luck to them.

    Not sure where the support was for the dubs today. Alot of empty seats where Dublin supporters sbould have been.

  105. What today’s game showed is that we really need to change our style of play. Had Galway decided to go across the field like it was a game of rugby you could bet your life on it they would be out of the championship. They threw the shackles off and ran at the dubs. Another nail in the coffin in relation to our poor style of play

  106. Had to go in to the croke park hotel to meet people , galway wans think its in the bag . “Thats not a great kerry team , who is going to beat us now ” i kid you not .

  107. Yes we are as far away as ever KM79. We put in a very good performance against Dublin in a non-knockout match. End of. We still couldn’t beat them. If that was straight knockout I think we’d have been beaten.

  108. Sean Burke let them enjoy their big win. We’ve got carried away ourselves after big wins in quarters and semi finals.
    If you can’t enjoy victory’s along the way then what’s the point?

  109. In response to @the GreenandRed..
    Cillian o Connor spoke about risk an reward and that Galway took huge risks in the 2nd half!! What is the source and root of this waffle. It is dangerous talk for youngsters to be listening to.
    Does anyone understand this nonsense.

    . Galway simply played football how it should be played. Time was short. Energy was limited.
    They took the quickest route to the openents posts and shot when in range. Some went over the bar and some didn’t. But we know the final result.

    Ps: I have posted before about Jack Carney. Wanted him dropped for the Dublin game. On the basis he has stopped taking shots and trying to score(maybe it’s too risky). He subsequently played all the minutes against Dublin & Derry. Ran himself into the ground. But did not take one shot on never mind a score in any of the ganes. Puke football. Says it all about Mayo’s approach.

  110. Fair dues to Galway, they laid down the gauntlet and Dublin were unable to respond.

    The dubs went full strength from the start but got no impact off the bench. Mulkerrins, Maher and McDaid were outstanding and Galway will take huge confidence from winning without any of their full forward line playing particularly well.

    Am I right in thinking that Galway are likely to play Donegal in the semi final, they will provide a different challenge to a Dublin team who are in a real decline this year. Fair dues to our neighbours again.

  111. Congratulations to Galway, incredible result, terrific match. 7 day turn around, several injuries to star players to contend with . I guess now that some of those Dublin players wont get their 10 medals after all . Its easy in hindsight but on the exact same score line with the same, less than a minute left , Galway did NOT push up on Stephen Cluxton restart (unlike Mayo, it dosent necessary mean Mayo were wrong, they had the option of pulling Ciaran Kilkenny or even winning the ball themselves , but thats not the way the cookie crumbled)
    but all retreated into their own half and they combined NOT to give Dublin any easy shot at the posts in the time remaining, but it must also be noted, same as happened with Mayo v Dublin in 2021 , several Dublin players were reluctant to take the shot unless the almost perfect chance presented itself, very noticable for the last play of the game by Dublin but the trait became more prevalent as Galway improved significantly in the second half, resulting in a number of turn overs and much easier scores for Galway on the counter attack. Hard luck to the Rossies, lady luck did the Rossies no favors, harsh red card a number of injuries early in the game and far too many wides done for the Primrose and Blue..Should be an interesting Connacht Championship next year, Sligo have been improving seriously and we might even have the new All Ireland Champions????..but allot of football to play yet.

  112. Probably my best day in Croker since 2001.
    Just the nature of the win.
    Sean Burke – I wouldn’t be taking that sample size of whoever you were talking to as a real barometer of Galway fans.
    Not one single person I’ve spoken to since the game finished (a lot of big Galway supporters included in that) has felt that it’s ours to lose now. Absolutely not. We’re not good enough to be thinking in those terms is the honest truth.
    I personally being honest could not see us beating Kerry. Against the other teams I’d feel it’s completely 50-50.
    But that’s for another day – I’ll enjoy the rest of today for now.

  113. Very entitled to a small celebration Galwayman. Hopefully you will be playing with a full hand in semi final. The strength in depth is what surprised me today. Outscored the dubs by 5 to 1 in the last quarter. Now when has that happened before?
    You all sung of the one hymnsheet today.

  114. Good win for Galway today and congrats to the Galway posters on this site, the vast majority or all who come across as genuine and fair minded people. Could Mayo ‘supporters’ please stop using Galway’s win as a stick to beat our team. Galway have some excellent players and today went after Dublin which is the way to beat them. I gave Galway a good chance before the game as I reckoned these dubs are in decline. In a way it reminded me of the Mayo v Dublin game of 2021. I think Galway have a good chance now. Reckon they would by 50/ 50 v Kerry, about 55/ 45 v Donegal and 60 /40 v Armagh. Would reckon they would be too strong for Derry or Louth. Depends on how you view the game as to how you judge Mayo. We lost to Galway by point, drew with Dublin who also lost to Galway by point so the form line is consistent there. Great for Galway to win without Comer excelling and Shane Walsh having to depart early. Shows their strength in depth. No doubt if the dubs had been playing us the last kick from Con would have gone over. One final point is that I presume some of the Dublin team will pack it in now. In fairness they were some of the greatest players to grace the game in Cluxton, Fitzsimons, McCarthy, McCaffrey etc

  115. If Galway had a clean bill of health I would nearly fancy them to win it out from here. Those injuries though might cost them eventually.

  116. Great win, congrats Galway. Its good for this championship and future ones to see a beatable Dublin, they’ll never be far away but the aura is well and truly burst. Plenty of football still left and difficult to pick a winner now, the way it should be. If it were Mayo, Con would’ve floated that last kick over the black spot…. those are the fine margins and the bit of luck needed in tight games. Best of luck to Galway for the next 2 games

  117. Tough one ahead in the shape of Donegal (probably). No reason on this earth Galway can’t claim the big one now but pj will have to act quickly to ground the guys. He’s to be congratulated for his second half ploy. Tactically, I can’t help feeling Dessie needed Gilroy closer than he was this year, but others close to me told me it was over for Dublin before the game yesterday and they were right. The last remaining guys from 2011 should’ve bailed out last yr. Guys actively involved in Dublin gaa reckon Dessie requested they hang on for future mentoring roles, before his backline was devastated by injuries.
    I’d love to see a new name etched on Sam but if Derry don’t do it today, I fear Galway might have done Kerry a solid yesterday. Hopefully, the tribesmen can replicate the performance next time out. They’ll need to be at their best to win if it’s Donegal. They can do this if they ignore the white noise.

  118. Well done Galway.
    For me the reason Galway won was the coaching and players mastery of one attacking play. This was kicking the ball inside to a target man and a runner coming forward to receive the ball back to quickly shoot.
    Scores from McDaid, Conroy and Darcy in this manner.
    Galway have developed really well the 2017 u21 team. They’ve gotten far more championship players from that side than we did from ours.
    Galway would probably have gotten a senior career out of for example James Kelly.

  119. Thats true jp, but there was also space to kick it into as Dublin usually go man for man, makes the game more watchable besides the blanket defensive crap. You’ll not see Derry do the same today unfortunately

  120. Funny how it goes, were Galway bet yesterday I’d say joyce would have been under pressure for his job, but now I’d say he could get a 3 year extension. Fine margins

  121. Dublin should have won it in the first half but Galway won it in the 2nd half. Galway have a teak tough defence and Maher and McDaid were excellent. The 2 week break could work wonders for their injury situation to. As a few have mentioned the form lines put Mayo in a reasonable place, work to do but not far away (could also say we fecked it up in that we could / should have beaten all of Galway, Dublin Derry).

    This was a massive win for Galway they would be my favourites now to win it, they have the defence to hold off anyone left after this weekend..

  122. Hope Derry win today as I’m sure all of Kerry think they have won the All Ireland with Dublin being knocked out. Would love for Donegal to win it but wouldn’t be grudge it to Galway.

  123. @Mayo4sam020

    Have a feeling derry will rattle kerry today though kerry probably to come out on top derry used to much of their energy up agsinst us.

  124. I think Kerry will race well clear of Derry and win easily.
    Kerry 2-20 Derry 12 points.
    I just think extra time and then facing a high scoring Kerry team full of pace.
    It will be one way traffic once we get past 60 mins.

  125. True @JP, think Galway had an easier game against Monaghan who look to have really fallen off a cliff. Just don’t see Derry keeping the pace for the whole game. Kerry were my dark horses from the start of the year, so will stick with them.

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