Who’ll win the county final?

Time for one final poll on this year’s Senior club Championship, this time confined to the final two contenders.

Ballina Stephenites have proved popular in the earlier polls run here on this topic. They were the third most popular choice when there were sixteen contenders in the field, they were the second most popular choice before the knockout stage began and they were the no.1 choice when the race was down to the four semi-finalists.

Breaffy, meanwhile, have been unfancied throughout, not that this will bother them a jot. They were joint tenth choice (along with Balla) in the poll that was run before the action got underway, they were seventh choice out of eight in the second poll and they were the outsiders in the poll run on the final four.

So, let’s be having you: at the heel of the hunt which of the two of them do you think will be taking the Moclair Cup home with them on Sunday evening?

Who'll win the county final?

  • Ballina Stephenites (51%, 403 Votes)
  • Breaffy (49%, 385 Votes)

Total Voters: 788

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101 thoughts on “Who’ll win the county final?

  1. Ballina look to be around 1/2 favourites. Given array of current and former county players they have to choose from and fact they have already beaten Breaffy on their home patch, the bigger drier sod of MacHale Park should give them even more impetus.
    Breaffy have done excellently to get to final, but when look at panels on paper can you say they are a better team now than when they lost 3 years ago when they had Seamus O’Shea and Robbie Hennelly on panel as well?
    Would expect Ballina to win by 5+.

    The Intermediate final sees Ballinrobe 8/13 favourites. Would be some achievement if Kilmeena can go up the ranks again, have not seen enough of either team this year to make a prediction, but if had to call it would go Ballinrobe by 2-3.

  2. As a Mayo fan with no alliance to either team i would love to see O`Shea land a Moclair Cup in his playing career.

    Unfortunately, i think Ballina have more depth and quality around the pitch which will see them over the line on Sunday.

  3. Ballina appear to have the better panel of players and should win. Interesting to see who will pick up Aiden O Shea , think it should be O Hora and if he gets the better of Aiden like a few years ago, should make O Hora first choice for CHB or sweeper for Mayo next year.

  4. It is all on the day in finals, while Ballina have a lot of players with county experience I think AoS is the stand out player.

  5. Ballina will do it this year they have the hunger and want to make up for loosing the last one ha.. they’ve lots of stand out players.

  6. Reckon ballina will win and probably have a better chance of progress in connacht but I’d like to see breaffy win this one.

  7. I would like to see breaffy win it just for aidos sake….but only if they weren’t playing ballina as my heart is for ballina haha.

  8. Breaffy for me. Aiden deserves a County Medal. Of course you don’t always get what you deserve.

  9. I hope whichever team ‘goes for it’ wins it. Sick of the lateral safety-first stuff on offer to date. Such tactics may be of some benefit to defenders but stifling the development of flair, pace, scoring and off-the-cuff decision making by forwards.
    County Board has jeopardised the winner”s chances of progressing in the club championship as a result of its scheduling, leading to diminished recovery time after celebrations.
    May the more exciting and inventive team prevail.

  10. Looking at Bill Hill, it seems that bar Aidan O’Shea, Breaffy have only one player who has scored more than 5 times in the championship so far, and that’s midfielder Matthew Ruane with 6 scores.
    Very hard see past Ballina.

  11. Looking forward to all 4 games this weekend but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, so thank God for Mayogaatv. Hoping the weather doesn’t impact as it’s great when players can just play ball without factoring in the conditions too much. This is the time for nearly-men to put up their hands and force McStay and co to bring them in. As for predictions I went against Breaffy and Kilmeena in their semis so I’ve decided to forget predictions and just enjoy the games. Can’t even really opt for a hearts choice in the senior because as much as I’d love Aidan to win it I’d also want the same for Ger Caff and David Clarke. Heres to a great weekend of action.

  12. The Hardy bucks of Ballina will put manners on the affluent avocado and instagram loving Breaffy lads.

  13. @Travelling Wilbury haha I laughed at that one!

    Here’s hoping to a good game aido does deserve a county medal but I just can’t see them getting passed ballina and I feel Ballina are still sore after loosing the last final and I don’t think they are going to let this one slip away from them again I hope they don’t anyway!

    Best of luck Ballina!

  14. Hope the pitch is able for all the games.
    It is not rocket science to concentrate on the pitch before the stands.

  15. Love it Travelling Wilbury, 🙂
    some of the Ballina lads are quite fond of the aul social media to though, not sure about their avocado preference mind. Fierce bad for the environment those avocado, should be banned along with blanket defences!!

  16. Probably Ballinas to win but I hope Breaffy do it.
    There will be a lot of pressure on Ballina given their playing resources, the size of the backroom team etc, allied to the fact that this is their second final in a row having lost last years one. They’ve no excuses really. Pressure can play a funny part in the lead up to a final. Players tighten up a little, especially if they are strong favourites and have already lost a final. An element of fear comes into it because no one wants to lose two finals in a row, especially to an under dog.
    Breaffy on the other hand have almost a free shot! They’ve already taken out last years county champions and also one of the favourites for this years title. They will have serious belief in that dressing room and they should not fear Ballina, having already taken down two of the supposed big boys. They should be “looser” and pressure free because, not to be disrespectful to them, but no one expected them to be here and they’ve already overachieved. They’re in bonus territiory.
    Finals are a totally different game. The game can take on a life of it’s own and sometimes known form goes out the window. The longer Breaffy are in this game then the surer they will be that they can take Ballina down.

    I’m looking forward to it, but seriously hoping that the game itself bucks the trend of what has been a terribly poor championship from the point of view of the standard of football played. There have been some truly shocking performances and the scoring tally has been awful.

    Breaffy by 1.

  17. Breaffy by 1?.. I can’t see it I think ballina by at least 5 or 6 ..ballina just have guys who can score all over the pitch

    Sam calinan has been absolutely super for ballina he’ll be a star for mayo . Padraig o hora is coming back into his form since the quarters.

    Ballina have also taken out big teams like knockmore ..
    Ballina by 5 or 6

  18. @Clare, Callinan is a fine footballer no doubt, but O’Hora is massively overated. Good club player but a very, very average intercounty player. It’s all good and well doing MMA but when your marker turns you and leaves you for dead, is responsible for 1-2 and you’re subbed after 20 mins, the MMA is damn all good to you then!
    Evan Regan is still the most accurate Senior club forward in Mayo and he will have a far bigger influence on Sundays game than O’Hora will.
    We’ll see.

  19. After all the finals Breaffy has lost I don’t see how all the pressure is on Ballina. Aidan, Tommy O’Reilly, Michael Hall have lost 4 finals.

  20. Going by the old adage ”you learn more from your defeats” I’ll give Breaffy the nod, but will be a game where everything will have to go right for them and a few more forwards will need to step up…also Ballina will probably have to just have one of those days.
    Looking forward to it.

  21. @Pebblesmeller
    “when your marker turns you and leaves you for dead, is responsible for 1-2 ”

    This is unlike Padraig, so I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, assuming it doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

    It’s his distribution and basic skills I’m not convinced about. He’s a bundle of energy though and has some really good attitudes that we may not have elsewhere. There’s definitely a role for him, but what that is remains to be seen.

    I said last year that it was off the bench for me. I know that I’ll want his energy someplace around the pitch at some point, but I don’t necessarily know before the game where exactly that’ll be.

  22. @pebblesmeller agree regards o hora I think o hora is good but not amazing .

    Agree regards evan reagan to .

    @lucero agree I don’t think the pressure isn’t on ballina it’s more on breaffy ballina have the hunger for it this year and thats clearly been shown in their scoring bar against knockmore but when you put 2 good teams together it’s never going yo be high scoring .

    I just think aido I the main guy for breaffy where as you can name loads on ballina who impact the game..ballina still for me (though I’m biased to haha)

  23. Looks like those early leaked league fixtures weren’t entirely accurate.

    Independent is reporting that our second round will be the visit of Dublin, and not Derry.

    First game is the same Galway away, and those first two fixtures are all they mentioned

  24. Pressure bar each individuals own internal pressure, would not be on Breaffy.
    When you are nearly 2/1 underdogs as Breaffy are it takes a bit of that weight from their shoulders.
    Being hot favourites like Ballina are could add pressure, but they have so much inter-county experience as well as last year’s final it should not have to much effect on them.

  25. @Clare Ballina have two main attacking threats, Regan number 1, Irwin number 2, with 27 and 17 scores respectively. Which is a huge advantage compared to Breaffy who are so reliant on Aidan for scores. With Ruane with 6 scores their 2nd in line.

  26. Probably won’t see any ” new” players next year but we might see a few that are already on S&C programmes with the County, that is the nature of things now I am afraid.
    I would like to see us nail down the CHB position and look at scoring half forwards.
    We are falling between 2 stools using our half forwards as auxiliary backs and midfielders.
    It is a long time since we had a decent CHB and a forward leader at centre forward

  27. Lot of talk about O’Hora.

    He certainly mixes the brilliant and the bad. I think it takes him a while to settle/get into a game. All his great work has been in the second half IMO – think Connaught final v Galway in Croker, or semi v Dublin. This makes him a risk – if his marker has nicked a goal or two, POH is going to have to produce something special to stay on the pitch.

    A bit of a conundrum really.

  28. I am hoping that the County final will be a good game, probably low scoring, this has been the trend over the past few games, maybe Breaffy midfield could prove the difference.

    I would like to see Breaffy win their first one, Ballina and Castlebar have more than half of the County titles between the two of them.

  29. True Bate the blanket, but what percentage of those were won before clubs like Breaffy, Moy Davitts, Knockmore etc. Were even formed?
    Hopefully Breaffy get a few early scores, I’d worry if Ballina got an early lead it could be a damp squib.

  30. @Jr half forward line analysis. There’s definitely more lads and options than I mentioned,

    Flynn, Carney, Conroy
    Jordan has brought scores to his game.
    Jack is developing nicely. He’s probably ahead of where Jordan was at the same stage.
    Think we would all love to see Tommy further forward, but we’ve a lot of full forward options, and we’re not going to find a better scorer.

    Diarmuid is probably next up if you don’t want

    Squad options:
    Darren McHale has probably shown the most in terms of being a potential consistent scorer. Few years around the squad. Bits of injuries. McBrien, Coyne, and Carr would be the template.
    Bob Touhy will get game time and it’ll probably be as a half forward.
    Frank Irwin is next up, and hasn’t gotten enough time yet.
    Conor Loftus is possibly the most like for like of Doherty we have.

    Bryan Walsh has pedigree. Has scored important scores.

    I’d probably like to see Walsh, Irwin and another, come FBD with Touhy at midfield. The another being either someone who showed well in the club championship or a youngster, I haven’t really seen enough club stuff to say who.

  31. Gizmobobs yeah very true ..Aido carries Breaffy I feel to for sure..

    Ruanne has been on /off form since 21 sadly hope he gets his confidence back cause when’s he’s on form at his best he’s one of the best midfielders..

    I just don’t think ballina are going to let the pressure get to them they have the hunger this year for it ..

    Ballina are still sore from last year I was sad for them last year but delighted for Lee keegan though so it wasn’t hard to take the defeat but loosing a 2nd year in a row would drive ballina mad especially when they know they have the players to go far outside of mayo to hopefully..

    If anyone will pull breaffy over the line it’ll be Aido.

  32. @Cluiche
    Bryan Walsh has played 20 times for Mayo. Scored 16 points. Won two Connacht titles and started an all Ireland final.

    The lad hasn’t done a huge pile wrong in a Mayo jersey.

  33. Liam Golden has been solid all year for ballina.
    Ballina just seem stronger and a better bench than last year.Ballina by 3

  34. When I look at several of those half forward options they look a few kg underpowered.
    Take some of them for a 50 min role, put 3-5kg on them with a scientific weights program and less of the endurance running.

  35. @JoeG I think evan reagan would be great again for mayo don’t know why he’s not here the county panel maybe he doesn’t want to commit to inter County ? Don’t know ..

  36. Evan Regan was the Great White hope for years in Mayo, when he got his chance he did not cut the mustard,too easy to dispossess.
    A huge difference between club and county.

  37. @JR ah Ok yeah that makes sence ..I thought there had to be a reason why reagan wasn’t on the county panel ..

  38. Some here are stuck in the past, try new guys or guys that may be a bit older and wiser now, some of the 2023 team were just not up to it, played in wrong positions etc but there is at least 3 or 4 of the team that started v the Dubs that cannot feature next year, time move on for all.

  39. Frost. Walsh made a Hugh contribution off the bench in a connaught final. But this manager or is it management team or whatever deems orme and mcstay to be better than Walsh and boland. The mind boggles. Championship 23 suggests there s alot of learning to do.

  40. https://mayogaa.com/news-detail/10088201/

    Mayo GAA have put up the match programmes there. As with Inter-county starting teams may not be worth the paper they written on. But it’s fun to to at the respective backroom teams.

    Ballycastle =
    1 X Manager,
    1 X Selector,
    1 X Physio.

    Ballina =
    1 X Manager,
    4 X Selectors/coaches,
    1 X Strength & conditioning coach
    1 X team secretary,
    4 X Stats personnel,
    1 X Physio,
    1 X Doctor,
    2 X Kit/Water personnel,
    1 X Videographer

    Maybe we were wrong going on about McStay bringing in extra coaches, maybe we have not got half enough 🙂

  41. @Craggy

    I don’t think that entirely correct. I’m pretty sure Byran was involved this year up until about the end of the league, and was having an awful time with injuries.

    Boland was cut early on. He had some excellent performances over the years, but really struggled to put in two in a row. JP mentioned bulking up, and I think that criticism could be levelled at Fergal.

    And Fergal will not have been simply turfed out on the street either. He’s likely still on a program, and he’ll have almost certainly have been given targets, and areas to improve if he wants back in.

    Orme I would have liked to have seen more of last year. Might lack some pace, but looks to have the physicality.

    Conor McStay got very limited game time, and to be quite straight about it, didn’t really show what he can bring to table. You’d imagine that his place in the squad is under threat, but at the same time, someone else does have to come in and show more than he does in training.

  42. Orme s pace not a problem. Accuracy definitely is. As far as I know Walsh was cut along with boland. You Don’t need to bulk up to put the ball over the bar. What did carney contribute to the scoreboard last year and plenty more like him.

  43. “Bryan Walsh, who has been struggling with injury in recent months and didn’t feature in the National League, is understood to have been released back to his club, Ballintubber, following the final win over Galway.”
    Mayo News, April 21st 2023

    If you can’t impose yourself physically in the modern game you are not going to be able to perform consistently. Aidan Orme has been able to impose himself enough in games to show that his accuracy needs to be improved. Jack Carney much the same. Guys like Conor McStay, Paul Towey, and indeed Evan Regan have not, and as result haven’t been able to show what they can do consistently.

    So who should we as Mayo persist with? Guys with all the skill but not the physicality to be able to use it consistently? Or guys who have the physicality to perform consistently but aren’t as accurate?

  44. Speaking of Carney, he hasn’t done much in this Intermediate final, so far, other than one good dinky pass to his inside forward who scored. Ballinrobe edging it so far in a game littered with handling errors. Hoping for better quality 2nd half.

  45. Very good game.end to end with plenty mistakes but a lot of brilliant moments.John Ryan was excellent

  46. Kilmeena win Intermediate and probably deserved it, just. It was an exciting game of end to end football but the quality wasn’t very good. Loads of unforced errors.

    As a complete neutral I was looking at it through the lens of a Mayo county supporter. I thought Diarmuid Duffy showed some glimpses of class in the 1st half but overall the game passed him by, which is understandable for someone only 18.

    No standout player from either team. Carney scored two late, important points for Kilmeena (albeit one was a goal attempt deflected over by Luke Jennings, the b’robe keeper, who played well). Carney opted to go high on the shot which he should have drilled low when 1 v 1 and I was surprised he didn’t keep it low considering in an interview after the semi final he spoke about keeping those goal attempts along the ground. Anyway, I think he’ll be a bit disappointed with his influence on the game. I thought he’d dominate the game and he didn’t at all. The big lad from Meath, up front for Kilmeena got a nice goal but overall in play he didn’t do anything that looked near county level. He has a predictable shimmy onto his left boot every time which a top intercounty defender would deal with fairly comfortably.

  47. Great game, Congratulations to Kilmeena well deserved, had the most of the possession and some stand players. Carey superior fitness stood out in the end again with 2 late points, Luke Jennings made a couple of great saves for ballinrobe. Young Jack Mulchrone still U19 seems to run for ever when others were cramping up. Great game of attacking wing play and when Kilmeena tried multiple players on Reape in the semi final it was Mulchrone who ended up with the task and shown he was well up for the challenge. A off day for some of the forwards with a lot of missed scores but a very enjoyable as was a lot of the intermediate games this year. Hopefully tomorrows game is half as good.

  48. I’d agree Mulcrone had a solid game but Ballinrobe made it look easy for the Kilmeena defenders given how wayward their passing was, especially in the final third during that 2nd half.

    I definitely wouldn’t call it a ‘great’ game tho. It was exciting but mediocre quality.

  49. Finals and not always perfect football, intensity levels are up and mistakes are common. But lt was an exciting game more so than some of the senior games I’ve watched. There was is alot of young players out there today learning their game, Kilmeena had at least 5 U19’ three of those in defense so it says alot of their development that they can stop Ballinrobe free flowing attacking forwards. Liam Moore Kilmeena midfield who scored the final score was a Mayo minor panelist in 2021. So I’m not sure what hat eyes to look at it with the prospects coming thru like Mulchrone and Diauid Duffy or players who can be called senior inter county prospects. James Murphy handled Carey pretty well for most of the game but cramped up and went off and Then Carey was freed up, it was the same in the semi final with Conor Reid. If some players had the same level of training they may step up a level. Evan o Brien ballinrobe took some outrageous scores off either foot but when one looks at him he doesn’t look fit and slightly overweight I would say. They may be talent there but some high level training would help along way.

  50. The mind really boggles if you don’t need bulk to be a foward,ROD was very complimentary about E Regans input into his fitness and and conditioning

  51. Sounded a good game on Mid West but then again all the games Michael O Hehir broadcast sounded brilliant.

  52. The mind boggles even more when we keep kicking the ball sideways and backwards. Possession football is no good if there’s no end product. . We had 2 big physical men inside against louth and cork and didn’t kick one high ball in for the entire matches.

  53. @CP
    Thought the Ref Paul Lydon was very poor.. Any slight touch on a Kilmeena man got a free.
    Jack Carney disappointed at Midfield as he has done all season. Don’t see what alot of people see in him. Yes a Stylish footballer in acre’s of space with no pressure on the ball and can link play well.
    To me Sean Ryder played a hell of a game at centre half foward and worked tirelessly throughout.
    Kilmeena just about deserved winner’s. Ballinrobe wasteful shooting and there passing to the inside foward line was poor.
    No player stood out for me or pushed to be included in a Mayo setup.

  54. A comment I heard on Colm O’Rourke, he trained Meath minors for 1 yr ,u 21 for 2 yes and now the seniors for 1 yr without winning a first round championship game, some record.

  55. Jr when you have celtic crosses in your back pocket like colm o Rourke has you will be afforded to lose round one too.

  56. My goodness only 1 point from Breaffy and 4 from Ballina in the first half of a county final. Any wonder kids are turning to rugby instead of GAA. Dire stuff

  57. 16k go to our league games and what’s here today? 5k? Says a lot. The county team has some bandwagon element of non football fans

    Dire dire game but ourselves in control. Surely now from here

  58. Diabolical stuff in the county final. TG it’s not on Tg4!
    Comhghairdeas to foireann Acla and Lahardene McHales for winning Junior B and A titles. At least we had football matches.
    Also to Kilmena v Ballinrobe yesterday a good match with Kilmena just a bet better. Great achievement by a rural team.
    Great coverage by Mayo GAA TV

  59. To afraid to lose a game not enough interest to win one. Shackles have to come off in second half. Don’t see any players in the Breaffy side who want to lead from front. Matthew Ruane very poor so far but he isn’t the only one.

  60. @Stephenite there’s a reason why a lot don’t go to club games due to work and that and they might not even be living in mayo I can’t stand the attitude that if you don’t go to club football games your not a true mayo follower or your just a bandwagon suppprter it’s not true at all..

    Dull game but hoping ballina can pull it off …

  61. @Stephenite, could you blame us for not going to some club games, 5 – 4 in a County final with a few minutes left???

  62. Congratulations to Ballina they deserved their victory. Breaffy never will win a county final hitting wides like that in a tight game and they dont deserve to

  63. @Clare that’s not the point. I know plenty who find time to go to Mayo games but don’t support their local club.

  64. Yew_tree it is the point though as i said can’t stand the attitude that if you don’t go to club games your not a true mayo supporter sure do we all not want the same thing ?? Its a ridiculous attitude to have …

    Well done ballina! Was a boring game for sure ballina are deserved county champions !!

  65. If I hear some fence sitter this week with “Football is cyclical”, someone will figure out a new style.
    It’s not going to happen.
    We urgently need to make the game entertaining again. A sport is utterly pointless if it does not entertain.

  66. I agree I wouldn’t call anyone “not a true mayo supporter” but I do find people who attend inter county games only odd in that whiteout your local club there is no county team.

    Terrible county final. Thankfully tg4 didn’t show it.

  67. Can I ask all the club experts here, what does this final say about some of the Mayo players this past 6 or 7 years?

  68. @batetheblanket Matthew Ruane probably lowered his standing. But, no one could show much with 15 behind the ball in wet conditions.

  69. I don’t want to be too negative about breaffy because it was a unreal surprise they managed to get to a final in the first place, they don’t have any scoring forwards but seeing how poor ballina played from a attacking sense was really disappointing with the quality they had, it says a lot when the player of the match was young luke feeney who is only 17 years of age.

  70. Now who would be a County manager and try to pick players from this year’s championship.
    Worst for years.

  71. Gaelic football is on a knife edge in the context if we don’t find a way through rule changes to make it entertaining it’s going to get less and less popular as a spectator sport . Club is actually worse than county , probably down to paying thousands of euros for absolute bluffers as coaches up and down the country who all think they are some kind of Jose mourniho.

  72. I enjoyed the Intermediate game and Lahardane were a good watch too, but Oh Lord that bloody senior final defies description.

  73. Both teams very poor in attack. Couldn’t even judge defenses as both attacks didn’t test them. Same old Mayo failing on display today, we can’t kick scores in the clutch to win tight finals. Jesus, there’s so many well-reimbursed coaches across the county and that game is supposed to be the centrepiece of the club season. Are coaches training players how to shoot and score?

  74. Wow. I paid for the Mayo GAA TV weekend package. I thought the standard of yesterdays intermediate final was fairly dreadful (despite the best efforts of the commentators to speak positively!) but this senior final was about the same level.

    O’Hora played well. Callinan ran into traffic too much and lost possession. Feeney played well for Ballina. Did anyone play well for Breaffy? Not really. Their midfield was anonymous in the first half. Shooting for both sides was horrific. Oh, a weekend to forget.

  75. There’s only two rules needed to transform the sport.
    1. 13 a side. 4 subs. This also makes sense with it a lot easier for struggling clubs to field.
    4 subs as we need a football, not athletics contest.
    2. No pass to the goalkeeper ever. This makes it easier to win the ball back
    Those two combined would radically improve the sport.
    I’m already not looking forward to the Olympic handball of next year and the likes of Andy arguing the toss that he’s intrigued by new tactics like using goalkeepers….
    The game is dreadful right now.

  76. Maumtrasna View..coaches are coaching them to hold possession. Loads of hand passing possession games. Recycle recycle recycle.

    AOS was fed nothing in the first half. He was forced outfield to try to get some foothold in the game but once he left his berth at 14, Breaffys main weapon was decommissioned. Personally, I’d have left him in on the edge of the square.

  77. Totally agree, Mayonaze, taking a score has to be the end product for all the possession and recycling. Just repeating what busloads of football people have said about Mayo over the past 30+ years, our scoring rate needs to improve and today’s game & championship showed that we don’t look as if our ability to take scores is going to improve.

  78. Only thing I’d say too is the the recycle thing is country wide, it’s definitely not just a Mayo thing. Our issue the past few years has been not having a solid enough defensive structure or plan. Too open at the back. We’ve not been strong enough in middle either and we aren’t scoring enough goals. Lots to do. The positive is that there aren’t any real standout teams. Mayo, on our day, can beat anyone. So it’s about getting tighter at the back and maximising our talents /getting some form at the right point of championship – so it’s not all doom and gloom m, despite some woeful club games

  79. Yeah there’s truth in that , it’s definitely not just a mayo club issue re the quality of entertainment and dull over recycling. Love to see ballina do well in Connacht and despite todays lack lustre performance level , it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did well . They are a good side , just don’t think they are maxing out in what they’re capable of , sometimes today their strong runners stopped when in possession instead of ploughing on .

    Good luck to them in Connacht and enjoy the night , great night for the sesh with bank holiday tomorrow.

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