Yanks tanked again in ritual championship opener

Galway New York 2015

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So the championship is off and running again – well, sort of. The opening tie of each year’s championship campaign – always involving New York, always played out over there in Gaelic Park – is to the tournament proper what the Iowa caucuses are to the US Presidential election race, only the latter event isn’t completely irrelevant in the four-yearly race to the White House.

This evening’s contest between Galway – who, in fairness, had to sweat a bit the last time they appeared in this ritual championship opener back in 2010 before they finally won through – and the Yanks ended in a predictably one-sided result, with the Tribesmen prevailing by 2-18 to 0-8. The Exiles did manage a bit of a gallop early on when ex-Wexford player (a handy lad he is too) PJ Banville opened the scoring for them and they still led, 0-3 to 0-2, twenty or so minutes in.  Galway then started to pull ahead and they were 0-9 to 0-4 clear by half-time.

Although PJ Banville opened the scoring after the break in the same way he’d done at the outset, a Shane Walsh goal for the visitors just after this sucked all the remaining oxygen from the contest. Galway powered on from there, adding a succession of points before a second goal arrived, courtesy of Damien Comer, ten minutes from the end. They had all of sixteen points to spare over the Exiles at the finish.

Match report from GAA.ie is here.

Galway now face Leitrim in a Connacht quarter-final tie at Pairc Sean MacDiarmada on Sunday week. I know, I know – it makes no bloody sense for one county (Galway) to have to play two matches in a provincial competition involving seven contestants for the right to play another county (us) who haven’t played anyone at all. Welcome back you wild, wonderful and totally illogical championship.

41 thoughts on “Yanks tanked again in ritual championship opener

  1. And so it all begins again. Hard to believe it’s been a year since we were in the Bronx. Ah well, 4 years and counting!

  2. Not to worry mick, trip to London will be some craic next year . Parading Sam Maguire down Kilburn in red open top bus .

    * Has to be said I’m often described as a dreamer and unrealistic *

  3. From what I’m told by Leitrim connections Pairc Sean MacDiarmada wont be a whole lot different to Gaelic Park. Whether all that benefits Galway is doubtful.

  4. Total exhibition game New York where sides try not to hammer the yanks but still do.

    Last meeting in Pairc Sean MacDiarmada was 2007 Leitrim 1-10 Galway 0-17. Mayo from what i recall got a scare in the venue on their last visit also however their best forward and one of best in Connacht (Emlyn Muligan) won’t be playing and its hard to see them troubling Galway this time.

  5. Mayo had an easy win on their last visit to Pairc MacDiarmada [4 = 20 to 0 = 10] in 2012.
    In 2006 they had a scare when, taking their foot off the pedal and having a man sent off, they won by a point. Apart from, Mulligan they will also be missing their best defender of recent times [Wayne McKeon] and a raft of other experienced players. A player worth watching should be Shane Moran who I have seen a few times with NUIG.

  6. That 2012 match was at MacHale Park, Andy – the last time we played them at their place remains 2006. I’m always amazed how the draw in Connacht hardly ever pits us against them.

  7. On a different matter. It was refreshing to see Tipperary refusing Logan the Tyrone U21 manager entry to their dressing room after the U21 final. This hypocritical bullshit of wishing the defeated opponents sweet nothings sickens me.

    Tipp felt that Tyrone sledged their way through the final. Abuse, personal insults seem part of their make up. I was told that one particular Mayo minor in ’13 suffered horrific abuse from their minors. Interestingly Mayo had been warned about this as had Tipp on Sat.

    Lest anyone think Tipp are soft touches and bleeding hearts , they are amongst the toughest around. I recall a league hurling match around ’68 v Kilkenny that was so violent it made the front pages of the papers. Tipp has done the game a service exposing the filth and garbage emanating from certain players and counties.

    I often wonder why managers don’t empower the abused player the right to bust the bug mouth, take the red card and then in the interview after repeat what was said to his man. That would stamp out the cowards.

  8. I agree with you j c. Did anyone see the 2 free o riodan got at the end something else

  9. Fast year alright since we were out in the Bronx. interesting comments about Tyrone and the sledging….disgusted behaviour if true and not sporting in any way.

  10. Tyrone behavior.as been at the gutter level for a long time. it coincided with Harte’s introduction to Tyrone football. Its an image that needs sorting out. I am surprised that so many contributors are unaware. Tyrone used to be the team that got bullied by the northern teams and everyone else as well. What they are doing now ensures they are the bullies

  11. People can complain all they like about how successive generations of Tyrone players are being coached to conduct themselves, however, it has brought them a hell of a lot more success over the past 12years than our nice guy honest football approach. Tyrone certainly don’t give a shit how they get over the line but over the line they get. Maybe we could learn to develop some of this kind of ruthlessness when closing out games ourselves….

  12. Just checked our odds to win connacht on betfair, they have as us at 11/10 to win the 5 in a row. Thats the longest our odds have been since 2011. I dont know whether to be worried or lump a few hundred on us while the price is right.

  13. Juan as tempting as it might be the value bet is Roscommon at 10/3 . Just for betting purposes as they are a shoe in to make the final , their odds will be nowhere near that for the final and I believe (even though I’m the only one ) the venue will be neutral if it’s Mayo.

  14. Great value in the rossies alright sean, i just dont think they’ll beat us or galway (neutral venue or not). They seem to be buying into their own hype with no real substance to their form. If it was’nt for shane o rourkes mistake in the dying seconds in the Hyde, they could well be still in division 2. Mark poland got injured right before kick off in div 2 final and down had 14 men for the most of the game. Kildare/westmeath and most recently Derry have shown that playin your full team in the spring, while at peak fitness, will have you contesting league honours and can get you promoted, but come summer time its a completely different ball game and imo the rossies will fall flat in the qualifiers again like all the afore mentioned teams.

  15. Re Mayo playing in Carrick, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the previous joust in Carrick before 2006, was 1973.

  16. It wasn’t that far back, Catcol – we played them there in the semi-final in 1985, winning 2-11 to 0-5. I recall being at that game – it was where the full-forward line featuring Sean Lowry and the 42 year-old Billy Fitzpatrick made its debut.

  17. I may have been wrong about 2012 Mayo V Leitrim [and I still seem to recall it as being in Carrick for some reason (age?)] but I cannot forget the 1976 replay Leitrim 2 = 8, Mayo
    0 = 10]. We also met them in Carrick in 1982 [Mayo 2 = 7; Leitrim 1 = 7] and 1985 [Mayo
    2 = 11; Leitrim 0 = 5]. In all I think Mayo and Leitrim met four times in the ’80’s but since then meetings have been much scarcer.

  18. I may have been wrong about 2012 [and I still seem to recall that outing as having been in Carrick (age?)] but I cannot forget the 1976 replay in Carrick; Leitrim 2 = 8, Mayo 0 = 10. We also clashed in Carrick in 1982, Mayo 2 = 7, Leitrim 1 = 7 and 1985, Mayo 2 = 11, Leitrim 0 = 5. In all we clashed five times in the 80’s but meetings since have been much scarcer.

  19. In fairness Juan the rossies were 7/1 shots to win the div 2 title back in January (I placed a few euro on them after their win in MacHale park) and to gain promotion against the odds is substance to their form however as I said already Sligo away is a real banana skin and I might place some money on Sligo depending on the odds.

  20. Stand corrected Willie Joe on 1985. Still that’s a19 year gap to 2006, our last appearance in Carrick.

    On that basis we should be heading back there in 2025!

  21. catcol You never know we might all be there on the 14th of June! Leitrim have actually shocked Galway a few times at underage levels the last few years but you’d expect the tribesmen to triumph.

  22. Regarding Tyrone, if you knew some of the details regarding the sledging you would have no respect for them. I’m not putting them up on a blog where they cant be verified but do some local research from those involved in the 2013 minor final and you might have a different option.
    Regarding the Rossies, they have a song out already before a ball was even kicked in the Connacht championship. They are some shower of gobsh*tes in fairness, if we lose to them I’m leaving the country

  23. Anybody know where a Mayo v Sligo Connacht final would be played. It seems the most likely pairing from what i’ve seen and heard.

  24. Have heard bad things about Tyrone players and what they whisper in the ear of opposing players about family etc….they do their research on you and then try to but you off your game etc or get you to last out. I would rather a dig in the ribs then anything said about a family member. Really low stuff.

  25. Have to agree with most of the comments re: Tyrone. I have heard the story about the 2013 minor final and it is really revolting. The Tipp manager will no doubt be pilloried in the media but I think he was absolutely correct. Personally, I would be willing to wait even longer than 64 years for an All-Ireland than have our players stoop to gutter levels.

  26. Jim Flag Sligo are entitled to a neutral venue whenever they reach the Connacht final and with the Hyde out of the running a Sligo v Mayo Connacht final would be played in Salthill.

  27. Disappointing to see Club 51 getting involved in politics.

    Whatever your view about the marriage and other referendums (I’m voting “yes” btw, but it seems nobody can suggest the opposite without being abused) it’s not really something that a supporters group should be involved in.

  28. Ger/all – I don’t want this site dragged into politics or referendums either so I’d prefer if this issue isn’t debated further here.

  29. Fair enough Willie Joe. It’s kinda the point I was making about Club 51, but maybe not the right venue.

  30. I hear the club matches are off this weekend to accomadate a Mayo Challenge match. Anyone have details on the Challenge match? Thanks

  31. Do house rules forbid the telling of the story around the minor final in 2013?

  32. I think some of the sledging is terrible, I have hear first hand from a few players of things said in championship games that if said off the field would end in tears and sorrow for someone involved. There’s one or two Leinster teams well able to use their mouth when it suits them too, it’s not just a northern habit. Maybe the best way is if it’s really below the belt, tell your captain and just walk off the pitch en masse. Let the gaa fine all they like, it’s not on to have stuff said about deceased family members or that type stuff said on any sports field ever.

    Tipp were right, tell them to F off. I told a dub fan that was giving me and another fan abuse during the 2013 final to F off when he put out his hand to shake after they won the game. It’s the only way to deal with them.

  33. What did you think of tipp lads that would not let the tyrone manager into the dressing room after wards. I don’t blame them buts not the way to behave after a match. Any news on injuries.

  34. Mayomagic. Okay thanks for that answer. I had a feeling that would be the case if we play Sligo in a final.

  35. Sledging is a toxic part of the game. I fail to understand though why the sledged against players would shake hands with the opposing team after the final whistle, particularly if the abuse is of such a personal nature. Fair play to Tipp for not letting the Tyrone manager into the dressing room. Any player or team, (or even a fan) is well within their rights to call out this type of behaviour and expose it for what it is. You see in soccer the way the theme of ‘Respect’ is constantly being highlighted at big games. Perhaps the GAA needs to follow suit and direct refs to punish the sledger ( if he is caught).

  36. Cait

    It’s definitely the way to behave if the abuse merits it. Tipperary are no shrinking violets so you can only imagine what Tyrone were saying in the pitch if tipp refused them the chance to say sorry or commiserate. They’re welcome to their toxic allireland, and I hope that we get the chance to play the Tyrone seniors and give them their comeuppance once again.

  37. I don’t think the rules would prevent it, Rock, but I wouldn’t want to see anything being attributed to named individuals, for obvious reasons.

  38. Sledging is nothing new our lads were at the receiving end of it in the 1996 AIF.

    Tyrone learned from the masters of this particular art namely Meath.

    The GAA will continue to ignore this until it gets to a forum like Liveline and then they will have to be seen to do something.

    Fair play to Tipp for speaking out forcing Canavan to deny it.

    Players on all teams should expect to be sledged on occasion, the team mentors and psychologist should have plans to counteract it.

    The history of sledging is interesting started in Cricket more as slagging but has morphed into vitriol.

  39. WJ/Ger Bohan (and I’m conscious of your request, WJ, so this will be my only word on the matter) – Club ’51 has consistently shared material on the account that may be of interest to Mayo supporters. Generally that involves things that the players are up to on a public level as well as playing sport, be it their involvement in other social issues such as mental health matters, GPA involvement, doing Cúl Camps, visiting schools, promoting the new jersey, promoting local businesses etc to name just a few examples. Three of the players have been very publicly involved in the campaign, so it would seem rather odd to ignore that.

    However Club 51 is not canvassing, nor involved in the campaign in any way, nor advocating a vote either way – while the group is all for inclusiveness, as you correctly say, it’s not our area of interest or indeed expertise. There are enough of voices out there already and Mayo people no more than any others are quite capable of making up their own minds on this issue. The feedback is always welcome though, so do feel free to get in touch directly on our own email, twitter, Facebook or Instagram should you want to discuss it directly, Ger 🙂 Aside from all that, I think we can safely say 22nd May can’t come quickly enough so that some peace and serenity may return to the airwaves and to the land.

    (Thanks WJ, done now and back to the matter at hand.)

    I remember being at the All-Ireland minor replay in 2008 down in Longford when Tyrone beat Mayo, and I will never, ever forget the abuse I heard hurled at some of our lads from middle-aged men and women in the stand. Really vile, offensive stuff about them and their families – I still feel furious thinking about it. These were grown adults, shouting at kids on a football pitch, like animals. I had to be led away …

    When you grow up listening to that around you, is it any wonder there’s a culture of it on the field? the risk of tarring decent Tyrone supporters with the same brush, I will say that out of any county’s followers, such bitter, offensive behaviour is consistently a feature on days when the two teams meet and I have never experienced it to such an extent with any other county. But perhaps I’ve just been picking the wrong seats!

    But what John Cuffe says above re the abuse of one of our boys in 2013 also rings true and I am only delighted we were able to do our talking on the field that day. They are a team that in my mind we can never beat often enough or hard enough. Agree with Dave and Liberal Role in the Tie above and fair play to Tipp for taking a stand on it. There’s a place for having an edge on a football pitch and losing the “niceness”, but there is a line, and Tyrone are no strangers to the distance far beyond that line.

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