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Stephen Coen was at Croke Park the other day for a promotional event ahead of Saturday’s All-Ireland U21 final and today’s nationals have pieces on what he had to say at this get-together. There are features with the U21 captain in the Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, The 42 and on the GAA’s own website.

Inevitably, the issue of the performance of other county teams in All-Ireland finals came up and the Hollymount/Carramore player handled this well. He said:

We’re not focusing on any other team. We’re trying to write our own history. We’re not really concerned about what’s happened before at any age level, because every year is different, every game is different.

Interestingly, he specifically included the All-Ireland winning minor team of 2013 – which he himself of course also captained – when talking about how other teams had got on in past finals and why what happened to them would not be relevant for this particular group of players. It’s a sensible tack for him to take, I reckon, because just like all those unhappy final experiences can do nothing for Mike Solan’s charges as they head to Ennis, there’s little from that positive experience at minor level two years ago – great and all as it was – that could be put to use now in plotting a way past Cork in Saturday’s U21 decider.

That said, Edwin McGreal in the Mayo News (paper and digital versions) made the interesting observation earlier this week that the county never really got to celebrate properly that 2013 minor title, given that it was so quickly and comprehensively overshadowed by the loss we suffered immediately afterwards in that day’s senior final. While accepting fully the point Stephen makes about this particular U21 team, it would surely be greatly fitting for him and the other lads who helped to deliver the minor title in 2013 to go on and win the U21 All-Ireland on a day where they and their achievement would be the sole focus of attention. What a nice bit of history that would be to write.

By the way, as was mentioned in the comments earlier on, Cork last night named their team and subs for Saturday, full details here. It’s an unchanged side from the one that started against Monaghan in the semi-final. I’ve no idea when, or indeed if, we’re going to make our team announcement but sure won’t we all be in Ennis soon enough in any event?

15 thoughts on “Writing their own history

  1. Looking forward to heading to Ennis on Saturday best of luck to the lads winning an all Ireland title would be a great achievement and would put a pep in our step for the senior championship obviously it won’t be easy against Cork but not impossible especially with a huge crowd roaring Mayo on I agree with Edwin Mc Greal we never really got to celebrate the minors winning in 2013 even at the homecoming in Castlebar it was a bit like meeting an old friend at a wake you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

  2. Ed Mcgreal is correct. That 2013 team was somewhat lost in the seniors loss. Adh Mór ar an Saithrean doibh uilig.

  3. That’s the most sensible talk out of Stephen Coen I’ve heard from anyone in a long time. Very mature for a young lad. Every day and every game is indeed a new event and what happened in the past should be forgotten about. Indeed during a game what has just happened seconds earlier for better or worse should be immediately forgotten about and the focus put firmly on the immediate. In fact I will be bold enough to say that a player shouldn’t even look at the scoreboard during a game – just focus on the next ball. If the performance is right the score will take care of itself. That means closing out a game or protecting a score is a form of foolishness. My idea is that the best way to protect a lead is to try and stretch it further. Surely if what your doing has put you in the lead then keep doing it! And I fear that’s some of what might have happened to our lads against Dublin when they came back at us. So for Ennis it has to be pedal to the metal for 60+ minutes.

    There is always plenty of time for looking back and looking forward when the game is over.

  4. Folks does anyone know qhat the ground in Ennis is like. I am heading down from Dublin with a 7 yearold i just want to be sure he will be able to see the game

  5. There is a seated area on one of the sidelines, but I’m not sure how much it can hold? If you’re there early enough it shouldn’t be a problem

  6. Pat. OK stands. Shud be no problem with views. New seating, supposed to be poor leg room if trying to get out past people. Maybe seat yourself along ayle if kid might need to get to bathroom.

  7. Thanks lads for the info. I reckon i will take him. If he sees us win an All Ireland it could be enough to stop him becoming a Dub

  8. Pat He could do worse than become a Dub, but if the blood in his veins is green and red it won’t matter.

  9. Best of luck tomorrow to all the players and the management team.
    Let’s bring the Mayo roar to Ennis!

  10. If you’re near a radio at 4.30pm today folks switch on Newstalk, I’ll have a nice montage for the day that’s in it tomorrow

  11. Best of luck to the team. If the team all perform to their ability we will win it.

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