Yeats County unchanged for Sunday

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I know the details have been posted already but just for the record, like, here’s the Sligo team for Sunday’s Connacht final that was named a few hours ago. The Yeats County have kept faith with the same starting fifteen they had against Roscommon in the semi-final a few weeks back and this is it:

Sligo (Connacht SFC final v Mayo, 19/7/2015): Aidan Devaney (Calry/St.Joseph’s); Ross Donavan  (Eastern Harps), Kevin McDonnell (Castleconnor), Daniel Maye (Tubbercurry); Keelan Cawley (Coolera Standhill), Brendan Egan (St.Vincent’s, Dublin), Eoin Flanagan (St.John’s); Cian Breheny (St.Mary’s), Niall Murphy (Coolera Standhill ); Criostóir Davey (Coolaney/Mullinbreena), Mark Breheny (St.Mary’s, captain), Neil Ewing (Drumcliffe Rosses Point ); David Kelly (Tubbercurry ), Pat Hughes (Geevagh), Adrian Marren (Curry).

Like ourselves, the Magpies have opted not to release details of their bench at this stage.


17 thoughts on “Yeats County unchanged for Sunday

  1. Sligo are conceding midfield with that team. Both midfielders are not even 6 foot. The stats in the Irish Times show how much possession Roscommon got from midfield kick outs. Mayo will have noted that and will push up on the kick out and won’t be as wasteful with possession.

  2. You would think so tipper.
    It’s not as if we are imobile in midfield in fact seamie and Tom p are very good fielders and as mobile as any in the country.

    Suppose they will put blanket across their halfback line with Carew and Hughes dripping deep.

  3. I just cannot get excited about this game and the build up is very low key for a Connaught final are we as supporters a tiny bit burnt out?

  4. Inexperienced full back and midfield a strange way to line up players in key positions and that will probably be Sligo biggest down fall against a vastly experienced Mayo on Sunday.

  5. Won’t be there on Sunday as I hear the sun is still shining in distant parts. We don’t get to pick who we play in the final so have to deal with what fate has thrown at us. Sligo ambushed the Rossies and they let it slip away against Fermanagh. Can’t see us losing to Sligo but they will give it a rattle. How will they handle Aido? And he is just one of a very experienced side. Should be at least 5 points better. No offence to Sligo.
    Will take a break from the sun bathing to have a look. Also all the best to their sub keeper Fintan should he get a run out!

  6. I can’t see the point in not releasing the subs nowadays. The rules are that the full 26 must be named by Thursday and cannot be amended afterwards. And the program printers have to have the details as well.

  7. Yes , Backdoor Sam , I’m in the same boat. No disrespect to Sligo, but if it was Galway it sure would get the heart racing. Maybe we’re spoiled. When I first started going to Mayo games in the 70s, there was great excitement to be in a Connacht final , regardless of who we were playing , as they were as scarce as hens teeth. I watched some of the 75 final last night , ( thanks to WJ ) and it brought back great memories and some bad ones too, especially the result . I probably should have seen my heros in the flesh in the late 60s , but the hay always got in the way. I regret that. Then I wished I lived in a town, now I do and wished I lived in the country. Guess I’ll always get it assways. So let us all be happy, we’re going for 5 titles in a row and when our day is done , we can say, I was there for them all.

  8. Nephin
    In truth hard to get excited about a match we should win.Excitement will build after this match.Wish we had summers again to make hay….just as well theres no hay given the crap weather we have to endure.
    This match is not the onesyo needed tbh.Sure what can you do.

  9. I suppose its also hard to get too excited about the starting XV when its essentially the same starters that have been there for the past four years – with the exception of Diarmuid. As we know the team as is hasn’t been good enough to be crowned AI champions over this period, so while we should win on Sunday its our fate in the AI series that remains in doubt.

  10. @45 I think you are being a bit disrespectful to the team saying its hard to get excited as its pretty much the same team. This team has given us four great years. They have earned our respect and loyally. Maybe they won’t win the All Ireland, maybe they will but one thing we are guaranteed is any teams that beats them will have a battle on hand.

  11. @jason b agree wholeheartedly with your post..the day will come and we will look back and really appreciate this team and their efforts..some people are always glass half empty.

  12. HopeSpringsEternal I read that this morning and thought it was very interesting indeed (even if it was written by a Corkman). Nothing in there any county can’t be doing in fairness though we are all aware that Kerry are indeed the masters …

  13. @45 We get all the angles here but that is a strange one for sure. The best team since we last won the AI deserves more respect. As supporters we are asked to sit on your ass and watch the most professional outfit we ever had. I am saddened to think one day I might end up sitting beside someone with your perspective on Mayo football.

  14. Yeah Anne-Marie, as you said Kerry seem to be the masters of mastering all of these kinds of tactics!

  15. Mayo man working in Sligo, and some involvement with local club. There is a good atmosphere, and plenty slagging. Sligo have great hopes for their minors and travelling in hope for the seniors.

    They are not a bad team with a potent forward line, and work vey hard. Certainly there are questions over their midfield, both fine players but are probably not yet ready as a MF combination for top class IC football.

    They have an inexperienced full back line, but they feel that if they are close going into the final 10 minutes, then believe that they have the fitness and hunger to push on. Time will tell but I think that we have enough to win by 4 or 5 points, with signs that we develop more strategies in defence and attack.

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