Yes, we are in the FBD final

We can forget about points difference and scurrying around at Ballinlough on Sunday trying to find out how Leitrim are getting on to see if we’re still on course for a place in the FBD final. This is because head-to-head results are, I’m reliably informed, the deciding factor in determining respective table placings (as they have been in the league for the last few years). As a result, our win over the Ridge County the weekend before last means that regardless of what happens next Sunday they cannot catch us and, hence, that we are indeed already in the FBD final.

So too are NUIG by the way because they’re currently two points up on both Galway and Sligo with these two set to meet on Sunday. John Maughan’s lads have beaten both of them already so even if they lose to IT Sligo (ain’t gonna happen, I’d say) whoever wins the Galway-Sligo game will be trumped by their head-to-head loss to NUIG. So, to be sure to be sure, for the second year running it’s us against NUIG in the FBD ‘home’ final.

All that remains to be sorted out now is the venue for this decider with the choice, assuming it’s switched to the evening of this day week as requested by NUIG (which seems likely to happen), looking to be between Castlebar or Ballinrobe.

No word yet about the team to face Roscommon on Sunday but I guess we can now expect to see several changes from last Sunday’s one. Mike Finnerty said in the Mayo News the other day that Chris Barrett, Cillian O’Connor, Andy Moran, Alan Dillon, Michael Forde and Keith Rogers were all togged in Ballinrobe on Sunday so I guess it’s likely that some or all of them will start in Ballinlough the next day.

3 thoughts on “Yes, we are in the FBD final

  1. It will be interesting to see the panel and the motivation level. It’s a tough mental challenge to give your all in a “meaningless” game – even though we are playing Roscommon. For many players this is still a proving ground. For others, avoiding an early season injury is important. I would hope the lads keep their foot on the pedal and send a message that we will be ruthless and should never be taken lightly. Setting a tone for the year is important.

  2. One way to check the motivation level is watch the bench. If the subs have the heads down and look focused…it means they are texting the birds in the stand.

  3. Someone should tell the GAA that it’s all done and dusted. The weekend previews on their iPhone app say that it’s all to play for in both groups with Mayo needing a win or a draw and Galway and Sligo ‘hot on the heels of NUIG’ for qualification going into the weekend…

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