Win over Clare, next up their neighbours Limerick

We beat Clare in last night’s challenge match. That’s a world exclusive, folks, as I haven’t seen it reported anywhere else as yet. And here’s another exclusive: we scored 1-14, they scored 1-8. The text message I got conveying this groundbreaking news didn’t, sadly, include any additional details as to what team we put out or who the scorers were. Hopefully, this info will leak out over the coming days.

Limerick, our NFL opponents next Sunday, were in action against Fermanagh up in Clones today, where they recorded an impressive 5-point victory over the Ernesiders (2-10 to 1-8). To my reckoning, that margin of victory puts them above us (on points difference) in the table but, more to the point, it shows that they’re not a team to be messed with. We already saw that when Dublin only beat them by a single point last weekend. This could be a tricky match for us, I think.

Another result of relevance to us was last night’s hiding that Donegal got from Tyrone in the Dr McKenna Cup final. Donegal beat us by three points last weekend but last night Tyrone had ten points to spare over them. What does that say about us? Not a lot, probably, but it still doesn’t look too good.

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